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Longbank is a top-notch brand that introduced the IE5 Series motors in the market, enhancing any industry’s overall performance. This brand exports this IEC-verified motor to the entire world. The IEC standard of the motor confirms that its body contains premium components with durability and reliability in its performance.

  • This machine is cost-effective and easy to manage.
  • You can also change the customizable features of the motor according to your choice.
  • This motor consumes less voltage for its working and shows a high-efficiency rate.
  • High conversion rates, such as machines, can maximize the overall productivity of any industry.
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IE5 Series Motors

Longbank has manufactured the IE5 series motor, which needs less voltage, such as less input for its working and, as output, produces more energy. Thus this product saves energy in massive quantity. In comparison with the other motors of other companies, this motor yields maximum energy and consumes less voltage. Therefore IE5 series motor is widely used in various applications, such as building ships, developing the infrastructures of various industries, such as the Pharmaceutical industry, at a commercial scale, and also used in numerous industries for a wide range.

Longbank has developed the IE5 series motors, enhancing the overall productivity of many industries. On this platform, many other products show maximum work efficiency. Our platform also offers the customization of products, such as changing the machine’s body layout according to your desire or inserting your company’s logo. That means you can insert customizable features according to your choice. Just inform us about your specifications; our professional team will manufacture it as mentioned.

ie3 motor

IE3 motors are proficient devices who’s saved energy at a large scale and meet the IEC standard in their structural composition and body function. The body layout of the machine is portable and reliable.

ie4 motor

IE4 motor contains premium body components that make the device durable. The high-efficiency rate of machine maximize the productivity of any industry and efficiently perform in any harsh environment.


IE5 motors are energy-saving motors that express the maximum conversion rate and consume less voltage. This motor has surpassed its efficiency from I E3 and IE4 motors.

Explosion Proof Motor

Explosion-proof motors contain an excellent technique for preventing the device from ignition or high temperature during work. The inflammable enclosure of the machine protects the body components from explosive gas and maximizes productivity.

GOST Series Motor

The GOST series motor is designed according to the GOST Russian certificate. This electric motor has numerous applications for developing infrastructures and is also used in various instruments. The body layout of the machine is portable and easy to manage.

DC Motor

DC motor utilizes the direct current in its working proficiency. This motor contains optimized features and has various industrial applications, primarily used for gaining massive energy in textile mills, steel mills, and many other manufacturing industries.

Why Choose Longbank IE5 Series Motors

High-Efficiency Rate
High-Efficiency Rate

Longbank manufactures the IE5 series motors, which have a high-efficiency rate. These motors require less voltage in its performance and produce more energy in return. For this reason, these motors have a wide range of applications in various industries.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank does not compromise on the quality of its product, such as all the components of IE5 series motors containing premium quality components with the IEC standard. For this reason, Longbank has got many other certifications, such as ISO9001-2008, CCC, 3C, TUV, UL, GPS, UL, and many others.

Feature Optimization
Feature Optimization

For the maximum productivity of the machine, the motor contains optimized features that make it reliable to work in any environment. Its optimized features include environmental friendly such as no air pollution, no noise pollution while producing slight vibration while working, and being lightweight.

Protective Insulation
Protective Insulation

The protection of the machine is gained by casting aluminum or iron on the machine. This rugged material makes the machine resistant to environmental challenges and protects it from corrosion. This body protection extends the working lifespan of the machine.

What Is IE5 Series Motors?

IE5 series motors work on the principle of electromagnetism. For more productivity, this motor consumes less voltage and also have IEC standard. For this reason, this motor is known as the IE5 series motor. The machine’s body is cylindrical, while the outer part is covered by resistive steel material. Iron casting is also present around the device, which protects it from environmental fluctuations and keeps its body active.

While working IE5 series motors, the device’s rotor is adjusted appropriately to improve the machine’s rotation. Due to its structural layout and performance, this machine has a wide range of applications at both industrial and commercial scales and requires little intention in its management and installation.

What is IE5 Series Motors
Construction and Structure of IE5 Series Motors

Construction and Structure of IE5 Series Motors

As the IE5 series motors are the criteria of IEC standard, it is considered the best product of Longbank. This product contains premium components, which are the following.

The rotor

The rotor is also known as the armature of the device, which is the moving component of any machine. This component gives the tar touching and delivers mechanical energy. As the current conduct through the conductor, it reaches the Staters magnetic field that rotates the shaft. Magnets of the stator can be temporary or permanent.

