IE4 Series Motors Manufacturer in China

Longbank manufacturers are IE4 series motor which is designed most wonderfully. This device is easy to manage and install.

IE4 motor is widely used in numerous machine tools, compressors, fans, transportation machinery, and general mechanical equipment. All of these instruments work professionally under IE4 series motors. These motors can efficiently perform their action in any harsh environment with the most optimized features such as slight vibration during working and environmentally friendly working. This motor is also available in mechanical equipment and contains various custom features you can change according to your interest.

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Custom IE4 Series Motors

Longbank manufactures the IE4 series motors, whose professional design requires less voltage for its working and produces more energy in output. The primary purpose of this device is to consume less voltage. This device is significant in various industries, such as pharmaceutical industries, for developing infrastructure of various industries, in numerous buildings or ships, and on a commercial scale.

Longbank prepare the IE4 series motor with top-notch qualities that maximize the overall efficiency of any industry. On the platform of Longbank, you can also get many other highly efficient products in their work. Custom features also exist in the device. You need to give detailed instructions for your product, and our professional team will manufacture it according to your specifications.

ie3 motor

IE3 motors are highly efficient, saving large-scale energy and meeting the IEC criteria. These mototrs use less energy for its working.

ie4 motor

IE4 series motors are highly proficient motors that provide the maximum output energy and exceed the efficiency of IE3 motors.


IE5 motors are the most professional motors that exceed in efficiency from IE3 and IE4 and are highly productive.

Explosion Proof Motor

Longbank manufactures explosion-proof motors on a large scale. These motors are highly applicable in explosive areas and hazardous environments.

GOST Series Motor

GOST series motors are professional devices designed according to the standard of Russian GOST certification. These motors contain advanced features.

DC Motor

DC motors use direct current for their operation. These motors are widely used for heavy applications such as steel mills, textile mills, and other manufacturing industries.

Why Choose Longbank IE4 Series Motors

High-Efficiency Rate
High-Efficiency Rate

The overall working proficiency of IE4 series motors of Longbank is very high. This device requires less voltage for its work and produces more energy as an output. For this reason, this device is widely used in numerous industries.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank ensures the best quality components in the motor. All of the components of IE4 series motors are ISO certified and also got many other certifications that confirm this device’s authentication.

Feature Optimization
Feature Optimization

Longbank manufactures the IE4 series motors, which contain highly optimized features. Such as these motors can work efficiently in harsh environments, have no noise pollution while producing slight vibration while working, are environmentally friendly, easy to manage and install, and light in weight.

Protective Insulation
Protective Insulation

IE4 series motor contains a high class of protective insulation. Such as these devices contain the casting of aluminum or iron on their coating that protects from environmental oxidation and keep it active and fresh for a long time.

What Is IE4 Series Motors?

IE4 series motor is based on the principle of electromagnetism. These motors require less voltage, producing more output, and overall machine components are IEC certified. The machine’s external layout is reliable, containing aluminum casting. This aluminum lamination protects the device from environmental fluctuations and keeps its body fresh.

The device’s rotor is adjusted in the most accurate way that maintains the proper rotation. Due to this proper rotation, the device works most accurately. The IE4 series motors are more reliable and easy to maintain, so they are in high demand for industrial work and numerous commercial operations.

What Is IE4 Series Motors
Construction and Structure of IE5 Series Motors

Construction and Structure of IE4 Series Motors

Longbank manufactures the IE4 series motors, which fulfill all requirements of IEC verification. Therefore these motors are considered the best motors for industrial work. The body structure of IE4 series motors contains the following exceptional components:

The rotor

The rotor is the moving component of the IE4 series motors, which provides the turning force to the motor shaft. Sometimes rotor is also known as the armature of the machine. As the rotor delivers the turning force to the shaft, it provides the mechanical energy. Mainly the conductor’s current is delivered to the magnetic field of the stator, which rotates the shaft of the device. The magnets of the IE4 series motors can be permanent or temporary.

The stator

The stator of the device is mainly composed of magnets or windings, known as the core component of the device. The machine’s stator mainly contains small sheets, which prevents the loss of energy compared to large sheets. These sheets are known as laminations.

