Professional 13kv Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is a professional and unique brand that has been building the 13kv motor in excessive amounts for several years. The presence of unbeatable features in the device maximizes its applications and productivity.

  • Standard interface with fast implementation
  • Internal ventilation keeps the machine’s temperature optimum
  • The high compact structure reaches its efficiency up to 99%
  • Produces slight vibration during working
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Custom 13kv Motors

Longbank manufactures 13kv Motors that are highly efficient, asynchronous, steel welded structure, resistive to decay, and easy to install. Alternating magnetic poles adjust the rotational speed of the device. The body design of the device diminishes the eddy current. The installation of custom and advanced features in the device enhances its applications, such as in high-power mixers, water pumps, rolling mills, generators, cranes, high-power generators, conveyors, and chemical industries.

Longbank has won the trust of people through the production of 13kv Motors. This device yields the maximum output for all business work. Product customization is also a unique feature that we offer to our clients. You have to mention only custom features for your device. In response, our expert team will build it according to your obligation.

Longbank builds the 21kv heavy machine with the output of 2hp and stainless-steel covering. Mainly applicable in water pumps and chemical industries. It is asynchronous and structurally compact. Shows the IP protection technology for defense.

Why Choose Longbank 13kv Motor

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and ventilation

Longbank keeps the temperature of its devices at an optimum rate, especially the 13kv motor, by adjusting the exhaust fan in the device. The fan acts as a ventilator and removes the extra heat from the machine. Thus, keep the working of the device smooth and accurate.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank is an ISO-certified industry that installs the best qualities in its products. The machine contains Due to the presence of the best quality features; the device has got many other authentications.

Optimal Features
Optimal features

Longbank offers its customers the addition of custom and favorable features in the device. Optimal characteristics that make the product unique include the slight vibration during working, making it environmentally friendly, easy to manage, and low in weight. We also offer custom features of the device according to the client.

Insulation Class
Insulation Class

For the device’s insulation, the machine contains a covering of iron or copper that protects the device from conservational fluctuations. The presence of anti-condensational heaters also increases its immunity. Protection technology of IP systems is also present in the appliance.

What is the 13kv motor?

13kv device is a high voltage device with adjustable rotation with magnetic poles, and weight varies with the body parts with fuel consumption of 24L/H. The output of the machine is maximum and reaches up to 99%.

The machine adjusts the rotor in it for the same rotation. The device also contains many other exceptional features such as slight vibration while working, the most resistive body construction material, and easy to manage that you can place it anywhere.

Are high voltage motors more efficient for the same power

Construction of 13kV Motor

Longbank constructs several types of IEC low voltage and high voltage motors, which belong to YXKK, Y, YKS, YKK, YPTKK, YPTK, and various other series of motors. The 13kV motor is manufactured by following all the specifications. It comprises a wide range of components. Any change in its part can minimize the productivity of the motor. Some of these are elucidated here:


The frame of the 13kV motor possesses a box-like shape that follows an easy installation mechanism. The structure enhances the outlook of the motor many times. However, a client can ask Longbank to design the 13kV motor according to his requirement.


The material of the rotor contains aluminum as well as silicon core. Both these components ensure the best result for the motor by magnetization. The existence of the shaft of the motor expands the lifetime of the motor and also its efficiency.


The 99% pure copper inside the stator enhances the stator’s productivity and the motor’s quality. The protection system of the engine maintains the smooth performance of the 13kV motor. The stator contains multiple windings, which are usually done by hand.

The Bearing System:

The bearing system of the 13kV motor is classified into sealed and re-greaseable motors. Sealed greasing has the constant life of the bearing system and the motor. Bearings help maintain a specific distance between the rotor and stator while supporting the moving items.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval:

The type of lubricant determines the motor’s life. Any variation in grease composition decreases the motor’s efficiency. However, you can rise the period of the motor by frequent lubrication. The lifetime of bearings depends upon several other factors: temperature, operating conditions, bearing size, the weight of the load, the speed of the motor, and many other aspects.

  • The rated output of the motor is also disturbed by the hot and cold environment.
  • The motor’s vibration can be controlled by adjusting the rated speed of the 13kV motor.
  • If the speed of the motor is high, it will exert more radial and axial force on the bearing system, decreasing the bearing lifetime.


The increase in vibration of the 13kV motor pressurizes the axial and radial sides of the bearings, decreasing the motor’s efficiency. The rotating part of the motor is the rotor which contains several small sheets. These laminations play a crucial role in the induction of magnetism due to the flow of AC. Half-key helps in the stabilization of armature.

