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Longbank is the most professional and excellent brand that manufactures GOST series motors for several industries. This motor contains all the GOST certifications as present in the GOST series of Russia. GOST series motors of Longbank contain the most advanced feature, which enhances the overall productivity of an industry.

  • Affordable and easy to manage or install.
  • Advanced features but custom layouts also exist, such as inserting the features according to your desire.
  • This device receives less voltage for working and yields maximum output, such as a high conversion rate.
  • ISO-certified brand and contains all premium features.
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GOST Series Motor

GOST series motors are highly productive for specific environments, including non-explosive, in-flammable, and without corrosive gases. These motors can also drive many other instruments without any need for specifications. These tools include mixers, compressors, transportation machinery, food machinery, agricultural machinery, fans, and pumps.

This system imparts a lot of beneficial impacts such as a highly effective rate, ease of installation, low vibration on working, no noise during the performance, high stall torque, portability, and reliability for a wide range of applications.

The prominent points of this motor are reliability and functional safety, which enhances its demand. The way of installation of the motor is inline, which means that the motor installs and operate more efficiently and easy to maintain.

ie3 motor

Longbank manufactures IEC-verified motors possessing higher productivity along with energy-saving abilities. The energy is saved in terms of low input and higher output.

ie4 motor

This motor exceeds the standards of IE3 motors. These premium motors own a higher capability to save the input power. IE4 motors of Longbank are IEC verified.


These motors exceed the standards of IE3 and IE4. These motors are now available in the market. These electronic motors are attributed to the outstanding features of IE3.

Explosion Proof Motor

Longbank has designed highly efficient explosion-proof motors in hazardous environments due to their working capability and internal combustion mechanism.

GOST Series Motor

GOST series motors are designed to pass all the standards of Russian GOST. The motor’s body material makes it highly durable, along with several outstanding qualities.

DC Motor

These electronic motors perform their action by consuming direct current. Multiple industries, including textile mills, steel mills, cement industries, cranes, and mining.

Why Choose Longbank GOST Series Motors

High-Efficiency Rate
High-Efficiency Rate

GOST series motors of Longbank show a high-efficiency rate. The reason is that the machine receives less input and, in return, gives the maximum energy. This way of working enhances the industry’s overall productivity and leads to the maximum efficiency of the machine. Due to this reason, this motor has a wide range of applications.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank keeps the quality of products. Such as, the entire machine contains exclusive components that enhance the quality of products. All of the products of Longbank are ISO certified and also got many other certifications, including the CCC, UE, ROHS, UL, etc. It ensures the quality of the Longbank.

Feature Optimization
Feature Optimization

Longbank manufactures products by considering their environmental impacts, such as our professional team has designed the GOST series motor so that it’s working and never imparts any ailment to the environment. Such as its optimized features include low noise during working, easy to manage and install, environment friendly, and light in weight.

Protective Insulation
Protective Insulation

GOST Series motors of Longbank contain resistive insulation, such as aluminum or iron casting, that protects the machine from a corrosive environment and keeps its body fresh. This protective insulation also enhances its lifespan and effective rate, saving the device from environmental oxidation.

What GOST Series Motors?

GOST series motors are high-efficiency electric motors that receive low voltage for working and thus save energy. This high motor proficiency also ensures the best quality features and minimizes the cost of management. GOST series motors are low-voltage motors that reduce the owner’s overall cost with their excellent performance and are easy to maintain.

This motor also enhances the efficiency rate and saves expenditures. These motors are customized so that they are applicable in a wide range of applications and are easy to operate in every environment.

What is GOST Motor
Construction and Structure of IE5 Series Motors

Construction and Structure of GOST Series Motors

GOST Series motors of the Longbank fulfill all the requirements of the IEC, so it is considered a highly productive motor. The construction material of the motor contains top-quality components. All of its structural components are mentioned below:

The Rotor

The rotor, also known as the machine’s armature, is the moving part of the GOST series motor. This moving part gives the turning effect to the shaft, providing mechanical support to the machine. The rotor defines the exact movement of the machine with its appropriate direction. As the current flows through the conductor, it interacts with the stator’s magnetic field that activates the shaft to rotate. The magnets which are present in the shaft can be temporary or permanent.

The Stator

The motor’s core element is the stator, which may be embedded with a permanent magnet or windings. The stator contains small sheets, which prevents energy loss compared to enormous energy. These sheets of the motor are called lamination.

The Bearings

Bearings are the supportive structures for the rotating shaft, such as keeping the specific structure between the motor’s stator and the rotating rotor. Shafts are also present in the motor that carry the load to its exact destination. As the shaft is present outside of the motor, therefore, it is also known as the overhung.

