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Langbank manufactures DC motors, which entirely depend upon the direct current as a source. This proficient DC motor contains the most premium components, making it competitive. This motor has a broad range of applications at the industrial level.

  1. This motor is affordable and easy to manage.
  2. Possibilities in the customization of the motor such as you can insert the features according to your interest.
  3. Portable body layout and is easy to install at any place.
  4. High-efficiency rate, such as needing less energy and producing maximum output.
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DC Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China

The primary role of a DC motor is that It receives the direct current as a source and converts it Into mechanical energy as an output. This proficiency is highly in demand at the industrial level.

Longbank manufactures this highly efficient motor to meet the requirements of the market. This DC motor of Longbank is highly proficient and manufactures a lot more mechanical energy than any conventional motors manufactured by other industries. This device needs less input and produces maximum output, such as a high conversion rate.

DC motor has a broad range of industrial applications for commercial purposes, building of ships,  and developing infrastructures in various industries such as the Pharmaceutical industry. Despite these, this device also has many other applications at the instrument level.

For the proper working of the machine, it requires some specifications, such as the DC motor works at the optimal rate in an ambient temperature range of -30C to 40. For the proper working of the machine, it requires a height of 1000 meters.

For long-lasting performance, the device has adopted the way of working by rectifying power or through a DC generator. If the three-phase synchronous motor works on rectifying principle, it can work for a long without any damage.

ie3 motor

The main benefit of installing IE3 motors is their energy-saving property which makes these motors highly efficient. These motors follow all the standards of IEC.

ie4 motor

IE4 motors include those motors which are super-premium along with high efficiency. These motors exceed IE3 standards with the optimum capability to save energy.


The most efficient electronic motors available in the market are IE5 motors. These motors possess significant abilities that follow all the IE3 and IE4 standards.

Explosion Proof Motor

The volatile components in the environment can be avoided from entering the motor; otherwise, they can reduce the motor’s efficiency. 

GOST Series Motor

These motors are manufactured according to the standards of Russian GOST certification. These electronic motors are designed to meet all the IEC standards.

DC Motor

DC power is used to operate industrial DC motors. These electronic motors are structured following their work in steel, textile, and multiple other industries.

Why Choose Longbank DC Motor

High-Efficiency Rate
High-Efficiency Rate

The DC motors manufactured by Longbank show a high-efficiency rate. This means that these motors need little input but provide maximum output. That is why these motors are found in various applications.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank manufactures DC Motors, which assures the primary quality features of its manufactured products of motors. This brand is ISO-certified, which got ISO9001 and lots of other certifications.

Feature Optimization
Feature Optimization

To enhance the production rate, longbank manufactures DC motors with the best features of little noise pollution with environment-friendly working. These manufactured products of motors are light in weight.

Protective Insulation
Protective Insulation

These products of Longbank provide good insulation against environmental fluctuations. This high degree of protection in these motors is because of aluminum or iron casting.

What Is DC Motor?

DC motors receive direct current as an input and convert into mechanical energy. Such as these motors receive the electrical power and, in return, change into the automatic rotation as an output.

The machine contains a constant speed of rotation with a medium speed of torque, so it has a wide range of applications. Such as the DC motor is highly applicable in centrifugal machines and Reciprocating pumps. Due to its optimum speed and medium torque are also significant for various instrumental machines such as blowers,  fans,  and other lethal machines. The device also contained the feature of a custom layout, such as inserting the element according to your choice in the machine.

What is DC Motor
Construction and Structure of IE5 Series Motors

Construction and Structure of DC Motor

  • The base of the motor is laminated, comprising a thin octagonal steel plate. This structure makes the higher space utilization of the stator, compact internal structure, little input of the inertia, reduced body weight, and the strong ability to control the power supply by Silicon-controlled rectifiers.
  • Compensation windings are inserted inside the motor, with remarkable computing performance and overload capacity.
  • DC Motors own the F-class insulation, which has been treated by solvent-free VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) technique. The higher mechanical strength and the insulation performance are because of winding insulation.
  • The commutator possesses a vertical-plate type structure. The tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding helps connect the vertical plate  (commutator) and the armature coil.
  • The reduced vibration of the DC motor is attributed to the chute structure of the armature core.
  • The continuous working of the motor can be obtained by using rolling bearings and non-stoppable fuel addition.