Anti-Condensation Heater:

The compression of the stator windings can be prohibited by connecting some anti-condensation heaters. So, all the 13kV motors hold these heaters. The 13kV motor and these anti-condensation heaters complete their actions consecutively.

The absence of such heaters can impair the motor’s winding, resulting in reduced productivity.

Structure Features

Some 13kV motor specifications belonging to the YXKK, Y, YKS, YKK, YPTKK, and YPTKS motors have more advanced features. Some of the specifications of these series are described here:

  • More than 20,000 hours is the period of the sealed motors.
  • The period for re-greaseable bearings is more than 40,000 hours.
  • As the temperature of the 13kV motor is increased by 10K, the bearing period is reduced by one-half.
  • The prime power of the anti-condensation heater is 200-9000kW.
  • The potential difference of the 13kV motor is13,000V.
  • The frame of the motor is solid due to cast iron.
  • It owns a vertical-horizontal radiator structure.
  • The 13kV motor has an eye-catching appearance.
  • The laminations inside the motor reduce energy losses.
  • The stator and rotor comprise an iron core that acts as a permanent magnet.
  • The electromagnetic wire is highly covered to protect other components.
  • The current carrying properties of the stator’s windings are enhanced by VPI coating.
  • For ventilation, the structure of the motor is divided into internal and external air paths.
  • The air space determines the smooth working of the motor.
  • The pressure lubrication technique is used to lubricate the motor.
  • The body weight of a 13kV motor is adjustable.
  • The speed of the motor is variable depending upon the frequency and the poles inside the stator.
  • IP55 protection technology is embedded inside the motor.

Customized 13kv Motor supplier in China

Longbank has the people’s belief and exports its product to all areas of the world, including Japan, the United States, etc. The device’s highly advanced and progressive features make it comparable to other products. 13kv is one of them that has the most delicate quality features. Get customized portions according to your need. Just provide your conditions and get the desired output.

Longbank has its experimental room for checking the performance of the machine. The company has its automation testing panels, endurance testing mechanism of the device, and hub motor system. After revising its implementation, we announce the product into the market.

Several people around the world are now fixing high voltage 13kV motors. This progress is because of the comprehensive benefits of the 13kVMotor, which are enlisted here:

  • The amplified period of the motor is due to its material.
  • 13kV motor with the best features comes in an affordable range.
  • The 13kV engines possess differentiating characteristics. Longbank’s team offers customized products.
  • The protection technology protects the 13kVMotor from harsh conditions.
  • Several sensors control the uniform functions of the 13kVMotor.
  • These motors are highly favored where there is a need for low vibrational noise, high speed, and better-operating conditions.

13kV motors are used in several areas, which are explained here:

  • Many pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and food industries are fixing these motors to control their energy needs.
  • In agriculture, 13kV engines are now installed to fulfill all energy-related tasks.
  • You can install them in your farmhouses and other sites to minimize energy budgets.
  • These can be used in heavy drilling machines.
  • These motors are now fixed in wind turbines.
  • Paper industries are using these motors to manufacture good quality paper.
  • Ships are also furnished with these 13kV motors to run all the ships’ equipment to make passengers easy.
  • Petrochemical industries install them to refine the crude oil extracted directly from the earth.
  • Pharmaceutical industries are also using them to help in the synthesis of medicines.
  • Food industries utilize 13kV motors for preserving and synthesizing all food items.
  • Cement industries use them to tilt heavy objects.

Ordering Instructions

When you confirm an order of any device, you must approve specifications such as the size of the frame, mounting type, protection technology, power generated by the motor, voltage, frequency, and configuration. You can also add features of your own choice.

Get the quote from the main website of the industry. After receiving the payment, we shall deliver the product to the provided place. In case of any damage or fault in the motor, connect us via email at or make a mobile call at +86 153 1458 8251. For more evidence, you can contact us.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop 13kv Motor Solution in China

Since 1972, Longbank has been manufacturing the 13kv. The device has the ISO-certification brand with many certifications, such as ROHS, UL, TUVD, ISO9001-2008, CE, and CCC. All of these authentications confirm the installation of the best quality features in the device. Our factory place also owns the durable parts of the motor.

  • “We have purchased the product of 13kv Motor from Longbank. It was my great practice with this device that harvested the extreme output. Thanks a lot!”

  • “Longbank assurances the quality of the product. It enables its regulars by maximum productive rate and quality confirmation.”

  • “13kv Motor has a beautiful bodily appearance. The machine’s design is gorgeous, from its initial part to its performance. Its design is deliberating to its functional property. Thanks a lot, Longbank.”

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