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Longbank is a top-notch brand that has been manufacturing crane motors since 1972. This motor is highly professional and proficient in its work. Its maximum efficiency proves them productive for industrial work.

  • These motors are highly proficient and easy to manage.
  • These crane motors receive less voltage in input and, in return, yield maximum energy as an output.
  • The overall body of the machine is portable and easy to install anywhere.
  • These motors are affordable, with custom features you can insert according to your need.
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Crane Motors

Longbank manufactures crane motors which are electrical devices. These motors are commercially crucial for several purposes, such as supporting bridge cranes, hosting types of machinery, and many others for load-lifting purposes.

Crane motors work most appropriately in a crane. Such as it performs the maximum functionality of a crane, including lifting load and moving the trolley along the crane. This motor also guides further translocation of a load to its exact destination, such as crane motors, which covers the maximum work of a crane.

The crane motors have many functions built explicitly according to the need of the customers, such as its core elements showing the maximum functionality. It moves on the hoisting steps intermittently. Own the duty cycle of a crane.

For the proper working of the machine, it must acquire some specifications. Such as, the motor must rotate in all directions even if it carries the load. The motor must show the sudden braking system even at high speed. The motor must work even at high voltage without physical damage or other impact, such as overheating. The motor can handle the load, even in massive quantities; the motor must be able to work at low voltage. It is an additional feature in the average speed of the motor.

ie3 motor

IE3 motors adopt all the IEC certifications with higher efficiency and energy-saving abilities. These electric motors are designed to meet the energy requirements of hydraulic power packs, pumps, and fans.

ie4 motor

The super-premium motors are IE4 motors with the strong capability to save energy. These are highly productive motors that exceed the IE3 standards. High in demand for industrial work.


The most efficient motors in terms of energy are IE5 motors. These electric motors are available in the market to meet the needs of humanity and have surpassed IE3 and IE4 standards.

Explosion Proof Motor

Longbank is now manufacturing explosion-proof motors to maintain the efficiency of electric motors. These motors perform well in hazardous conditions, which include flammable gases, or dust particles.

GOST Series Motor

GOST series motor is one of those electric motors manufactured by adopting all the standards of Russian GOST certification. The motor possesses high-quality body material with marvelous features.

DC Motor

Direct current is this motor’s distinguishing feature from other electric motors. These motors are usually installed in textile mills, steel mills, cranes and cement mills, mining, and test rigs.

Why Choose Longbank Crane Motors

High-Efficiency Rate
High-Efficiency Rate

The DC motor of Longbank uses less energy for its working as an input, and Thus, the DC motor shows a higher efficiency rate than others.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank does not compromise the quality of the motors. Such as all the parts of the DC motor contain premium featured components. All brands are ISO certified, such as ISO9001-2008 and many other certifications.

Feature Optimization
Feature Optimization

Langbank manufactures the DC motor, which contains optimized features. Its optimum features include the minimum noise pollution on working, lightweight, easy to manage, install, and insulated by protective lamination.

Protective Insulation
Protective Insulation

Longbeng ensures the protective insulation most accurately. Such as, the device may contain the casting of aluminum or iron that protects it from environmental oxidation. Thus keep the working the machine properly and make it active.

What are Crane Motors?

Crane motors are those which are specifically designed for the proper working of the cranes. These motors are primarily used in load-lifting cranes,  bridge cranes,  crane gantries,  and other hosting devices. These motors are highly applicable for load-lifting purposes and accurate movement of the device. This feature is primarily due to low voltage consumption and higher rotation.

The motors not only lift the load along the cranes but also carry the trolley along the rails of the crane, such as these motors lift the load in the trolley and then carry it to its exact destination. As the trolley is loaded with the load, the rails move along this road to travel it to its destination.

What Is IE4 Series Motors
Construction and Structure of IE5 Series Motors

Product Description of Crane Motors

    • The motor shows a rated voltage of 380 Volt with an optimum frequency rate of about 50 Hertz.
    • These motors are designed to lift heavy loads from one place to another.
    • Crane motors are also applicable in other hosting machinery and metallurgical processes. Such as these motors are highly useful for hauling and load-lifting purposes.
    • The device’s temperature must be kept appropriately for the machine’s proper working. Such as, in the case of a metallurgical operation, the temperature must not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. Conversely, in the load-lifting work, the machine’s temperature must be kept at a limit of 40 degrees Celsius.
    • The maximum altitude for the optimum working of the machine must be not more than 1000 meters.
    • While working, the machine expresses some sharp shocks and noises due to heavy lifting or hard work.
    • The device also shows many other specifications for the optimum load-lifting purpose.
    • These crane motors must be able to change their direction in both forward and backward orientation without any physical harm.
    • For other connection methods,  you must start the stator using the Y connection method and the rest of the connection by using the connection method.

