Top IE3 Series Motors Manufacturer in China

Longbank is an excellent brand in China that manufactures the IE3 Series motors at a large scale each year. The exceptional features in the motor, such as durability and capability, make this product unique.

  • Affordable and easy to install and manage
  • Flexibility in body features such as can be adjusted according to your need.
  • High conversion rate with less input
  • Resistive body against the harsh environment
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Custom IE3 Series Motors

Longbank manufactures the IE3 Series Motors with productive features that need less input. The device consumes less voltage and yields a high-efficiency rate. IE3 Series Motor is widely used to enhance productivity in numerous industries such as mining, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, and other processing units. At the Longbank platform, you can get many other beneficial products according to your need.

Longbank fabricates the massive production of IE3 Series Motors each year for its customers. Excellent features in the device, such as its lightweight and high-efficiency rate, make it highly productive for any industry. Longbank facilitates its customers through the presence of customizable features in the machine. You can install the desired features in the product. You just need to contact the company about your need, and later the company will design the product according to your requirements.

ie3 motor

IE3 motors show the maximum production rate for any industry and meet the IEC criteria. This motor consumes less energy and enhances the efficiency rate. It is three-phase asynchronous motor.

ie4 motor

IE4 motors are highly proficient and designed with resistive features. Due to the exceeding characteristics of the IE3 motor, this device generates more energy. Highly productive for several industrial work.


IE5 motors contain excellent features according to the need of the time. The maximum productivity of devices other than IE3 and IE4 enhances its demand in the market.

Explosion Proof Motor

Explosion-proof motors of Longbank contain exceptional features such as internal combustion. This feature protects the product from various Perilous conditions.

GOST Series Motor

Longbank has also manufactured a motor that meets the Russian GOST certification criteria. This electric motor also contains various unique features.

DC Motor

Longbank manufactures DC motors that work on direct current. t The motor’s body design is exceptional and has a wide range of applications. 

Why Choose Longbank IE3 Series Motors

High-Efficiency Rate
High-Efficiency Rate

Langbank manufactures high-quality IE3 motors. All of its construction materials are of a high standard. Their quality assurance can be checked by its ISO certification, such as ISO 9001 and many other certifications.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Langbank manufactures high-quality IE3 motors. All of its construction materials are of a high standard. Their quality assurance can be checked by its ISO certification, such as ISO 9001 and many other certifications.

Feature Optimization
Feature Optimization

Longbank does not compromise on feature optimization of their devices, including IE3 series motors. This device contains numerous optimum features, such as being durable, portable, and light in weight.

Protective Insulation
Protective Insulation

The outer covering of the machine contains casting of iron and aluminum that protect it from environmental oxidation or corrosion. This protective insulation is a strong yield against environmental hazards.

What Is IE3 Series Motors?

The working of IE3 series motors is mainly based on the principle of electromagnetism. For the machine’s excellent performance, the device must acquire less input voltage and be approved by IEC. Due to this feature, this machine is known as the IE3 series motor. The cylindrical body of the machine contains an outer covering of Steel. The protective shield of aluminum or iron is present on the entire surface of the machine, which protects it from environmental effects and keeps it resistive.

One of its body structures, such as the rotor, is correctly installed in the device, improving the machine’s rotation. Due to the reliability and ease of management, IE3 series motors are broadly used at industrial and commercial levels. The robust features of this device make it prominent among all. Primarily used in the mining, pharmaceutical, steel, and textile industries.

What Is IE4 Series Motors
Construction and Structure of IE5 Series Motors

Construction and Structure of IE3 Series Motors

The prominent structure of the IE3 series motor makes it IEC certified and an excellent product of Longbank. This low-voltage motor contains the following constructive elements.

The rotor

The rotor is the rotatory part of the machine that gives mechanical support to the device. Sometimes rotor is also known as an armature that centrifuges the machine at an optimum rate. As the current flows by the device, it interacts with its magnetic field, leading to the shaft’s rotation. The magnets which are present in the Stator can be temporary or permanent.

The Stator

The machine’s Stator contains small silicone sheets, electromagnetic wires, and resistive paint. The Stator of the device is its core component that may have windings or a permanent magnet. Small silicone sheets in Stator protect the energy loss and make it protective. These embedded sheets in Stator are known as laminations.

The bearings

Bearings of the device on its support the shaft and ensure the proper lubrication of oil film when the motor performs its function. The machine’s bearings improve its service life and make it reliable for several positions. Bearings also keep a specific distance between the Stator and rotor of the device. For holding the load, bearings also contain the shaft. As the shaft is outside the machine’s body, it is also known as overhung.

The windings

The Windings are the circular parts outside the poles or Stator of the device. As the current starts flowing through the magnet, it will produce a magnetic field. The structural configuration of the winding can be salient or non-salient. Most devices contain temperature-measuring instruments on the stator windings.

