Z4 series DC motor

Power range 1.5-600 kW
Rated armature voltage 220-660V
Excitation separate excitation
Shaft height 100 to 450 mm
Speed up to 4000 rpm
Protection level IP21S, IP23, IP44, and IP54
Structure type IM B3, IM B35, IM V1, etc
Cooling type  IC06/IC17/IC37/IC W37 A86

DC Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China

The primary role of a DC motor is that It receives the direct current as a source and converts it Into mechanical energy as an output. This proficiency is highly in demand at the industrial level.

Longbank manufactures this highly efficient motor to meet the requirements of the market. This DC motor of Longbank is highly proficient and manufactures a lot more mechanical energy than any conventional motors manufactured by other industries. This device needs less input and produces maximum output, such as a high conversion rate.

DC motor has a broad range of industrial applications for commercial purposes, building of ships,  and developing infrastructures in various industries such as the Pharmaceutical industry. Despite these, this device also has many other applications at the instrument level.

For the proper working of the machine, it requires some specifications, such as the DC motor works at the optimal rate in an ambient temperature range of -30C to 40. For the proper working of the machine, it requires a height of 1000 meters.

For long-lasting performance, the device has adopted the way of working by rectifying power or through a DC generator. If the three-phase synchronous motor works on rectifying principle, it can work for a long without any damage.

Why Choose Longbank DC Motor

  • High-Efficiency Rate:The DC motors manufactured by Longbank show a high-efficiency rate. This means that these motors need little input but provide maximum output. That is why these motors are found in various applications.
  • Quality Assurance:Longbank manufactures DC Motors, which assures the primary quality features of its manufactured products of motors. This brand is ISO-certified, which got ISO9001 and lots of other certifications.
  • Feature Optimization:To enhance the production rate, longbank manufactures DC motors with the best features of little noise pollution with environment-friendly working. These manufactured products of motors are light in weight.
  • Protective Insulation:These products of Longbank provide good insulation against environmental fluctuations. This high degree of protection in these motors is because of aluminum or iron casting.



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