Features of Crane Motors

    • The device shows a rated voltage of about 380 Volt with an optimum frequency of 50 Hertz.
    • The highly compact and light weight of the machine’s body makes it portable and easy to manage.
    • The motor is also applicable to work in intermittent periods. The overall working of the machine is also divided into different forms.
    • The intermittent period of the machine contains several phases, such as lifting the load and then keeping it at an appropriate destination.
    • In the initial stages of the load lifting, the machine must not show a high temperature, even at high voltage, for 10 hours or six hours In its working cycle.
    • Intermittent duty periods are divided several times according to the machine’s function, such as the time needed to start the machine, load it with any load, and then keep it in place. These times are divided into different forms, such as 150, 300, or 600 Times.
    • Intermittent series of electrical braking. It is a synchronous series that includes starting the machine, loading the device with any load, and then sudden braking, even at high speed. During this series time component is also considered.
    • During the initial stages of the motor, its points, such as its start and braking system, are almost converted into full-time working. It mainly happens through the production of heat. For this reason, you can determine the motor by the number of stars on it. The jogging ( such as the full speed will not exceed 25% of its equivalent speed ) is four times from its start. On the other side, the electrical braking (About one by third of its initial rate) is about 0.8 times more than its start.Crane motor is the most advanced product according to the time. Its primary and advanced features are listed below.
    • The benchmark working of the motor is about 3S to 40%. But if you want to insert the features according to your need, Such as beyond the speed of 2S to 5S, then you must contact our manufacturers. You need to provide your custom features; our professional team will manufacture them according to your need.
Advantages of IE5 Series Motors

Wholesale Crane Motors supplier in China

Crane Motor
IE5 Series Motor on wholesale

Longbank manufactures crane motors in China and supplies them to the whole world. Crane motors of Longbank contain the most advanced features that make them productive and significant for industrial work. The machine’s body includes various premium-quality parts, making it reliable and environmentally friendly. The custom layout of the device makes it portable and easy to manage for everyone. The machine body is made up of resistive material such as steel or iron that protects it from environmental fluctuations and keeps its working constant. This machine is mainly designed for high-energy works, creating various industries’ infrastructure, and lifting heavy loads.

 For confirmation about the product quality, Longbank has its testing panel, which contains the testing of automation, analyzing the hub motor system, and endurance system of the device. The motors of the Longbank, especially crane motors, are ISO certified and also got many other certifications such as CCC, UE, CE, UL, ROHS, and many other certifications that confirm the quality of the product. If you want to buy a considerable quantity of the product, you can also consult Longbank. We also offer product customization to our customers. You need to deliver your requirements; our professional team will manufacture it according to your desire.

Advantages of ie5 series Motors
  • Due to the most advanced features, the crane motor has many advantages. Most of Them are mentioned below.
    • These motors are highly applicable for short-term operations.
    • Three-phase asynchronous motors show a continuity rate of about 25%.
    • The device expresses the Frequent starting, sudden braking, and reversing of the direction. All of these features are accompanied due to the cylindrical body of the rotor, which is adjusted in the device. This cylinder rotor reduces the machine’s torque and minimizes the starting time and loss of initial time.
    • The initial torque of the device will be maximum for the loading of heavy weights.
    • These crane motors have high mechanical support and can bear physical and mechanical impacts such as vibration when lifting a load or any other work.
    • As the machine works in a dusty environment, the entire body of the device is covered for its protective insulation.

    For all of these applications, The motor used in the crane must possess high mechanical support. It must have an overloading capacity and be bearable to any physical or mechanical impact doing its working. The motor must be covered with protective lamination to protect it from environmental dust.

Installing Crane Motors

The crane motors of Longbank contain the most advanced features that make them highly productive for industrial work. Most of its fruitful applications are listed below.