The stator

The stator is the core component of the IE5 series motor, which contains the windings or permanent magnets. This part of the machine contains small metal sheets instead of large sheets, two a word the loss of energy. These small sheets are also known as laminations.

The bearings

The bearings are the sporty structure for the stator or rotating shaft. It keeps an appropriate distance between the stator and the rotor. The bearings also sport the rotor that carries the heavy load. This shaft is located outside the motors, also known as the overhung.

The windings

The windings are also known as the small coils located on the poles, such as the stator of the magnet. As the current passes through these coils, the device’s stator starts to produce a magnetic field. The configuration of the windings can be salient or non-salient.

The air gap

The air gap is the machine’s non-physical component, which is the distance between the stator and the machine’s rotor. This gap directly impacts the overall efficiency of the machine. As the gap increases, then the magnetizing ability of the machine also reduces. At the same time, if the distance reduces at a large, it can produce friction that can reduce the machine’s overall efficiency. For this reason, optimum distance is required for the maximum conversion rate.

The commutator

The commutator of the device aired in the production of a unidirectional current. Its main function is to change the direction of current from alternating current to direct current that comes from the external circuit. Thus this component reverts the overall direction of the current.

All of the components mentioned above of the device are not present openly while enclosed in any enclosure. This protective shield protects the components from environmental effects and keeps the body durable.

Features of IE5 Series Motors

Longbank manufactures the IE5 series motors, which contain premium body components. Therefore this device possesses a lot of premium features. Most of them are described below.

  • The body of the motor mainly contains a casting of aluminum or iron that give them robotic feature and make its function suitable and reliable for various industries.
  • The aluminum casting makes the device light in weight, durable, and portable for its owners.
  • These motors possess IP55 protection put on moisture, making them waterproof motors.
  • The C3 paint system protects the device from environmental oxidation.
  • Maximizing the number of rotors in the machine can enhance the load-lifting capability of any motor.
  • The stator of the device exists in variable shapes such as gamma or V-shaped.
  • Usually, large motors contain grease collectors also
  • The shaft and winding shapes can also be optimized
  • These low-voltage motors are also applicable in various other instruments such as fans, RTDS, and encoders
  • These motors also possess the small sensors
  • IE5 series motors again beer a wide range of temperatures such as -55C to 90C
  • The comfortable way for its working is process performance motors
  • Custom body parts also exist, such as non-drive and customizable cable ends, and the machine’s overall body is tightly sealed, protecting the body parts from environmental dust.
  • These motors are primarily operated at the industrial level.
Advantages of IE5 Series Motors

Wholesale IE5 Series Motors supplier in China

IE5 Series Motors
IE5 Series Motor on wholesale

Longbank exports a considerable quantity of IE5 series motors worldwide per annum. Its optimum daily budget for exporting general motors is about 50,000. This number is only gained due to optimized features and premium body components. Due to these reasons, this motor has a wide range of applications, such as manufacturing for producing massive amounts of energy, developing the infrastructures of various industries, handling materials, and being used at the instrumental level.

This brand has its analysis point to ensure the machine’s overall activity. This point includes testing automation, the machine’s hub motor system, and checking the endurance system of the machine. All of the products of Longbank, including IE5 series motors, have many certifications such as ISO9001-2008, TUV, CCC, 3C, GPS, UL, and many others. These certifications confirm that the products of Longbank show maximum efficiency rates and are the most reliable. Our platform also offers the customizing features of the product. You need to mention your specifications, and our manufacturing team will design it according to your interest.

Advantages of ie5 series Motors

Low voltage motors such as IE5 series motors save energy by 10 to 40% from their overall consumption. This saved energy can be used for the working of future generations. If you properly use this machine, you can extend its working span. This device also possesses many other significant advantages, which are discussed below.

  • The overall working of the machine shows a high-efficiency rate that needs less voltage in its working and, in return, produces more output.
  • Motor motors have flexible body layout features such as variable sizes, custom shapes, and a wide voltage range.
  • For the optimum working of the machine, it requires a minimum voltage of 600 Volt.
  • The overall productivity of the machine exceeds 1000 kilowatts.
  • The overall working of the machine can save energy by 18 to 160 terawatts per hour per year.
  • The operation of the machine can also save a massive quantity of carbon dioxide.
  • These motors are affordable and cost-effective.

This work is based on low voltage, so the extra energy can be saved for future generations. This motor also contains optimized features that can enhance the overall productivity of an industry. Slight improvement in the machine’s overall structure can lead to high performance with maximum output.