The air gap

The air gap that will be discussed here is the gap between the rotor and the Stator. This gap plays an integral role in the proper functioning of the machine. Such as, if the gap between the rotor and Stator becomes large, the device’s magnetic field may reduce and lead to low efficiency. Conversely, if the gap between the Stator and the router reduces significantly, it can produce friction that may lead to noise and energy crises.

The commutator

The commutator is an electrical switch between the external circuit and the Stator. Its primary function is to reverse the nature of directional current, such as from AC into DC. Structurally this part is composed of copper wires and leads to the unidirectional current.

Here all those parts described above are present in the IE3 series motor. These parts are externally closed with a cover to protect them from environmental conditions.

Features of IE3 Series Motors

IE3 Series motors contain various robust features, which are mentioned below:

  • The machine’s body contains a cast of iron that makes it resistant to environmental stress and enhances its functionality.
  • The usage of Aluminum in the fabrication of the device makes it durable, lightweight, and easy to manage.
  • This machine represents the IP55 standard, such as waterproof or hydrophobic.
  • The body surface contains the paint of the C3 mechanism that protects the machine from environmental oxidation and keeps its surface protected.
  • Custom rotors are adjusted in the device for load-lifting purposes, such as maximum rotors for high-weight lifting.
  • The stator of the device exists in gamma or V-shape.
  • The grease collector is primarily installed in large and high-powered motors.
  • The shafts of the device are customizable with the winding feature. You can adjust it affording to your need.
  • Various other features are also installed in the IE3 Series motors.
  • IE3 Series motors contain small sensors but perform at the maximum rate.
  • The device can bear the temperature at an optimum range of -55C to 90C.
  • A feasible method for the usage of motors is processing the performance of motors.
  • Other inclusive features include customizable wire ends, non-drive ends, and completely sealed.
  • These features confirm that these applications are mainly used at an industrial level.
  • IE3 Series motors contain advanced cooling mechanisms such as IC411 and IC416.
  • The installation methods present in the device are IMB3, IMB35, IMV1, IMV5, and many others.
  • The rated voltage of IE3 Series motors can be adjusted in different ranges, such as 380V, 660V, or 1140V.
  • The rated frequency of the device can be 50Hz to 60Hz.
  • IE3 series motors represents the revolution of 3000 r/min.
Advantages of IE5 Series Motors

Wholesale IE3 Series Motors supplier in China

ie3 motor
IE5 Series Motor on wholesale

Longbank is a trustworthy platform for all the products related to IE3Series Motors. This company has been working as the best-exporting company in China to the whole world. All our products contain the most advanced features that make us unique. The main prime features present in a motor are the most durability, accuracy in performance, resistive coating against the environment, ease of management, and maximum efficiency rate. The motor is designed for various industrial infrastructures, mining, and numerous machines.

Longbank ensures the best quality components and features in its products. We have our platform for testing and analyzing machine automation and endurance at the hub motor system. The products manufactured at Longbank are ISO certified with ISO9001, including IE3 Series motors. In addition, Longbank has also got many other certifications, such as UL, CCC, ROHS, CE, GS, and TUV. All of these certifications authenticate that the products contain premium features. Longbank also offers product customization. You share the requirements, and then our professional team will fabricate the product as you need.

IE3 IE Series motors

IE3 Series motors are the significant innovations that have revolutionized the world into a new era. The highly efficient IE3 motor series minimizes the energy gain by 10 to 40%. These innovative products can be trailblazing and futuristic if you use them appropriately. For this reason, IE3 Series Motors has great importance.

  • These devices express a high conversion rate, such as consuming less energy and yielding maximum output.
  • IE3 Series motors come in various voltage, sizes, and custom shapes with a flexible layout that you can adjust.
  • This Three-phase asynchronous motor contains the most advanced electromagnetic technology.
  • The entire body layout is designed with manufacturing technology for domestic and industrial needs.
  • This industrially important product has a high-efficiency rate and maximum density of power.
  • In addition, various features include a compact body, lightweight, small size, negotiable noise on working, and ease of management.
  • The iron body with aluminum coating protects the motor from environmental effects and provides protective insulation.
  • For greater efficiency, the motor needs a minimum voltage, such as 380V to 660V.
  • On the other side, the overall output will be more than 100KW.
  • Such low voltage motors can save your energy up to 18 to 160 terawatts each year and massive carbon dioxide in their whole life.
  • All of the motors of IE3 Series are affordable.

All IE3 series motors consume less energy so you can save the extra power for future usage. These highly optimized and prime-featured products must be installed in all industries to enhance production. Minor improvements in any industry can improve overall productivity at a large scale.

