Explosion Proof Motors Manufacturer in China

Longbank is a top-notch manufacturing industry in China that has been delivering explosion-proof motors for over 50 years. The Explosion Proof Motor is the verified product of Longbank which is highly efficient and more productive for industrial work. Its advanced features, such as working in explosive areas, make it unique and competitive with other products. The simple construction of the motor makes it easy to manage.

  • The cost-effective motor, which is easy to manage and install
  • Custom features exist in the motor that you can change according to your interest
  • High-efficiency rates such as needing less voltage for the initiation of its working and producing more energy
  • High conversion rate and contains the most advanced features due to the presence of best quality components
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Explosion Proof Motors

Explosion-proof AC inductor motors contain the most advanced features, as their simple construction has made them unique. The flameproof enclosure of the machine has advanced technology, such as the electrical parts of the device that can produce sparks or ignition or high temperature are separated from the explosive gas around them.

Explosion-proof motors are electromagnetic motors that work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Such as it induces the electric current on the rotor between the stator and the rotor. This process is mainly performed to confirm the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. The essential elements of the motor’s stator are the stator core, winding, and base.

The outstanding feature of an explosion-proof motor is that it can work efficiently in an explosive or flammable environment without the harm of explosion or electric spark during its function. Due to this technology, it has earned fame in the market.

Flameproof motors are the most advanced technology. They contain flameproof enclosures that protect the electric components, which can produce sparks or high temperatures from the explosive gases around them. But in some cases, the gas can reach the electric components through the joints. Such as, the joints may contain a small distance which can be the source of explosive gases to reach the electric current components.

In this case, the explosion may occur, or the temperature may be dangerously high. But the flameproof enclosure will remain safe, and the remaining explosive gas will be safe. It will not ignite. Ignition will not spread in its rounding, while it will occur only in a place of the joint.

ie3 motor

IE3 motors include some of the most stunning features like significant energy-saving capacity, High-efficiency motors, and Meeting IEC standards.

ie4 motor

These motors show High efficiency with super-premium quality features. Optimal energy savings and exceeding IE3 standards with maximum proficiency.


Some of the unique features of these motors include the most energy-efficient motors present in the market and high standards than both IE3 and IE4 motors.

Explosion Proof Motor

The explosion-proof products manufactured by Longbank are synthesized on a large scale. These motors have the property of internal combustion or self-combustion.

GOST Series Motor

These GOST series motors are manufactured by Longbank and are manufactured according to the standards of the Russian GOST certification.

DC Motor

It is an electric motor used on an industrial scale that consumes direct current in its working. Some of the industrial applications of these DC motors include steel mills.

Why Choose Longbank Explosion Proof Motors

High-Efficiency Rate
High-Efficiency Rate

The explosion-proof motors of the Longbank show a high-efficiency rate, such as these motors require less voltage for their working and produce more energy as an output. It proves that the motor has a high productive rate.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank confirms that the components present in explosion-proof motors have the best quality. Its quality can also be analyzed by its ISO certification method. Such as its all products are ISO certified and have many other certifications, including CCC, UE, ROHS, GS, UL, etc.

Feature Optimization
Feature Optimization

The explosion-proof motor contains Various optimized features that make it unique and competitive. The optimized motor features are environmentally friendly such as no noise during working, lightweight, easy to manage and install, and slight vibration during working.

Protective Insulation
Protective Insulation

Longbank ensures the best protective insulation around the machine’s enclosure, protecting it from environmental effects. Its effective insulation contains the hard and resistive coating of aluminum or iron that makes it resistive to environmental oxidation and keeps its body active.

What Is Explosion Proof Motors Motors?

Explosion-proof motors are not those motors that prevent the motor explosion or are immune to any external explosion. At the same time, it contains some advanced features that make it an explosion-proof motor. These features include such as the flameproof enclosure of the machine to protect its electrical components, which can produce sparks from its explosive gases. But in some cases, the explosive gas can leak into electric components and produce a minor spark. However, these motors differ from regular motors as they can work in an explosion or explosion environment without harm.

What is Explosion Proof Motor
Construction and Structure of IE5 Series Motors

Construction and Structure of Explosion Proof Motors

All copper coil

The machine coil contains copper, which enhances efficiency, maintains body temperature, is the most reliable, and has a maximum service life.

High precision rotor

Highly proficient in dynamic balance debugging, the operation is most stable, has bearable resistance, produces low noise during working, and has a maximum service life.

