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Longbank has become a superior company in the blender motor industry with over two decades of history. Here in Longbank, you can check out an appropriate blender motor for your intended usage.

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Blender Motor

If your applications require a superior-quality, reliable blender motor, you can rely totally on Longbank! Our blender motors are popular with big brands such as Xiaomi, Joyouing, Hair, and more. Our goal is to meet your application requirements. Therefore, we manufacture different models of blender motor for you.

About Longbank Motor

Longbank has been specializing in small motor production and assembly since 1972. In total, we have accumulated over two decades of experience. We can precisely develop your blender motor and other small motors using our advanced assembly and manufacturing lines. More than 50,000 sets of motors also our everyday production capacity.

Longbank can guarantee excellent performance and top-quality blender motors. Please leave us a message today!

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Blender Motor Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank has been a leading small motor production specialist since 1972. Here, different types and models are available at competitive rates. We offer small motor products that cover induction motors, brushed motors, brushless motors, DC motors, etc. We use advanced manufacturing lines, various testing equipment, and innovative technology to guarantee durable performance and quality products.

Do you need our small motors like blended motors? Feel free to count on Longbank! We will take care of your orders.

More About Longbank Blender Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Blender Motor

Longbank has been in the manufacturing operation since the year 1972. We engineer and design long-lasting best-quality blender motors. In China, our manufacturing factory covers a 60 000 square meter area. We have 1000+ skilled workers and 55 technical engineers that develop high-performance blender motor.

We manufacture blender motors which are classified as universal motors or home appliance motors.  Our blender motors are popular due to their high speed, high starting torque, compact structure, and lightweight feature. Blender motor is one of the essential household appliances. This is easy to control, either electronically or electromechanical using tapped coils.

Longbank blender motors are designed to mix food. It is known useful in commercial and home kitchens. And due to their commutator, universal motors like blender motors are typically very noisy both electromagnetically and acoustically.

Here in Longbank, you can find the best quality blender motors with a range of fewer than 1000 watts. Their lightweight, high speed, and unique feature make it highly desirable in the market. Other features include best power ratings, torque, cost-effectiveness, and compactness.

Blender Motor Advantages:

  • Operates from both AC and DC voltage sources.
  • Less expensive than other motors.
  • No requirement of permanent magnets stator winding around the rotating rotor, making possible cost-effectiveness.
  • They have the capability to supply good torque at low speed.
  • They can rotate at very high speed with 3.6K r.p.m. to 25K r.p.m larger current ranging.
  • The most preferred application is in different portable tools requiring compact size.

Being the leading small motors supplier and manufacturer in China, Longbank provides custom blender motors for various OEM requirements. Always, we can be your ultimate source of blender motors and other universal motors. We made all our products from ROHS-compliant materials to ensure quality and durability.

Whether you’re an importer, supplier, or distributor of blender motors, you’ve come to the right supplier. We have more than 20 years of expertise in blender motors and other universal motors productions.

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