The bearings

The bearings of the machine are the supportive structures for the rotating shaft. It keeps the spinning rotor and the stator at a distance. Bearings also carry the motor shaft at a specific place that carries their load. As the shaft is outside the body of the machine, it is also known as the overhung.

The Windings

The windings are the small coils that wound around the magnet’s stator. As the current conducts through these coils, it produces a magnetic field. The overall configuration of the pole windings can be non-salient or salient.

The air gap

The air gap is the non-physical component of the machine, which is the distance between the stator and the rotor. This air gap cannot be neglected because it directly affects the overall efficiency of the IE4 series motor. As the air gap increases, the magnetic field’s strength also reduces the machine’s overall efficiency. However, the highly reduced distance can create friction that may lead to an energy crisis.

The commutator

The commutator is the main component that reverses the unidirectional current of the machine. Such as it changes the direction of current from AC into DC and is mainly manufactured by copper wires. Its primary function is to create the unidirectional current.

These parts described above are premium components not present in an open environment. At the same time, all these are enclosed in a specific box that protects them from environmental fluctuations.

Features of IE4 Series Motors

The IE4 series motors are a professional product and contain the most advanced components, so this motor has many beneficial features. Most of them are described below:

  • Most of the IE4 series motors contain the casting of iron that makes them robust for their function.
  • IE4 series motors contain iron casting, making them reliable, durable, strong, and lightweight.
  • The waterproof function of the motor has IP55 verification that keeps moisture away from its body.
  • To maximize the overall load-lifting capacity of the machine, the number of rotors is increased.
  • The stator of the device can be in gamma shape or V-shaped.
  • Large motors also contain the grease collector.
  • The shape of the shaft and windings can be optimized.
  • IE44 series motors, such as fans, RTD, etc., encode other small accessories.
  • Small sensors also exist in IE4 series motors.
  • These motors can bear temperatures such as minus -55C to 90C.
  • Process performance motors are the easiest method for its usage.
  • The motor contains non-drive ends, customizable wire ends, and tight seals that protect the machine from dust.
  • Due to the existence of a large number of features, these motors are primarily applicable at industrial Levels.
Advantages of IE5 Series Motors

Wholesale IE4 Series Motors supplier in China

IE5 Series Motors
IE5 Series Motor on wholesale

Longbank is the most trusty platform that manufactures the IE4 series motors at a large scale. This brand delivers many motors in entire regions of the world. The product of Longbank are the most reliable and contains advanced features that make them reliable and competitive for their environment. The structural body of the machine contains premium components that make the machine durable and enhances its application in numerous industries. These motors are mainly designed for a wide range of applications, such as for developing infrastructures of various industries, including the Pharmaceutical industry, generation of energy at large scale, building materials, and many other industries.

For the confirmation of the functional analysis of the machine, Longbank has its experimental spot. The experimental spot of Longbank contains the analysis of automation, checking the hub motor system, and testing the endurance system of the machine. All the products of Longbank or ISO certified and also got many other certifications such as ROHS, GS, CCC, CE, UL, TUV, and many others. All of these certifications prove that the motors of Longbank show a high-efficiency rate and contain the most durable body components. Our platform can also customize the product according to your design.

Advantages of ie5 series Motors

IE4 series motors contain the most advanced feature that enhances its advantages, such as these motors can save your energy consumption by 10 to 40%. This energy savage is the most innovative feature in the electronic world. This saved energy can be used in future generations to work many other appliances. You can also enhance the machine’s working life if you keep them most appropriate. For this reason, IE4 series motors have great significance.

  • These IE4 series motors show a high-efficiency rate, such as consuming less voltage and giving more output.
  • These motors are available in variable sizes, shapes, and a broad voltage range.
  • For the machine’s high proficiency, these motors utilize a voltage of about 600 Volts.
  • The overall output of the machine is always greater than 1000 kW.
  • These low-voltage motors can save energy by 18 to 160 terawatts per hour per year.
  • This motor also saved a lot of carbon dioxide for its whole working time.
  • These motors are available cost-effective and affordable.

As these IE4 series motors consume less voltage for their working, the extra energy can be saved for future generations. For the maximum productivity of the motor, you must install it in various industries. Slight improvement in the machine’s overall structure can enhance the overall yield of any industry.