High precision bearing

The machine’s body contains strong and resistive stainless steel that gives a dustproof effect to it. This constructive material also extends the life of the motor.

Cold-rolled steel sheet

Rolled steel sheet of the device has various capabilities, such as delivering sufficient power, enhancing efficiency rate, maintaining body temperature, and extending the service life.

Preseason casting coating

The machine’s surface contains the most resistive and hard casting dad protect the machine from environmental effects and makes it durable.

Junction box

The junction box of explosion-proof motors is manufactured most professionally with its strong ceiling points. The body construction of the device prevents the entry of dust particles into the body and makes it durable.

Breathable cooling cover

The machine’s ventilation is hollow that releases the heat most accurately.

Features of Explosion Proof Motors

The explosion-proof induction motors have adopted the most advanced technology, such as separating their electrical parts that can produce sparks, arts, or high temperatures that may lead to ignition from the explosive gas around it.

The explosion-proof motor uses electromagnetic induction technology between the stator and the rotor to transfer their electric current to the rotor. This action confirms the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. The stator of the machine contains stator core, bass, and stator windings.

Explosion-proof motors are an excellent product in induction motors that can work efficiently in explosive or flammable areas without producing any electrical spark or ignition during their operation.

The motor uses a flameproof enclosure to protect the device from its surrounding exclusive gas that can produce a spark. However, this machine is partially sealed. The gas can reach from minor joints to its electric parts, producing a minor spark. But this spark will not affect its flameproof enclosure. The explosive gas that will produce a spark will not affect the exclusive gas present in its surroundings.

Advantages of IE5 Series Motors

Wholesale Explosion Proof Motors supplier in China

Explosion Proof Motors
Explosion Proof Motors

If you want to buy massive explosion-proof motors, you can trust Longbank, which delivers quality products to all major regions worldwide. Our products contain the most advanced features and premium body components that enhance any industry’s productivity and efficiency. Our motors are manufactured to work in any competitive environment without any harm. The machine’s body structure is more advanced than the other motors of the same niche manufactured by other industries. Mainly these motors are designed for heavy work such as producing energy, handling materials, developing infrastructures of various industries, such as the Pharmaceutical industry, and also used in many other industries.

For confirmation about the accurate working of the machine, Longbank has its experimental spot that can be used to analyze its automation. Its testing spot includes the testing panels of automation, the hub motor system of the device, and analyzing the endurance system of the machine. All of the products of Longbank, including explosion-proof motors, are ISO certified, such as ISO9001-2008, and also got many other certifications, such as ROHS, GS, UL, CCC, CE, etc. These products contain the most advanced and competitive features that enhance the machine’s overall efficiency. The machine also contains a custom feature, such as inserting the features according to your choice.

Advantages of ie5 series Motors

The machine contains the most advanced features, so it has many advantages for industrial work. Most of its advantages are mentioned below:

Explosion-proof motors are mainly low-voltage motors that can reduce voltage consumption by 10 to 40%. It is one of the most reliable capabilities in the electronic world. The saved energy can be used to generate many other resources. Due to this reason, these low-voltage motors, which have IEC certification, have great significance.

  • These motors choose the high conversion rate, requiring less voltage per initiation of its working and, in return, produce more output.
  • These motors are available in variable sizes, shapes, and a wide voltage range.
  • For the optimum working of the machine, it requires 600 volts, which can enhance its efficiency.
  • The overall output of the machine will be more than 1000 kW.
  • These explosion-proof motors can save up to 18 to 160 terawatts per hour each year.
  • A considerable amount of carbon dioxide is also saved for its entire service life.
  • These motors are cost-effective and affordable.
  • The flameproof enclosure of the machine saves the machine from explosion and makes it durable.
  • Flameproof motors can work efficiently in an explosive environment without any risk.
  • The body design of the machine makes it optimum and does not raise its temperature during its working.

As explosion-proof motors use less energy for their work, the extra energy can be used in the future for other purposes. These motors with the most optimized features must be installed in various industries to maximize efficiency and productivity. Minimum customization in the machine’s overall structure can produce massive changes, leading to the best results in its overall activity.