The windings

The windings are the small narrow wires of coils that are wounded around the machine’s stator. As the current passes through these coils, the magnet, such as the machine’s stator, produces a magnetic field along its poles. The pole configuration of this machine can be salient or non-salient.

The air gap

The air gap is not a physical part of the machine but a distance between the rotor and the machine’s stator. We must pay attention to the importance of this gap because it directly impacts the machine’s efficiency. It works in such a way that if the gap between the stator and the machine’s rotor is increased, then the magnetic field’s intensity may reduce, and lowering the distance between the rotor and stator of the machine will lower the overall efficiency.

On the other hand, decreasing the distance between the stator and the router can create friction or noise that can target the machine’s overall health. For this reason, an optimum distance must be present between the rotor and stator of the machine for maximum efficiency.

The commutator

The commutator of the machine is primarily made up of copper wires. Its primary function is to reverse the current’s direction. It reverses so that it alternates the current such as AC, into DC. The commutator leads the electric current in the unidirectional pathway.

Here all of the internal parts of the GOST series motors are mentioned. These motor parts are not present separately; they are combined and enclosed in a protective case that protects them from environmental effects.

Features of GOST Motors

GOST series motors contain premium components and advanced features according to the need of The period. Most of its salient features are mentioned below:

  • The motor is energy-saving; it needs less voltage and produces more energy.
  • The overall performance of the machine is excellent, with maximum productivity.
  • The device shows a high stall torque that enhances its speed.
  • The machine’s working is environmentally friendly such as never producing noise. A small amount of vibration is produced, which is negotiable.
  • Highly reliable motors such as safe and easy to operate.
  • The installation method of the motors confirmed that it is IEC standard verified. The portable layout of the machine confirms that it is easy to manage.
  • The overall design of the machine is highly durable and efficient.
  • The motor can easily convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy without losing a large amount of energy.
  • Custom features also exist in the motors, such as inserting the features according to your requirements.
  • The external covering of the machine is so hard that the motor can withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • The machine’s outer covering contains iron or aluminum casting that gives a hard lamination.
  • These features give the motors a wide range of board industrial and instrument-level applications.

Finally, the standard size of the motors proves that these are easy to manage, install, portable, safe, and most reliable in operations.

Advantages of IE5 Series Motors

Wholesale GOST Series Motors supplier in China

GOST Series Motor
IE5 Series Motor on wholesale

If you need to buy a massive amount of GOST series motor or looking for a distributor, then Longbank is the right choice that can fulfill your requirements. Our product contains the most advanced features, is affordable, and is most reliable in every environment. The structural composition of the machine is durable and productive, enhancing its needs in industrial production. These motors are primarily designed for a wide range of applications, including developing infrastructures for various industries such as the Pharmaceutical industry, handling materials, production of high amounts of energy, and numerous industrial works.

Longbank has designed its analysis point where you can check the performance of the motor. The analysis spot of the Longbank contains the testing of automation, the hub motor system, and the endurance system of the machine. In addition, our entire products are ISO certified, including GOST series motors, which have many other certifications such as CCC, UE, ROHS, UL, TUV, GS, and many others.

These certificates confirm that the motor contains top-notch components that make it productive and highly efficient. Despite all of these, we also offer product customization features such as inserting your choice’s characteristics in the motor. Just need to deliver the features of your interest, and then our manufacturing team will construct it according to your design.

GOST Series Motor

As the machine contains the most advanced features, then the GOST series motors contain a lot of applications which are mentioned below.:

  • GOST series motors are highly applicable in public places. These general places include inflammable, non-explosive, or corrosive environments.
  • These motors are also significant for working various mechanical instruments without any specific requirement.
  • The instruments which apply to work under GOST series motors include food machinery, agriculture machinery, compressors, mixers, bumps, transportation machinery, and fans.
  • The portable body of the machine is easy to manage and install.
  • The machine’s hard and protective laminated covering provides strong protective insulation and saves it from environmental oxidation, keeping its body fresh.
  • High demand for numerous industrial work and products enhances the overall industry.

These motors require less voltage for their work and produce more energy as the motor uses less energy, the extra energy that can be saved for future usage. You can use it for a long time if you keep your body safe and protected from dust.

Gost Series

The GOST series motors are designed according to the GOST certification of Russia. Then it has the most advanced features that make it applicable in a wide range. Most of its applications are discussed below.

