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One Stop Motor Solution Provider in China

  • One of the leading motors manufacturer since 1972
  • 50,000 sets motors finished every day
  • Full certifications like ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004, UL, GS, CE, 3C,VDE, TUVd certification
  • Self owned motor testing center and motor material testing center

Featured Motors Series

Longbank mainly focus on several types of motors, but if you want to custom other types of motors with large quantity, also drop us an email.

•Products meet IE5 efficiencies ofIEC 60034-30; •Totally-enclosed structure with good waterproof and dustproof performance; •Good universality, simple maintenance and suitable for eachneed.
DC motor is characterized by its strong overload capacity and reliable performance. Its base is steel plate polygonal laminated structure in small size and light weight, suitable for SCR power
Sumersible motor features a hermetically sealed motor that is close-coupled to the pump body, which is contained in a water-tight enclosure to prevent the entry of liquid and to protect the motor from damage.
Crane Motor
Designed for driving various typesof cranes and other similar speciadevices,with higher overloadcapacity and higher mechanicalstrength.

Your Professional Motor Manufacturer

Longbank Motor was first established in 1972 and restructured in 2001. And now, we are entering a new era of technologically advanced motors of Longbank Motor company.

After decades of research, Longbank Motor has developed a series of products, among which are Brushed  DC Motors, Universal Motors, Induction Motors, and much more.

At present, Longbank Motor produces approximately 50 000 motor sets, becoming the leading supplier in the motor industry.

Self Owned Motor Testing Center and Motor
Material Testing Center

Longbank has strict quality control process on every motor. We will make at least 20 testing before shipping.

  • Hub Motor Test Systems
  • Switch Endurance Test Panel
  • Analogue Motor Tester
  • Analog Electric Motor Checker
  • Megger Static Electric Motor Analysers
  • Induction Motor Performance Test System
  • Endurance Testing Machine
  • Automation Testing Penal
  • Stainless Steel Motorized Grease Testing Machine

Full Certifications on Each Motor

Why you can Trust Longbank to Manufacture Your Motor

Over 30 Years’ Experience
Longbank has been manufacturing motors since 1972
Over 1000 Factory Employees
Longbank has over 1000 factory employees and including 55 technical engineers
100+ Patents
Longbank has got over 100 patents on different motors
50,000 Motors Daily Output
Longbank factory can finish at least 50,000 motors each day with over 50 fully automatic production line
Full Certifications
Longbank motors have passed most certifications like UL, CE, TUV, SGS, CCC etc.
Fully Automatic Production Line
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Customized Motor and Solution Provider

DC Motor

Submersible Motors

Crane Motor

Tell us Your Product, Get An Instant Motor Solution

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