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Your One Stop Electric Motor Solution Provider

Longbank was established in early 2012,starting from silicon steel business (main material of motors),supplying silicon steel materials to more than 500+ motor factories in China,becoming leading silicon steel supplier in China.


Longbank began to expand electric motors business in 2016,and now Longbank Group is one of the high-quality suppliers of silicon steel and electric motors with annual turnover of $200 million.Our customers are widely distributed – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, India, Brazil, USA, Germany.We work only with trustworthy manufacturing plants and offer you only high-quality electric motors from representatives.


The foreign division of Longbank is mainly engaged in motors,which includes IE3, IE4, IE5 high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor, variable frequency motor, crane motor, roller table motor, water-cooling motor, IP68 submersible motor, etc. Widely utilized in various industries, such as fans, metallurgy, mining, steel, logistics, energy, water pumps.


Company has advanced processing equipment and excellent process, guarantees that all semi-finished products are under strict quality control with principle of rejecting defects, providing high-quality products and top brands in the industry.

About Longbank

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