  1. GOST series motors are now in high demand by numerous chemical industries to maximize their productivity in lower energy usage.
  2. If your working site is in any dusting areas, you can use other classes of the GOST series, such as dust ignition-proof motors.
  3. For the maximum efficiency of the machine, you can enhance the overall torque of the machine. For this reason, you may need high-speed motors.
  4. This advanced technique of GOST series motors is now also used in wind turbines to produce electricity.
  5. These machines can be used in ships to work various instruments. These machines contain iron cast, steel motors, and open drip-proof motors.
  6. These motors include flameproof motors, which are functional in explosive areas.
  7. These motors are so productive that they can work at ambient temperatures.
  8. These motors exist in several forms, such as one-phase, two-phase, or three-phase motors.
  9. Another class of this motor is brake motors which are applicable for the stoppage of driven loads at high speed.
  10. Smoke venting motors protect against the accumulation of smoke in your working site.
  11. In the same way, water-cooled motors maintain the temperature and enhance the cooling action of that instrument.

All of these applications of the GOST series motors enhance its demand and make it productive for every type of environment and industrial work.

Classification of GOST Series Motors

660V Motor
  • The flexible functions of IE3 motors enhance their installation in multiple industries.
  • These electric motors can be handled easily.
  • These motors are installed in fans, water pumps, and several types of machinery.
  • The IE3 customized motors can be manufactured on the customer’s demand.
IE3 Series Motors classification
  • These electronic motors can also perform multiple tasks due to their flexible nature.
  • The marvelous features of this motor are available in specific ranges, including accessories.
Motors for Range of Temperature
  • These electric motors are designed to perform their task in a high-temperature range (-55 ֯C to 90 ֯C).
  • These motors are designed to work for the mining and extraction of wood.
  • The high-temperature needs of food industries are fulfilled via high-temperature motors.
  • The stainless-steel body of this motor aids in corrosion resistance.
  • The rust-proof materials are embedded to design the internal structures of the motor, like the shaft and rotor.
  • The greasing of the nipple and other accessories maintains the smooth functioning of this motor.
Synchronous Reluctance Motors (IE5)
  • The hybrid category of magnet-free and environment-friendly motors is synchronous reluctance motors.
  • The enormous efficiency of these motors is attributed to their compact body structure.
  • The precise performance of this motor is due to its efficiency at low temperatures.
  • These electric motors own all the standards of IE5.
Food Safe Motor
  • These motors are functional in industries requiring hygiene (food industries).
  • The motor’s body is composed of stainless steel, making it corrosion-free.
  • This motor is easy to handle and clean.
  • The internal protection of this motor helps to function in high temperatures and pressure.
  • The motor’s windings are protected by covering, which helps it work in a humid environment.
660V Motor
  • The precise speed of this motor helps in controlling the working of this motor.
  • The presence of air or some liquid aid in controlling the temperature of this motor by generating cooling effects.
  • A minimum speed of 100-850 r/min is required to perform its action.
Motors for Explosive Atmospheres
  • These motors are appropriate for performing their function in environments comprising volatile components.
  • These motors have adopted all the certifications of IEC.
High Dynamic Performance Motors
  • Compared to DC motors, these motors need AC (alternating current) to start their mode of action.
  • Initially, these motors need little torque as an input.
  • These motors are designed to carry out their function in rough conditions.
Water Cooled Motors
  • Longbank is now designing water-cooled motors to expel the heat of motors. These motors can work even at high temperatures.
  • Little speed as input is needed to start its function.
  • These motors are commonly installed in wind turbines, printing presses, water pumps, etc.
2 pole motor

As the name indicates, these motors are designed to complete all the tasks of a ship, including running equipment (which further comprises fans, compressors, water, and hydraulic pumps) and managing the cargo (loading and unloading). These electric motors require nominal input voltage, distinguishing Longbank’s low-voltage marine motor from other marine motors.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop GOST Series Motors Solution in China

Longbank has been manufacturing the GOST Series Motors since 1972. Its 50 years of excellence have proved that it is an excellent product. Its products are ISO certified and have many other certifications such as GS, UL, CE, CCC, ROHS, IS09001-2008, and many others.

All of these authentications confirm the proficiency of the brand. The motors have IEC verified standards and also have their analysis spot. Its analyzing point includes the testing of automation, the hub system of the motor, and the testng endurance of the machine. Our industry has also owned machine parts that you can use later.

  • “GOST series motors of Longbank are highly efficient and more productive for industrial work. The motor contains premium parts that make it durable and portable. Thanks to Longbank!”


  • “I have been buying the motors from Longbank for several years and am satisfied with its service. It consumes less voltage and yields maximum output. Thanks to Longbank!”

  • “Longbank delivers professional products to entire regions. Its working proficiency is so excellent that it has paved its competitors. Thanks to Longbank!”

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