Professional 16.8kv Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is an exceptional and progressive brand that has been preparing the 16.8kv Motor in bulk since 1972. Practical features in the product aid in its proficiency and efficiency.

  • Steel welded structure with a compact body
  • Internal cooling keeps the machine optimum
  • Unique modulatory features with high power applications
  • Produces slight vibration during working
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Custom 16.8kv Motors

Longbank manufactures 16.8kv Motors that are asynchronous, environmentally friendly, low in weight, aluminum casting, steel welding, and hard to deteriorate. The variable magnetic poles of the device control the speed. The body design of the machine reduces the eddy current. Its advanced features contain various applications, such as high-power mixers, mine mills, cranes, large pipeline pumps, conveyors, and chemical industries.

Longbank has got trusted company for the production of 16.8kv Motors. The performance of the machine is productive for all business work. Our company gives facilitation to their customers about the customization of the product. You deliver custom features for your device. Then, our expert manufacturer will manufacture it according to your prerequisite.

Longbank manufactures the 21kv with an output production of 2hp and stainless steel. Primarily applicable in water systems and many mills. It is asynchronous and compact in the body. Shows the IP protection technology.

Why Choose Longbank 16.8kv Motor

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and ventilation

Longbank manufactures the product that contains the feature of ventilation of the device. The exhausting fan is attached to the cylindrical box of the machine that keeps the temperature optimum. Thus, the device works smoothly and precisely.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Many authorities confirm the quality assurance of the device. All of the brand’s products are ISO-certified and ensure product quality. The machine parts are hard-wearing and contain complex and resistive substances that enhance the device’s quality and working period. Due to the quality guarantee, the machine has got many other accomplishments.

Optimal Features
Optimal features

Longbank introduces the optimal features of the device and makes its working smooth. Optimal physiognomies of the Motor include trivial vibration during working, making it environmentally responsive, and low in weight. We also propose custom features according to the client.

Insulation Class
Insulation Class

The machine contains a protective covering of iron or copper that protect the device from environmental vacillations. The presence of anti-condensational heaters also boosts its immunity. Protection technology of IP systems is also installed in the machine.

What is the 16.8kv Motor?

16.8kv device is a high voltage motor that shows the rotation according to the presence of magnetic poles in the voltage range of 16800V. The machine’s body contains alternative magnetic poles in both the north and south directions and the rectified diode of 4.7A. The cylindrical body of the machine includes the hard lamination of copper or iron that protect the device from climate.

The presence of the device’s rotor makes the precise rotation of 16.8kv. Many other incomparable features are present in the device, such as easy to manage, most resistive body material, and no noise during working that you can install anywhere.

Are high voltage motors more efficient for the same power

Construction of 16.8kV Motor

16.8kV motor encloses several components which play a significant role in its operation. Each part is vital for determining the productivity of a 16.8kV engine. Some of its modules are written here:

The Bearing System:

Longbank has created several articles for the welfare of people globally. Almost all the products of Longbank belong to YXKK, Y, YKS, YKK, YPTKK, and YPTKS motor series. The bearing system of these motors can be classified into sealed or re-greaseable bearings.

Some 16.8kV motors have unconfined bearings belonging to various motor categories. These bearings hold a certain distance between the rotor and the stator while supporting the moving load.


The installation of a 16.8kV motor is relatively easy because of the box-shaped frame. The appearance of the motor polishes the structure of the 16.8kV motor. Longbank presents multiple, multiple motors with variable speeds and so outputs.


The material used in the 16.8kV motor is 99% copper, which can be magnetized. Copper enhances the lifespan and quality of the motor. Each motor contains insulation systems along with windings which are folded by hand. Windings strengthen the output of the motor to a great extent.


The rotor’s core comprises silicon and aluminum, improving the motor’s quality. Several motors contain copper instead of aluminum to yield more output and balance aluminum usage.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval:

The grease type regulates the lifetime of the bearing. The smearing of the motor with oil can be permanent or temporary. In permanent lubrication, the period of the bearing depends upon the oil. It depends upon its operating conditions.

In the case of repeated oiling, the period of the bearing system is expanded by using oils. This lubrication is helpful for motors that face changing conditions like temperature, speed, size of bearings, mechanical load, and operating conditions. Different aspects control the period of the bearing. One of them is the optimum speed of the motor.

Some exterior conditions like temperature can disturb the bearing’s constant functioning, resulting in its condensed efficiency. While assembling a 16.8kV motor, these dynamics are kept in view to lessen energy losses.


The motion in the motor is because of the armature. This armature contains a metallic element that acts as a permanent magnet during the passage of alternating current. Half-key maintains the rotors dynamically. Over a specific limit, the vibration will begin to press the bearings radially and axially.