Applications of ie5 series Motors

Due to the presence of trailblazing features,  IE3 series motors are primarily used in many industries. Most of them are mentioned below:

  • Chemical industries are now using it for maximum productivity and efficiency.
  • You can install ignition-proof motors in ignition areas to protect against the risk of burning.
  • You need to install a device with maximum torque for maximum productivity. For this reason, you must install a high-speed motor.
  • These motors are also used in wind turbines to produce electricity from the air.
  • Various types of motors are also used in ships for several purposes, such as aluminum, iron, casting Steel, and drip-proof motors.
  • Flameproof waters can also be installed in areas with that chance of Flaming.
  • Numerous devices can also be used inflexibly or in ambient temperatures.
  • These motors are almost present in phases, such as single, double, or triple.
  • Brake motors have great significance in stopping the driving load at maximum speed.
  • Smoke venting motors also have an extraordinary significance in areas with the risk of smoke accumulation.
  • Water cooled motor can be used in that instrument where you need cooling action.
  • These motors are also widely used in many industries, such as coal mining, metallurgy, the Pharmaceutical industry, crushers, and mechanical processing.
  • However, this machinery is also essential in various instruments such as compressors, internal mixers, belt conveyors, conveyors, water pumps, blowers, and numerous mechanical processing equipment.

Classification of IE3 Series Motors

660V Motor
  • Easy to operate and handle
  • Highly in demand on an industrial scale
  • Proficient at working with many electrical devices like fans and pumps
  • Very unique in its design, but there is flexibility too in its structure according to the customer’s demand
IE3 Series Motors classification
  • Each motor is unique in its action, with variations occurring according to the assigned task.
  • These induction motors provide a range of features and many supplements or accessories.
Motors for Range of Temperature
  • A wide range of temperature bearing property is found in it (temperature range is -55°C to 90°C)
  • Highly in demand in the various industrial fields like the wood industry and metal extraction
  • In many plants, like food-producing stuff, these motors are extensively used to provide a temperature range for different processes.
  • Rust-proof material (i.e., stainless steel) is used to manufacture these motors, making them proficient in their work.
  • Rust-proof composition is also found in the rotor and shaft manufacturing material.
  • To maintain the efficiency of these motors, regular greasing of the nipple and other parts is mandatory.
Synchronous Reluctance Motors (IE5)
  • These motors are the best combination of eco-friendly and magnet-free simple motors.
  • IE5 motors possessing a compact structure are highly efficient.
  • These IE5-verified motors can perform their action at reduced temperatures with precise structure.
Food Safe Motor
  • These motors are more common in food industries where hygiene is highly observed.
  • The body of the motor is composed of stainless steel.
  • The body material induces corrosion-free character along with ease of cleaning the motors.
  • The construction of such motors is exact, which protects at elevated temperatures and pressure.
  • The enclosed windings of the food safety motors are adequately surrounded by a covering that ensures their smooth working in a humid environment.
660V Motor
  • The accuracy of such motors is due to their speed.
  • Some liquid or air controls the average temperature of the permanent magnet motors.
  • 100-850 r/min is the minimum speed of this motor.
Motors for Explosive Atmospheres
  • These low-voltage motors are appropriate for explosive atmospheres due to the intermixing of flammable gases, vapors, or sometimes dust with the air, lowering the motors’ efficiency.
  • This motor has passed multiple verifications.
  • Such motors are available in varying potentials.
High Dynamic Performance Motors
  • These AC-type motors require little torque to initiate their work.
  • These motors are distinctively fitted for rough conditions. 
  • Commonly installed in heavy machines like cranes and test benches. 
  • Its functioning is controlled in certain aspects, including its rotation in many degrees.
Water Cooled Motors
    • The main advantage of fitting water-cooled motors is to pass out the heat from working motors.
    • Requires minimum speed to generate cooling effects.
    • Wind turbines, water pumps, and printing presses are installed with these motors to maintain the temperature.
    • Some fluid like water or glycol is inserted inside the body that flows in the cooling channels, thus helping transfer the heat away from the motor. 
    • However, air can be used as an alternative to fluids to generate a cooling effect. 
2 pole motor
  • These motors are designed in such a way that they can perform all sorts of functions of a ship where the motor is required.
  • Frequently used for fans, water pumps, compressors, and automated cargo handling.
  • The body of marine motors is designed to resist the attack of a humid environment. 
One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop IE3 Series Motors Solution in China

Longbank has been fabricating multiple varieties of IE3 motors to serve humanity since 1972. This company has passed various certifications, including ISO90001-2008, ROHS, CE, UL, TUV, and many others, indicating our motors’ higher productivity. Our brand also manufactures motor parts along with a motor testing system.

  • “Really thankful to Longbank for introducing the highly efficient IE3 motors. Since its launch, I have been buying electronics, particularly motors.”


  • “The reason for purchasing the motors from Longbank lies behind the manufacturing of highly productive motors that have passed all certifications. The huge potential of IE3 series motors can replace all other ordinary motors.”

  • “IE3 series motors need little input to initiate their working, making them highly preferable to minimize the electricity budgets. Thanks to Longbank!”

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