Applications of ie5 series Motors

Due to the presence of the most advanced features, explosion-proof motors have a lot of applications in numerous industries. Most of its applications are discussed below:

  • These motors are primarily used in various chemical industries to maximize productivity and efficiency.
  • In dusting areas, there is a chance of burning. You can use it’s another class, such as ignition-proof motors.
  • The machine’s overall efficiency can be maximized by enhancing the torque of the motor. For this reason, you should use the high-speed motors.
  • Wind turbine motors are now also used these motors for the production of electricity at a large scale.
  • These different types of motors can now be used in ships to work on various electrical equipment. The casting of aluminum or iron can make these motors; the body is made of steel, such as the open drip-off motors.
  • Flammable motors can be used in explosive areas without the risk of any flame.
  • Most of these motors can work optimally under ambient temperature.
  • These motors exist in phases like one, two, or three.
  • Another form of this motor is a brake motor that stops the machine’s high speed from working with the driven load.
  • Smoke venting motors protect against the accumulation of smoke in your working site.
  • Water cooled motor can maximize your instrument’s cooling action.

Classification of Explosion Proof Motors

660V Motor
  • It is pretty easy to manage and deal with these motors.
  • These motors are found to be used excessively on an industrial scale.
  • With smooth and reliable working features, these motors work in different electrical appliances like fans, pumps, and other equipment types, including machinery.
  • The design of these motors is highly dependent on the assigned task. But it is not obligatory to follow it consistently. There is also flexibility in its design according to the customers’ demands.
IE3 Series Motors classification
  • A specific type of motor is always used to perform a particular task, but the design could vary if demanded.
  • These motors include many other features, too, along with accessories.
Motors for Range of Temperature
  • One of the unique features of these motors is that they can bear a wide temperature range. This range lies between -55°C and 90°
  • These motors find their applications excessively on an industrial level, like in metal extraction and the wood industry.
  • However, these motors also find their applications in the food industry to perform various temperature-based phenomena requiring different temperatures to perform different actions.
  • For improving efficiency and lifetime durability, these motors include stainless steel in their composition.
  • It is not only the structure but also the material used for making the shaft and rotor that contains rustproof material.
  • Since the grease has a feature to enhance the smooth working of any electrical appliance, the significant components of these motors, like the nipple and other parts, are greased regularly.
Synchronous Reluctance Motors (IE5)
  • These motors are magnet-free as well as environment-friendly.
  • With high-efficiency properties, these motors are compact in their structure.
  • Some of the unique features of the motors include reduced temperature, low bearing with high precision, and IE5 verified.
Food Safe Motor
  • These motors are the best choice in areas where hygiene is mandatory, like industries.
  • Stainless steel is used in these motors’ composition, making them durable.
  • These motors are corrosion free because of the rustproof material and are easy to clean.
  • Since it can bear a wide temperature range, hence can survive at high temperatures and pressure.
  • The wings of these motors are adequately cleaned and encapsulated; hence, operating them in wet conditions is safe.
660V Motor
  • These motors show accuracy in the maintenance of speed.
  • If these motors’ temperature increases, it is passed through some exchanger like a cooling agent. Often used cooling agents in these explosion-free motors are air and liquid.
  • The minimum speed attained by these explosion-free motors s 100-850 r/min.
Motors for Explosive Atmospheres
  • IEC low voltage motors are very effective and proficient in working even in dangerous atmospheres.
  • To increase customers’ trust in Longbank’s products, these motors are passed through various certifications.
High Dynamic Performance Motors
  • These AC motors require little torque in their action.
  • Because of having high temperature and pressure bearing capacity, these motors are also proficient in rough conditions.
Water Cooled Motors
  • These motors have high efficiency in transferring their excessive heat from motors.
  • Cooling purpose can be performed with the requirement of little speeds.
  • Because of heat exchange efficiency, these motors are highly in demand in water pumps, printing presses, and wind turbines.
2 pole motor

The main uses of these motors in ships include all sorts of tasks like loading and unloading the cargo, running equipment, water pumps, compressors, fans, and hydraulic pumps.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop Explosion Proof Motors Solution in China

Since 1972, Longbank has been preparing Explosion Proof Motors for the service of mankind. This brand has many certifications, such as ISO9001-2008, ROHS, CE, UL, TUV, and others. These standards prove that the product shows maximum efficiency and productivity. Our factory owns the motor parts and the motor testing system for analysis.

  • “Longank is manufacturing highly efficient Explosion Proof Motors. It needs least input which has highly reduced our electricity budget. Thanks to Longbank!”


  • “Longbank is one of the trusted brand of China that manufactures only ISO-certified products. Explosion Proof Motors have replaced my industry’s ordinary motor having huge benefits.”

  • “I am buying all the electronics from Longbank since its beginning. One of its amazing products is Explosion Proof Motors that has paved the way for other brands too. Thanks to Longbank!”

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