  • These motors are in high demand now in chemical industries to maximize their productivity.
  • If you’re working site is located in dust areas of high temperature, then you can use the dust Explosion free motors That will prevent you from burning.
  • If you want to maximize the industry’s productivity, Then you must enhance the machine’s torque. For this reason, you need to install the high-speed motor.
  • These motors are also used in windturbines to produce electricity.
  • Crane motors are also applicable in ships for various instruments. For this reason, these motors may be made of iron, casting steel or aluminum, or any other drip-off motor.
  • Some of these motors are also capable of working in explosive areas. These motors are termed inflammable motors.
  • Many devices are also capable of working at ambient temperature.
  • These motors exist in several forms, such as one-phase, two-phase, or three-phase motors.
  • Brake motors also apply to work during the sudden machine stoppage in driven loads.
  • Water cooling motors are applicable for the cooling action of any device.
  • Smoke venting motors prevent the accumulation of smoke in a particular area.

Classification of Crane Motors

660V Motor
  • These motors are flexible to use in several industries.
  • These electric motors are easy to handle.
  • Primarily appropriate for fans, water pumps, and many other types of machinery.
IE3 Series Motors classification
  • These electric motors are mainly structured to perform multiple tasks.
  • The eye-catching features of this motor are available in specific ranges along with accessories.
Motors for Range of Temperature
  • These motors can work under a high-temperature range (-55 ֯C to 90 ֯C).
  • Commonly installed in mining and wood extraction.
  • In food industries, where high temperature is required, these motors are installed to fulfill the needs.
  • The body material contains stainless steel to protect it from rusting.
  • The internal body structures, like the shaft and rotor, are also composed of rust-free materials.
Synchronous Reluctance Motors (IE5)
  • These motors are intermediate to the eco-friendly and magnet-free simple motors.
  • The body structure is highly compact with tremendous productivity.
  • It can perform its action well in low temperatures and bearings, making it highly accurate.
  • Adopts all the IE5 standards.
Food Safe Motor
  • These motors are designed to achieve the hygiene of food industries.
  • The body of these motors is composed of stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel makes it rust-free, leading to ease of handling and cleaning.
  • Internally protected to perform its action at high temperature and pressure.
  • The enclosed motor windings make these motors perform well in wet conditions.
660V Motor
  • These are the most precise motors, mainly in terms of speed.
  • The cooling action in these motors is done by filling some liquid or air.
  • A minimum speed is needed to perform its action, which falls in the 100-850 r/min.
Motors for Explosive Atmospheres
  • These motors are suitable for executing their action in hazardous environments.
  • Mainly designed to pass all the standards of the IEC and many other certifications.
High Dynamic Performance Motors
  • These electric motors need alternating currents to perform their action.
  • Little torque is the initial requirement of his motor.
  • These motors can carry out their function in rough conditions.
Water Cooled Motors
  • Longbank is now designing water-cooled motors to expel the heat of running electric equipment.
  • These motors need reduced speed to initiate their cooling purposes.
  • Commonly installed in wind turbines, printing presses, water pumps, etc.
2 pole motor

As the name indicates, these motors are specifically designed to perform all the tasks of a ship, including running equipment (fans, compressors, water, and hydraulic pumps) and managing the cargo. This electric motor needs little voltage input, distinguishing Longbank’s low-voltage marine motor from other marine motors.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop Crane Motors Solution in China

Longbank has been manufacturng the crane motors since the period of 1972. More than 50 years of excellence in market, Longbank has got the trust of people and become a trustworthy brand. Its entire peoducts contains premium parts that imparts fruitful impacts on it.

In case of quality, Longbank has ISO certified products. It has got many certifications that confirm its authenticity such as ISO9001-2008, CCC, CE, UL, ROHS, and many confirmation. All of these parameters ensures the perfomance of excellence in product. If you want to buy any industral product, you can move to Longbank.

  • “Longbank manufactures the excellent products such as crane motor. This motor has imparted the easiness in my work and enhanced my productivity. Thanks to Longbank!”


  • “I have bought the crane motor from Longbank. Its custom layout and resistive body part make easiness for me in installation and management. Thanks to Longbank!”

  • “Longbank has earned a name by delivering the quality products in whole world. Such as crane motor who have made my industrial work more productive. Thanks!”

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