Submersible/Immersible Motors

Flow range 1~1200m³/h
Head range 3~75m
Medium temperature ≤40℃
Scope of application Building buildings, hospitals, residential areas, municipal engineering, road traffic and construction, engineering drainage, small sewage treatment, etc
Material Stainless steel

Longbank designed the product in such a distinctive way that they consume less voltage while yielding maximum output compared to conventional motors. Those conventional motors manufactured by other industries consume more energy and give fewer results due to the fewer input requirements. All products of Longbank are exported in worldwide regions in massive quantities. These products have a broad range of applications in several industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, the building of ships, commercial usage, and the development of infrastructure of any industry. Submersible/immersible motors also have a broad range of applications, such as in mixers, for operating industrial wastewater and slurry pumps.

IEC-verified products of Longbank, such as submersible/immersible motors, are manufactured with premium features that enhance any industry’s productivity. Due to extraordinary features, these products are not manufactured elsewhere except in Longbank. The presence of custom features is also a plus point for our clients. You inform us about the custom features you want to insert into the product, and then our professional team will manufacture it according to your needs.


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