Features of DC Motor

  • The rated voltage in a DC motor varies and can also be inserted according to your need. But the minimum range in the device is 220 Volt to 440 Volt, and so on.
  • The device expresses a separate excitation mode. The required voltage for the excitation of the device is 180 Volt to 310 Volt. Other quantities of voltage can also be adjusted in the machine.
  • At the initial speed of the machine, it rotates according to the speed-torque present on its technical sheet. Each turn of the torque lasts about 60 seconds.
  • The rated voltage for a motor is about 220 Volts. If you want to increase the device’s speed, its voltage will double. This dual voltage will also impact its torque speed, which will become about 1.8 times more. This quantity of torque lasts for 15 seconds.
  • As the DC motor works on the voltage of 220 Volt, this voltage is mainly for  Field weakening speed as on the technical Datashe, the quantity of torque will become 0.6 times that will last in about 15 seconds.
  • DC motors can reach the rated current change of about 200 to 250 times at an optimal rate. But if you want to increase it to more than 250, you can call our team, and we can adjust it according to your need.
  • The standard outlet of the machine during your ordering is mainly on the right side of the outlet box. But if you want to change its position to the left, you can call us before ordering.
Advantages of IE5 Series Motors

Wholesale DC Motor supplier in China

IE5 Series Motors
IE5 Series Motor on wholesale

If you want to buy a DC motor in China, then Longbank will be an excellent choice. Longabank offers DC and many other electronic motors with the most advanced features. These features enable the DC motor to perform best in all competitive environments, which indicates its reliability. The motor’s machinery comprises high-quality body parts, enhancing the durability and productivity of the motor. Manufacturing the DC motors elevates the energy output for infra-structures and handling the materials for multiple sites like industries.

Longbank also offers analysis spots to assure the product’s quality, including testing panels of automation, hub motor system, and the endurance testing of the motors. DC motors are ISO verified and has gained several other certificates, including ROHS, CE, GS, TUV, UL, and many others. These standards indicate the high efficiency and reliability of the motor. Longbank also presents several motor components, and you can buy customized products.

Advantages of ie5 series Motors
  • DC motors can reduce their energy consumption by 10 to 40%. This feature of energy consumption is excellent for maximum conversion rate. It saves energy that can be used for leading generations if we appropriately use the DC motor.
  • These DC motors show a high conversion rate, such as using minimum input for its working and giving maximum output.
  • This device contains numerous custom features such as variable voltage, custom sizes, and shapes that you can adjust according to your interest.
  • The machine requires a minimum voltage of 600 Volt for its optimum working.
  • However, the maximum energy output can reach up to 100 kilowatts.
  • The device’s low voltage can save up to 18 to 160 terawatts annually per hour.
  • These devices are cost-effective and affordable.
  • A lot of carbon dioxide can also be saved throughout its working time.
  • The DC motor contains strong protective insulation, such as casting iron or aluminum, that protects it from environmental oxidation and keeps it away from moisture.
  • As these machines work On the principle of less consumption of energy, then you can use them at the industrial level for a considerable benefit. Such as, if you install them in an industry, then the savage of energy can impart many benefits that you can use for future usage.
Applications of ie5 series Motors

Due to the presence of the most advanced features, DC motors have a lot of applications. Most of them are listed below:

