Professional Shaded-Pole Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is your expert shaded-pole motor manufacturer and producer in China. We have over 22 years of manufacturing experience. At Longbank, you can select the most outstanding shaded-pole motor that is suitable for your applications.

Longbank is your one-stop shaded-pole motor solution in China!

Shaded-Pole Motor

If a shaded-pole motor is your concern, Longbank is your ultimate solution! We offer a wide range of models of the shaded-pole motor. As an expert manufacturer, we can produce an exceptional and excellent shaded-pole motor. We engage to provide satisfying and superior services for every customer. We are working with professional and well-trained personnel to have a fast and perfect production.

About Longbank Motor

Since 1972 Longbank Motor has engaged in producing and developing series of shaded-pole motor products. As an experienced manufacturer, we can produce more than 50 000 motor sets. We always make sure to provide a unique and durable shaded pole. Together with our professional team and advanced equipment, we do our job professionally and quickly.

We offer competitive rates of shaded-pole motor that is suitable for the customer’s budget. Longbank Motor can skyrocket your business! Please send us your ideal shaded-pole motor now!


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Longbank specializes in designing and manufacturing shaded-pole motors. You can find an ideal shaded-pole motor at Longbank. We offer a very reasonable price for our shaded-pole motor. As a professional manufacturer, we are proud to represent our shaded-pole motor nationwide. You can guarantee that Longbank can support small and large shaded-pole motors orders to support customer’s business.

We implement strict quality control on every shaded-pole motors product to ensure durability and sustainability for a long time.

More About Longbank Outer Rotor Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Shaded-Pole Motor

Longbank is a professional and reliable shaded-pole manufacturer in China. We focus on supplying a comprehensive range of motor sets. Whether you need a shaded-pole motor for your business, Longbak is the right place for you. We can produce a high-end shaded-pole motor with stable performance.

Longbank shaded-pole motor has a simple working principle. Moreover. The shaded-pole motor is an economical and reliable device. We manufacture a shaded-pole motor that is suitable for driving fans applications. It is made of solid and superior materials. We make sure each component of the shaded-pole motor is in good condition and working.

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting shaded pole motor, you can encounter them at Longbank. We supply plenty of models of the shaded-pole motor. High-performance and affordable price is your assurance.

The applications of Shaded-Pole Motor:

  • Record players
  • Tape recorders
  • Photocopying machines
  •  Exhaust fans
  • Hairdryers
  • Table fans
  • Cooling fans
  • Refrigerators
  •  Air conditioners
  •  Projectors

Longbank shaded-pole motor has a simple construction but is a serviceable device. It offers a lot of advantages and an extra layer of benefits. This device has the full capability of self-starting. Additionally, the Longbank shaded-pole motor offers a cost-effective solution making them an ideal device in various applications.

Longbank is your solid shaded-pole motor manufacturer and supplier in China. We promise to produce an extraordinary shaded-pole motor and other motors products. Our shaded-pole motor is popular in different appliances and other industries.

If you require a shaded-pole motor, we are your perfect choice. We can give you an excellent and working shaded pole motor that has great characteristics. We are expert in designing, developing, and manufacturing shaded-pole motors.

As an expert shaded-pole motor, we obtain a lot of certificates such as CE, ISO, GS, and 3C certifications. We provide superior services to our old and new customers.

If you are interested in Longbank Shaded-Pole Motor, please send us your inquiries now!

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