Applications of ie5 series Motors

IE5 series motors contain the most advanced and premium quality components. These optimized features of the motor enhance its application at an industrial scale. Most of its applications are also listed below.

  • Chemical industries now use the IE5 series motors to maximize overall productivity.
  • If your working site is in dusty areas with a chance of burning, you can use the dust ignition-proof motors.
  • The overall efficiency of any machine can be enhanced by increasing the talk of that machine. For this reason, you can use the high-speed motors.
  • Wind turbines are also using IE5 series motors for the production of electricity from wind.
  • Various equipment on a ship is also using IE5 series motors for their work. The casting of aluminum and its light weight has made people manage efficiently.
  • Flame-proof motors work more efficiently in flammable areas
  • These motors can work in ambient temperature
  • IE5 series motors exist in different phases, such as one-phase, two-phase, or three-phase motors
  • The role of brake motors is to stop the machine’s sudden loading or certain speed.
  • Smoke venting motors prevent the accumulation of smoke in your working site.
  • In the same way, water-cooled motors can lead to cooling action at your working site or for your instrument.

Classification of IE5 Series Motors

660V Motor
  • These motors are easy to manage and install
  • Mostly applicable for industrial level
  • Maximizing the overall productivity of industries and also used in numerous instruments such as pumps, fans, and many other missionaries
  • Custom features also exist in the device that you can change according to your interest.
IE3 Series Motors classification
  • These motors are static bit custom features
  • The modes of its body function vary along with the accessories present with the device.
Motors for Range of Temperature
  • These motors can work in a wide range of temperatures, such as -55C to 90C
  • Primarily applicable in the wood industry and for the extraction of oil
  • Various food industries are now using these motors for processing at high temperature
  • The stainless structure of the machine protects from environmental fluctuations
  • The stator and the rotor of the machine contain a rustproof structure
  • The nipple and many other parts of the machine are regressed regularly
Synchronous Reluctance Motors (IE5)
  • These motors exist in the hybrid form of magnet-free and environmentally friendly motors.
  • Expresses high conversion rate weight compact body
  • Highly verified body with reduced temperature in its working and contains low bearing with the IEC verification
Food Safe Motor
  • These motors efficiently work in harsh environments
  • The body is composed of resistive material such as stainless steel
  • A motor can exist effortlessly inclusive environment and easy to can lean
  • Motor efficiently work at high temperature and pressure
  • The windings of the machine are closed in an appropriate way that protects the machine from moisture or a wet environment
660V Motor
  • These motors are more efficient in terms of speed
  • Any liquid or air can quickly cool the body temperature of the machine.
  • The minimum rotation speed of the machine is 100 to 850 rotations per minute.
Motors for Explosive Atmospheres
  • These motors can work efficiently even in severe conditions of the environment.
  • These motors have got many other certifications that confirm their authentication.
High Dynamic Performance Motors
  • These dynamic motors contain alternating currents and require little torque.
  • These motors can efficiently work optimally, even in any harsh environment.
Water Cooled Motors
  • These motors keep the temperature of other motors at an optimum rate
  • It requires little speed for the cooling action
  • Primarily applicable in a printing press, water pumps, and in winter binds for the production of electricity
2 pole motor

These motors are primarily used in marine water for different categories such as running equipment, loading, and unloading of cargo, working of fans, compressors, mixers, hydraulic pumps, etc

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop IE5 Series Motors Solution in China

Longbank has been manufacturing the IE5 series motors since 1972. this brand has been serving humankind for more than 50 years. This brand delivers a quality product to entire significant regions of the world. All of the products of this platform contain premium quality features and also got many certifications such as ISO9001-2008, GS, TUV, CCC, 3C, UL, and many others. All of these certifications confirmed the high conversion rate of the machine.

Longbank has its testing panel for checking the working proficiency of the machine. Our platform also offers custom features, such as inserting the specifications according to your need. You need to tell us your desired features and our manufacturing team will prepare them according to your interest.

  • “I have bought many products from Longbank and now the IE5 series motor. As in my previous experience, I got the same result that the motor has enhanced the output of my industry. Thanks to Longbank!”


  • “Longbank delivers quality products to all regions of the world. Its products require less input and produce more output. Thanks to Longbank!”

  • “Longbank is the trusted brand food manufacturer of the IE5 series motors on a large scale. These motors produce more energy than other motors of the same niche. Thanks to Longbank!”

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