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Longbank is a top-notch branch in China and has been an exporting industry since 1972. All of its fabricated products work efficiently, and IEC is approved. The IEC certification of motors confirms that they contain premium parts and are proficient in functioning. Moreover, Longbank keeps the quality of its products at an optimum standard for getting the trust of its clients. Submersible/immersible motors of Longbank are also an example of such products.

  • These are affordable and easy to manage.
  • The presence of custom features in the product makes the client choose the parts of the motor they need
  • These motors require less work input and produce maximum energy or output.
  • The motor’s overall performance proves that it has a high conversion rate.
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Submersible/Immersible Motors

Longbank designed the product in such a distinctive way that they consume less voltage while yielding maximum output compared to conventional motors. Those conventional motors manufactured by other industries consume more energy and give fewer results due to the fewer input requirements. All products of Longbank are exported in worldwide regions in massive quantities. These products have a broad range of applications in several industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, the building of ships, commercial usage, and the development of infrastructure of any industry. Submersible/immersible motors also have a broad range of applications, such as in mixers, for operating industrial wastewater and slurry pumps.

IEC-verified products of Longbank, such as submersible/immersible motors, are manufactured with premium features that enhance any industry’s productivity. Due to extraordinary features, these products are not manufactured elsewhere except in Longbank. The presence of custom features is also a plus point for our clients. You inform us about the custom features you want to insert into the product, and then our professional team will manufacture it according to your needs.

Submersible_Immersible Motor

Submersible (or immersible) motors are designed to work underneath to pull water. It is mostly used in wells, and boreholes.

Crane Motor

Highly proficient crane motors are manufactured for heavy work such as for bridge cranes, gantry cranes, and for many other hoisting types of machinery.

Why Choose Longbank Submersible/Immersible Motors

High-Efficiency Rate
High-Efficiency Rate

Longbank manufactures Submersible/Immersible Motors that show their high-efficiency rate. These motors use less energy and produce maximum output.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank ensures that the components of Submersible/Immersible Motors. All of its parts are of premium quality. It is an ISO-certified brand that works most authentically.

Feature Optimization
Feature Optimization

For the high production rate, we manufacture Submersible/Immersible Motors with unparalleled features such as low noise pollution, environmentally friendly, and light in weight by aluminum.

Protective Insulation
Protective Insulation

The presence of a laminated sheet around the motor act as protective insulation. This casting of aluminum or iron protects the device from environmental effects.

What Is Submersible/Immersible Motors?

Submersible/immersible motors are manufactured based on advanced electromagnetic principles. For the proper working of the machine, they require less energy. Submersible motors work underwater, while immersible work in dry conditions. Due to this season, they are known as submersible/immersible motors. The cylindrical body of the machine with vertical orientation proves that it is easy to manage. The entire body of the device is made up of steel laminated with aluminum that protects the motor from environmental oxidation and makes its performance accurate.

All the body parts of the motor are adjusted accurately, especially the rotor involved in the proper rotation of the machine. Due to its improved feature and easy installation, it is used in numerous industries for commercial and other purposes.

What is SubmersibleImmersible Motors
Construction and Structure of IE5 Series Motors

Construction and Structure of Submersible/Immersible Motors

As Longbank adopts all the standards of IEC, the construction of IEC-verified motors is done by this brand. Submersible/immersible consist of the following parts:

The Rotor:

The other name of the rotor is an armature which is the moving component of the low-voltage motors. It helps in providing torque by transferring the mechanical energy to the shaft. The stator generates the magnetic field, which interacts with the electric field to give the turning effects to the rotor. 

The Stator:

The stator comprises permanent or temporary (consisting of windings) magnets. It is considered a core component of the Submersible / immersible. A single large sheet may induce certain energy losses, which are minimized by inserting multiple small metal sheets. These small sheets are also called laminations. 

The Bearings:

The purpose of inserting bearings inside the motor is to support the moving shaft by maintaining a certain distance between the rotor and the stator. These bearings also support the shaft by keeping it in its place. The shaft of the motor is overhung as it is located outside the body of the motor.

The Windings:

The motor’s stator comprises several small coils termed windings, which surround the magnet’s poles. These magnets generate the magnetic field as the current passes through the windings. The arrangement of the pole winding can be salient or non-salient.

The Air Gap:

The air gap is the non-physical component of the motor and can’t be ignored. It helps in controlling the efficiency of low-voltage motors. The narrow range of this distance is needed because the increased distance may reduce the magnetization of the coils. Likewise, the highly reduced distance can generate noise and an energy crisis.

The Commutator:

The most exclusive component of the motor is its commutator. It comprises copper wires that reverse the direction of the flowing current as it interconverts the AC into DC. In this way, a unidirectional current is generated.

All these motor components play a crucial role in controlling the overall efficiency of low-voltage motors. For protection reasons, all the elements are enclosed in an outer covering.

