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Longbank has rich experience in manufacturing DC Electric Motor. These are available in widely different versions and models. Avail rugged and robust DC Electric Motor at Longbank – your #1 manufacturer in China!

OEM and ODM services are available here. Talk to us now!

DC Electric Motor

You can depend on Longbank if you need a durable and high-performance DC electric motor. You can find various types and models of DC electric motor ere at a very cost-effective price. Due to its top-grade class, Longbank DC electric motor is used in a wide variety of applications such as in household appliances, conveyors and turntables, electric cars, and more. Get the latest design DC electric motor here!


About Longbank Motor

Longbank has been a trusted DC electric motor supplier for more than 20 years. Based on many years of experience, we can produce world-class DC electric motor solutions with great features and advantages.

To sustainably improve your business, Longbank will support you in the entire manufacturing process. We can offer exceptional ideas, powerful drive technology, reliable service, and custom-made solutions. Our team guarantees a high-level performance DC electric motor for your project.

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DC Electric Motor Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank is a certified DC electric motor manufacturer authenticated to UL, CE, GS, VDE, ISO9001-2008, TUVd, ISO14001-2004, and 3C certified company. Your ideal DC electric motor is available here with your specific requirements.

We master small motor fabrications using intelligent ideas and robust solutions. Our team hopes to build a long-term business partnership with you. Success awaits us!

More About Longbank DC Electric Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank DC Electric Motor

For your DC electric motor needs and requirements, you can count on Longbank. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years and continuously delivering the highest quality small motors to customers worldwide.

Longbank DC electric motor is available in different types and models. It includes:

As a professional manufacturer, Longbank offers custom-made DC electric motors for your specific needs. We also support OEM and ODM services to skyrocket your brand.

Longbank DC electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical rotation. This relies on the forces produced by magnetic fields. It includes two components as a stator and an armature. It uses magnetic fields that occur from the electrical currents generated.

Features of Longbank DC Electric Motor

  • High speed
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight and small size
  • Made from high-quality raw materials
  • Versatile construction
  • Made of metal gear, wear-resistance
  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • High-powered motor, ultra-fast rotation speed
  • Good-quality aluminum shell, etc.

Due to their many advantages, Longbank DC electric motors are widely used for a wide range of applications. According to your specific applications, Longbank can produce it. Our DC electric motor is famous in the industry ranging from home appliances to industrial use.

Longbank DC Electric Motor Applications:

  • Electric tools,
  • Electric screwdriver,
  • Electric fan toys,
  • Juice machine,
  • Paper shredder,
  • Vacuum, etc.

If your company needs high-precision DC electric motor, Longbank is your one-stop solution! Being your DC electric motor manufacturer, Longbank is dedicated to supplying long-lasting, customized solution DC electric motors to support your business. Our technology leadership, application expertise, and wide range of products allow us to become one of the trustworthy leaders in this field.

Our factory is certified to ISO14001-2004 and ISO9001-2008, covering an area of 60,000 square meters. We employ 1000+ factory people, and 55+ technical engineering teams support us.

To efficiently develop your small motor needs, we use a sophisticated, fully automatic small motor production line and assembly line, self-owned motor testing center, motor material testing center, etc. Every day we can produce 50,000 sets of DC electric motor finished.

We are looking forward to building a solid business partnership with you to achieve win-win success! For more details about DC electric motor, get in touch with Longbank!

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