  • Chemical industries now use DC motors at large scales but enhance their productivity.
  • If your working site is in burning areas, then the explosion-proof motor is a better choice for your work.
  • But you can enhance the machine’s torque for a high-efficiency rate. For maximum torque, you can install the high-speed motor.
  • Wind turbines also use these motors for the generation of electricity from wind.
  • DC motors are also applicable in ships for the working of various instruments These motors will be of iron body, aluminum casting, and easy to manage related to drip Proof motors.
  • If your working site is located in explosive areas, then inflammable motors are the best choice for your work.
  • Most of the motors work in a flexible range of temperatures.
  • This motor exists in several forms of phases, such as it may be one-phase, two-phase, or three-phase motors.
  • Brake motors primarily work when you deal with the driven loads. In this case, you can stop them suddenly at high speed.
  • On the other side, the smoke venting motors prevent the accumulation of smoke at your working site.
  • Conversely, the water cooling motors can prevent your device from high temperatures and keep its body cooling.

Classification of DC Motors

660V Motor
  • These motors are easy to manage.
  • These motors find their applications accessively on the industrial scale.
  • Because of their reliability, these motors are used for the smooth working of various electrical appliances like pumps, fans, and other equipment types, including machinery.
  • The design of these motors depends upon the task it is being used for. However, the design is also flexible according to the customer’s requirements.
IE3 Series Motors classification
  • These induction motors are specifically unique for their tasks, but flexibility and modifications are still options.
  • Many of the features are found in these motors, including accessories.
Motors for Range of Temperature
  • These motors have an excellent quality of bearing a wide range of temperatures. This range is between -55°C and 90°
  • These motors are highly in demand at industrial scales like the wood industry and metal extraction.
  • These motors also work proficiently in food industries to perform various processes at different temperatures.
  • To increase their lifetime and smooth working, these motors contain stainless steel in their manufacturing. This composition protects the motor from rusting.
  • Not only in structure, these motors also contain rustproof material in the shaft and rotor.
  • To increase the smooth working strategy of these motors, the nipple and other parts of its machinery must be greased regularly.
Synchronous Reluctance Motors (IE5)
  • These motors are free from any environmental pollution with magnet-free simple motors.
  • These motors show maximum efficiency along with a compact structure.
Food Safe Motor
  • Since it is the fundamental requirement to maintain hygiene in food industries, these motors are the best option to pursue.
  • To protect these motors from rusting and increase their working period, they are made of stainless steel.
  • The cleaning of these motors is not as complicated as found in other motors.
  • Since the composition of this motor includes stainless steel, that is why it is found corrosion-free.
  • These motors can bear wide temperature and pressure ranges.
660V Motor
  • These motors have greater accuracy in speed maintenance.
  • A cooling agent like liquid or air is used to cool down the motors to maintain their smooth working.
Motors for Explosive Atmospheres
  • To work in dangerous atmospheres, these motors with IEC low voltage are mandatory.
  • These motors are passed through various certifications, which make them more trustworthy to opt.
High Dynamic Performance Motors
  • The motors use alternating currents (AC) in their work. Hence, very little torque is required to operate them.
  • These motors can work in rough conditions as well.
Water Cooled Motors
  • Since these motors use water or air to opt for cooling action. Hence these are more efficient in transferring heat than other motors.
  • Cooling purpose is achieved in these motors with little speed requirements.
  • These motors find their best applications in the printing press, water pumps, and turbines.
2 pole motor

These motors are excessively used in various tasks like running equipment, uploading and downloading the cargo, hydraulic press, compressors, water pumps, and fans.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop DC Motor Solution in China

Longbank has been manufacturing DC motors since 1972. It is an international exporting company that delivers its entire products to all major regions, such as Europe and the United States. Due to quality assurance, Longbank has got many certifications, such as ISO9001-2008, ROHS, UL, CE, CCC, and many others. For the testing of machines, Longbank has its hub system.

  • “DC motor of longbank has numerous excellent features such as lightweight and easy to manage. Its high conversion rate has impressed me a lot. Thanks to Longbank!”


  • “I have bought the DC motor from Longbank. I have noted that the machine uses less energy and yields maximum energy. Therefore, I like this brand. Thanks!”

  • “I trust Longbank because it delivers quality products already. I bought the maximum number of products from this brand. Thanks to Longbank!”

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