Features of Submersible/Immersible Motors

  • Submersible/immersible motors of Longbank have numerous excellent features, which are described in the following points:
    • The entire body of the machine is laminated with the casting of aluminum that protects it from environmental stress and keep its body active.
    • The insertion of aluminum in the body structure of the motor inserts various beneficial features, such as making it light in weight and easy to manage.
    • The presence of the IP55 standard in the motor proves that the water will not affect it at all to its body.
    • The whole body of the machine is painted based on C3 technology that protects the motor from severe environmental effects and maximizes its performance.
    • The presence of rotors in the motor is adjusted accurately for its proper functioning in any environment, such as in a water or dry state.
    • The motor’s stator is present in flexible shapes such as in V shape or gamma shape.
    • High-powered motors also contain a grease collector.
    • Custom shafts are also present in submersible/immersible motors, which you can adjust as required.
    • For the client’s convenience, various beneficial features are also installed in submersible/immersible motors.
    • This motor contains small sensors and performs at a large scale.
    • The tolerance of the machine proves that it can bear temperature that ranges from minus 55 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius.
    • An easy way to use a motor is known as the performance processing of motors.
    • Other beneficial features customizable according to the client include non-drive, custom wire, and wholly sealed ends.
    • These features prove that this product is highly applicable to various industries.
    • Submersible/immersible motors also contain advanced cooling mechanisms like IC411 and IC416.
    • Best-way installations in submersible/immersible motors include IMB3, IMB35, IMV1, IMV5, and many others.
    • These monsters exist in a custom voltage range, such as 380 Volt, 660 Volt, or 1140 Volt.
    • The rated frequency is present in the device or the 50 Hertz to 60 Hertz range.
    • That revolutionary speed of the motor exists in 3000 revolutions per minute.
    • The entire body has the casting of iron that makes it resistive.
    • Stainless steel shafts of 416 are present in the device.
    • Mechanic seals of dual carbon ceramic are present in the motors.
    • The device adjusts 2 NC thermostats and 25 feet of cable for the standard motors.
    • Sensing probes of Dual moisture are present in the device.
    • SF of 1.15 is present in the submersible/immersible motors
    • UL-listed products also exist in the form of division 1, class 1, and groups C & D
    • The temperature code of T3C is present
    • The warranty card will be for five years
    • The device will contain the inverter duty at the ratio of 10:1 that varies in torque in Division 1, class 1, group C & D, with the T2A temperature code.
Advantages of IE5 Series Motors

Wholesale Submersible/Immersible Motors supplier in China

IE5 Series Motors
IE5 Series Motor on wholesale

Being a trustworthy brand, Longbank can manufacture highly efficient Submersible / immersible. The exclusive features of our product make them renowned in terms of reliability and working efficiency in a competitive environment. The superior quality of motor parts makes them durable and highly productive for various applications. These motors are beneficial for generating high energy for handling materials and infrastructures.

For insurance of the quality products, Longbank has introduced several analysis spots, including testing panels of automation, endurance testing of the machine, and hub motor system to cross-verify the working efficiency of the motors. Not only IEC verification, but these low-voltage motors have also passed out many other remarkable certifications like ROHS, CE, GS, TUV, CCC, and UL. These certifications indicate the presence of premium-quality features with outstanding productivity. Our brand also manufactures customized products according to the requirements of the clients.

Advantages of ie5 series Motors

Submersible/immersible products contain a lot of revolutionized features that have given the world another look. The machine’s body requires less input, such as 10 to 40%, for its work. The motor contains many beneficial features, which also have a futuristic approach. If you use it appropriately, it can be trailblazing for the future. Submersible/immersible products contain a lot of advantages, most of which are listed below.

  • These devices consume less energy and, as a result, produce maximum output, such as a high conversion rate.
  • Submersible/immersible motors with variable voltage flexible shapes and custom layouts that you can design as you need.
  • The most advanced technique of electromagnetism is present in the device.
  • The layout of the machine is designed entirely according to its working.
  • Potentially featured product is significant both for industrial end domestic purposes.
  • On the other side, various additional features are also present in a device, such as a lightweight, compact body structure and small size.
  • The device’s working produces a slight noise which is negotiable and easy to manage.
  • The steel body of the machine is coated with aluminum that protects it from the environment and acts as protective insulation.
  • For the machine’s work, it acquires a small amount of voltage, such as 380 Volt 660 Volt.
  • The overall output of the machine will be greater than 100 kilowatts.
  • The entire performance of the machine saves energy up to 18 to 160 terawatts and a massive amount of carbon dioxide each year.
  • All submersible/immersible motors products are cost-effective and easy to install.
  • As the submersible motors work under the water, they are already primed.
  • Being submerged motors, they do not need to be prone to cavitation.
  • The submersible/immersible motors use less voltage and produce more energy. The extra power can be used in the future for many other purposes. You must install this product in numerous industries while enhancing their productivity at a large scale.
Applications of ie5 series Motors

Submersible/immersible motors contain futuristic and advanced features. Due to this reason, this device is mainly used in various industries. Most of them or explained below:

  • Submersible motors are used for irrigation purposes in agriculture to pump water.
  • These motors are also used in grid and wastewater industries. Having a compact body, it lifts the water quickly in a minimum amount.
  • To treat sewage or waste, this pump easily transports the entire waste material from its entry point to the discharge point without any dispersion. This motor is easily used for the transportation of sewage downstream.
  • Submersible motors are also used to pump water from minimum-depth areas. It also includes the cleaning of water from upon for many other purposes.
  • These motors are also used for oil production and dewatering purposes.
  • These motors are also crucial for water pumping or pulling wastewater in pools or plants.
  • These submersible/immersible motors are also significant for various industries such as drainage pumping of savage or sewage treatment and firefighting.
  • In addition, these motors are also crucial for studying pumping oil wells, handling seawater, dewatering offshore, drilling rigs, and artificial lifts.
  • These motors can also be used domestically to pull drinking water.

As the above-listed applications are numerous, submersible/immersible motors are used in various industries. You can install it easily at any place without any environmental pollution. It’s easy to manage and uses fewer expenses.

Classification of Submersible/Immersible Motors

660V Motor
  • Some of the salient features of these motors are given below.
    • These motors are easy to operate.
    • These are efficiently used on an industrial scale.
    • These motors are highly efficient in working with various types of machinery like fans and pumps.
    • These motors have specific designs, which have flexibility according to the customer’s demand.
IE3 Series Motors classification

These motors are

    • Unique but varies its design according to the task assigned
    • A broad range of features are found in them, along with different accessories according to the quality adopted
Motors for Range of Temperature
  • These motors are proficient in bearing a wide temperature range of -55°C to 90°C while maintaining their operating speed.
  • These motors are effectively used in different industrial plants like the wood industry and metal extraction.
  • These motors are highly in demand for various working processes requiring different temperature ranges, i.e., in the food industry.
  • Not only specific in their design, but these motors are also unique in their composition with stainless steel. This composition prevents the motor from rusting.
  • If you talk about the material composition of the shaft and rotor, these are also made up of rustproof material.
  • For long-lasting smooth working of these motors, it is desirable to grease the nipple and other parts regularly.
Synchronous Reluctance Motors (IE5)
  • These motors are found to be a mixture of environment-friendly and free of magnetism.
  • Compact structure with advanced features and efficiency in their operations accordingly.
  • More specifically, with reduced temperature, IE3 varied and had low bearing properties.
Food Safe Motor
  • If sanitary is demanded, these motors are preferred use.
  • Stainless steel composition is found in these with durable performance capabilities.
  • No corrosion issues are there in these motors with simple cleaning strategies.
  • Since these motors have extended temperature and pressure bearing ranges, hence are found to be a perfect choice.
  • Proper protection of windings; hence, no electric shock issues are found while dealing with them in wet conditions.
660V Motor
  • These motors are proficient in dealing with varying speeds for different processes.
  • The cooling process in these motors is achieved using various cooling agents like air or water.
  • The minimum speed range in these motors is 100 r/min to 850 r/min.
Motors for Explosive Atmospheres
  • IEC motors serve at low voltages while operating in a dangerous atmosphere.
  • These motors are passed through different certifications.
High Dynamic Performance Motors
  • These motors are specifically AC motors which require very little torque for their work.
  • These motors are very efficient even in rough conditions.
Water Cooled Motors
  • Since water is a cooling substance in these motors, they are very efficient for transferring heat.
  • These motors require a little speed to maintain and achieve cooling action.
  • Highly efficient and in demand for the steady working of the printing press, water pumps, and turbines.
  • Because of their efficiency in steady heat transfer, these motors are desirable for low speeds and constant torque applications.
2 pole motor
  • These motors are efficiently used in ships to load and unload cargoes, running equipment, water pumps, fans, hydraulic pumps, compressors, etc.
  • Because of their proficiency in low voltages, these motors also worked in various applications like steering pumps, cargo pumps, deck cranes, thrusters, winches, compressors, hydraulic power packs, ventilation fans, on-and-under-deck, etc.
One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop Submersible/Immersible Motors Solution in China

Longbank, an international exporting company in China, has been manufacturing submersible/immersible motors for the easiness of humankind. Due to distinctive features and proficiency in their work, Longbank has many professional certifications. These certifications include ISO9001-2008, ROHS, CCC, UL, CE, TUV, and others. All of these certifications prove the authenticity of the brand. These certifications also confirm the production efficiency of our clients. Our manufacturing unit has also owned the body parts of the motors. For the testing system, our company has our hub system.

  • “The product of Longbank such as Submersible/Immersible motors is an efficient brand that consumes less energy and in return yields maximum output.” Thanks to Longbank!


  • “Longbank is an authentic brand that manufactures ISO-certified products. Its efficient product, such as submersible/immersible motor has also replaced conventional products due to advanced features. Thanks to Longbank!”

  • “In my first experience, I feared the product’s authenticity. But, after purchasing it, it has made me confident and enhanced my trust. How I bought the submersible/immersible product from Longbank without any confirmation? Thanks to Longbank!”

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