Anti-condensation heater:

The main reason behind installing anti-condensation heaters in a 16.8kV motor is to maintain the standard temperature of the engine. It is relatively essential in summer as well as in cold weather conditions. These heaters operate when the motor stops working so that the ordinary temperature inside the engine can be attained.

Structural Features

The primary series of motors include YXKK, Y, YKS, YKK, YPTKK, and YPTKS, which are highly useful in multiple activities. It is just because of the innovative specifications of its parts. Some of its remarkable features are described here:

  • The lifetime of the bearings in perpetual lubrication is 20,000 hours.
  • The lifetime for re-greaseable bearings is considerably more than 40,000 hours.
  • When the CT is expanded by 10K, the bearing’s lifespan is lessened by one-half.
  • The anti-condensation heater has a power of several watts ranging from 200 to 9000kW.
  • The potential difference is 16.8kV.
  • The robust frame of this motor is due to body material.
  • It has a vertical-horizontal radiator structure.
  • The 16.8kV motor has a fantastic outlook with good mechanical strength.
  • Laminations are inside the motor, which minimizes the motor’s energy losses.
  • The stator and armature contain an iron core that tempts magnetism.
  • The protected wire is highly insulated, preventing damage to other motor components.
  • The winding with VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) coating enhances electrical properties.
  • For aeration, the structure of the motor is categorized into inner and outer air paths.
  • Internal heat is moved towards the inner heat removal path through the internal fan and rotor air blade.
  • The exterior fan controls the internal temperature by removing the heat on the base shell.
  • Aluminum or copper can be used in place of iron in the stator and rotor to magnetize it.
  • 0 technique helps determine the distance between the rotor and the stator.
  • The distance between the winding and the rotor is measured by the G1.0 method.
  • The axial rotation of the fan in the outer fan is sustained to dissipate the heat progressively.
  • 8kV motor possesses different outputs with varying speeds, depending on the motor’s poles and frequency.
  • The outer fan can also diminish the aeration noise.

Customized 16.8kv Motor supplier in China

Longbank is a trusted and superior industry that exports its product to all major regions. The company’s goods contain the most advanced features that make them unique inventions. 16.8kv is one of them that has first-class and quality components. We also facilitate product customization for our customers, allowing them to add favorable features to the device. You must provide your favorite features and get the desired output in response.

Longbank has its scrutiny spot for checking the performance of the machine. The company has testing boards for automation, the device’s endurance system, and the hub motor system checking. After cramming its performance, we release the Motor into the market.

Due to their enhanced effectiveness, the 16.8kV motors are now replaced with old ones. We are now capable of saving energy for future generations. Some of its pros are described here:

  • The substantial body parts of the Motor make it durable.
  • These motors come at low prices.
  • These motors are available in various models that have fascinating features.
  • The designs of the Motor can be manufactured according to the customer’s request.
  • These motors are highly commanded due to their low noise, high speed, and reasonable operating conditions.

People are now using 16.8kV motors in several fields of life. Some of their applications are explained here:

  • Several industries worldwide are now interested in the fixation of such motors.
  • These pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, paper, and food industries are now installing these motors to fulfill their needs.
  • Many farmhouses are now installing these motors to complete their tasks.
  • Heavy machinery items of industries are now designed with such motors.
  • Heavy wind turbines and drills use them to accomplish their tasks with great accuracy.
  • Ships are also shortened with these motors to run all the equipment of the boats.
  • Different types of equipment use these 16.8kV motors to perform well.

When ordering any product from Longbank, you must confirm the size of the frame, voltage, protection technology, mounting type, configuration, frequency, and power generated by the Motor. You can also supplement the features of your own choice.

You can find the estimated price on the main website of the company. After the expense verification, we shall deliver the Motor to the mentioned address. In case of any destruction to the Motor, contact us via email at or mobile call at +86 153 1458 8251. For more information, you can contact us.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop 16.8kv Motor Solution in China

Since 1972, Longbank has been manufacturing the 16.8kv. This device is an ISO-certified brand with many accreditations, such as ROHS, UL, ISO9001-2008, CCC, CE, and TUVD. All of these verifications confirm the presence of the best quality structures in the device. Our factory unit also owns the challenging parts of Motor.

  • “We have purchased the product of 16.8kv Motor from Longbank. My marvelous experience with this device contributed to the extreme output. Thanks a lot!”

  • “Longbank promises the quality assurance of the product. It enables its clientele by maximum productive rate and quality assurance.”

  • 16.8kv Motor has a beautiful bodily appearance. The machine’s design is high quality, from its initial part to its working. Its design converses with its functional property. Thanks a lot, Longbank.

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