IE4 Product Details

IE4 series motor contains the most advanced feature that enhances its application in various industries. Most of its applications are described below.

  1. Chemical industries are now using these motors to maximize their overall productivity at a meager rate.
  2. Dust ignition-proof motors can be used in dusting areas where the chance of burning.
  3. Maximizing the overall torque of the machine can also enhance the machine’s productivity. For maximum productivity, you can use the high-speed motors.
  4. These IE4 series motors are now also used in wind turbines for the production of electricity at a large scale.
  5. Numerous low-voltage motors can also be used in building ships and working with various equipment. These machines mainly contain iron casting and steel bodies such as drip-proof motors.
  6. You can use flameproof motors if your working site is located in explosive areas.
  7. These motors can also work under ambient temperature.
  8. Brake motors of IE4 series motors are mainly used for the sudden stoppage of driven loads.
  9. Smoke venting motors prevents the accumulation of smoke at their working site.
  10. In the same way, water-cooled motors can lead to the cooling action of an instrument.

Classification of IE4 Series Motors

660V Motor
  • Easy to maintain
  • Mainly used for industrial work
  • Easily fit in many types of machinery fans and pumps
  • Designed with various specifications but custom features also exist in it
IE3 Series Motors classification
  • Specific for numerous work and custom features also exist
  • Many other features also exist according to the accessories of the machine.
Motors for Range of Temperature
  • These motors can work in a wide range of temperatures, such as -55C to 90C
  • These motors are primarily used in the wood industry and for the extraction of metals.
  • Food industries also use these motors for different processes at high temperatures.
  • These motors contain stainless steel that protects them from environmental oxidation.
  • The machine’s rotor also contains resistive material that protects it from environmental effects.
  • The nipple and remaining parts of the machine are also re-greased regularly.
Synchronous Reluctance Motors (IE5)
  • This motor is a hybrid of magnet free simple, and environmentally friendly motors.
  • This motor contains a compact body with a high conversion rate
  • These motors show high precision with low bearings and reduce the temperature with IEC verification.
Food Safe Motor
  • Food-safe motors are used in hygienic environments such as industrial areas.
  • Its body contains stainless steel
  • The motor of the machine is corrosion free and easy to maintain
  • Motor gained protection at high temperatures and pressure
  • The windings of the machine are enclosed in the proper way that gets protection from a wet environment
660V Motor
  • These motors are proficient in maximum speed
  • These motors also show the cooling mechanism by liquid or air
  • The minimum rotatory speed of permanent magnet motors are 100 to 850 rotation per minute
Motors for Explosive Atmospheres
  • These IEC low-voltage motors quickly work in a hazardous environment
  • These motors also have got many other certifications
High Dynamic Performance Motors
  • AC motors require little torque. It’s working
  • Shows high proficiency in rough conditions
Water Cooled Motors
  • Highly efficient motors that transfer heat from motors
  • These machines acquired a minimum torque for their cooling functionality
  • These motors are used in water pumps, printing presses, and wind turbines
2 pole motor

These low-voltage motors are mainly used for several tasks, including running equipment in ships, loading or unloading cargo, fans, pumping waters, hydraulic pumps, and compressors.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop IE4 Series Motors Solution in China

Longbank has been exporting the IE4 series motors since 1972 to the entire world. This brand has many certifications due to its working proficiency, such as ISO certification and many others, including ROHS, GS, CCC, UL, CE, TUV, and many others. These authentications confirm that the motors contain premium-quality components and show high efficiency. This brand also has its analysis spot where you can test the working proficiency of the machine. Our factory also gives custom features. You can insert the features according to your choice.

  • “We are buying the IE4 series motors and many other products from Longbank. This brand has always provided me with a good product that enhances the overall productivity of my industry. Thanks to Longbank!”


  • “IE4 series motors of Longbank contain most custom features that I have adjusted as I need. The machine’s portable and reliable layout made it easy for me in its entire work. Thanks to Longbank!”

  • “Longbank delivers quality products, including the IE4 series motors. This environmentally friendly motor saves a maximum amount of energy for future generations. Thanks to Longbank!”

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