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Since 1972, Longbank has been manufacturing quality Motors. We offer a comprehensive selection of high-performance EC motors. It has been widely used in aerospace models, medical equipment, household appliances, electric vehicles, and other fields. We ensure to advertise them at a highly competitive price to be enjoyed by our customers.

Longbank is one of the oft-recommended and top-rated EC motor manufacturers in China. We ensure to advertise to you our EC motors at a highly competitive price.

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About Longbank Motor

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EC Motor Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank was started with a mission to address the challenges in the motor manufacturing industry and manufacture superior quality EC that help companies ensure better system efficiency.

Longbank is committed to making our customers successful with our product differentiation and excellent supply chain. For designers who demand performance leadership and assurance of supply, Longbank is the reliable choice.

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More About Longbank EC Motor

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Longbank- Your Reliable EC Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank has been manufacturing quality  EC Motor. We excel at creating innovative EC motors that power products. Our electronically commutated motors are famous for utilizing a brushless permanent magnet (BPM) motor. Sometimes called ECM motors or BLDC motors, our EC motors can be counted on for energy efficiency and reliability.

There are some EC motor advantages:

  • Lower bearing temperature and better reliability
  • It provides a huge power reserve
  • EC motor is substantially lighter than AC motors
  • The motor is virtually silent
  • Its efficiency changes very little with varying loads

Our teams can custom-design EC motor with the exact specifications and manufacture it with high precision with our full-fledged production capabilities. Our EC motors’ long life span and low maintenance requirements make us one of China’s top-rated EC motor manufacturers.

We know a lot about motors, and our clients are the experts in their field, so the logical answer was to design products that are customizable to the core and let our customers create the solutions they need. Once we built our fine programmable EC motors, we had to supply access to this customization through a scope of plug and play tools for the developer through to the field engineers.

Our engineering teams are the best in the industry and their passion for innovating products that spin and move to deliver the excellence you require. These talented engineers can customize EC motors to your unique specifications, something you’ll appreciate when it keeps your processes running productively while reducing maintenance hassles.

Our engineers working within a new, customer-centered business model were unhindered by concerns about marketing and share prices; we are focusing instead on creating a line of flexible motors that could be tailored for any cooling need.

We support our combined engineering prowess, industry insights, market trends, and other resources to drive innovation and maximize profits by engaging our partners in meaningful dialogue.

Longbank devoted its resources to product development as a startup, relying on a traditional distributor model for distribution. Now that our diversified, modern production facilities are fully operational and vertically integrated, we take an active role in customer care. We can deliver greater flexibility in collaborative engineering, warehousing, ordering, marketing, and end-customer service by selling directly to OEMs. We can empower our clients with unfiltered engineering support and bring the team closer to those who use our products to establish creative synergies that deliver tangible and sustainable value.

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