Professional 600rpm Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is an excellent brand that manufactures 600rpm motors on a wide range. The machine yields the effective rate with the most resistive body parts.

  • Portable and smooth working
  • Ventilation of machine keeps the working smooth
  • Durable and high productive rate
  • Environment friendly and no pollution
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Custom 600rpm Motors

Longbank manufactures 600rpm Motors that are asynchronous, manageable, and resistive to decay. Poles exist in alternative forms with a rotatory speed of 600rpm under 50Hz. The body orientation of the device reduces the eddy current. Its latest features include mixers, pumps, fans, washing machines, conveyors, cranes, and industries.

Longbank is a substantiate company for the production of 600rpm Motors. The device shows a high-efficiency rate for all types of industrial work. Insertion of additional body design is also our feature. We demand only the machine’s specifications from our client, and then our expert team of scientists will assemble them according to your need.

1500rpm is a portable machine under 50Hz. It receives voltage from 220V-660V and rotates at the speed of 600rpm. The motor has wide applications in compressors and conveyors.

Longbank manufactures the 1000rpm, an asynchronous and portable machine. It receives the voltage of 380/660V with the rotation of 1000rpm under 50Hz.

Longbank manufactures the 750rpm that mostly shows the 6 poles. It exists in 660V, which shows the durable parts and is asynchronous.

IE5 Series Motors

IE2 is an asynchronous and portable motor that is cylindrical with a rotational speed of 600rpm to 3600rpm. The productive range is 0.75kw to 355kw. It is used for cooling the water.

2 pole motor

Longbank constructs the IE3 motors that show the rotational speed of 750rpm to 3600rpm at 50Hz to 60Hz and deliver the applications in conveyors, washing machines, and pumps.

IE5 Series Motor on wholesale

Longbank manifests the asynchronous IE4 motor, with the machine’s power ranging from 2.2kw-230kw. The device has a velocity of 750rpm-3600rpm. The IP protection technology is present in it.

Why Choose Longbank 600rpm Motor

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and ventilation

600rpm Motor of Longbank has an internal cooling mechanism. For the optimum temperature of the device, the fan is installed inside the machine, which optimizes the machine’s temperature and then maximizes its working.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank is a certified company that did not compromise on the quality of its products. The company has a testing system that analyzes its body parts and proves resistant to decay. This industry has also achieved many other certifications due to the best quality products.

Optimal Features
Optimal features

The presence of optimal features in the machine makes it suitable for this environment. These optimal features include minimum vibration noise, environment-friendly working, and portable. You can also insert the custom features of your choice.

Insulation Class
Insulation Class

The device has a protective covering of iron and contains anti-condensational heaters. These insulations protect the device from severe environmental hazards. The protection technology of IP55, IP54, IP65, IP66, and ATEX is also adjusted in the machine.

What is the 600rpm Motor

600rpm Motor contains the magnetic poles in north and south orientation and rotates at 600rpm under 50Hz. The device receives voltage from 220V to 660V with specific bars. The machine is cylindrical and has a protection of copper or iron.

The presence of a rotor in a 600rpm Motor makes the rotation smooth and accurate. It also contains many other exceptional features, including a highly effective rate, stiff and resistive body material, easy to install, free from pollution, and no noise during work.

3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
660V Motor

Construction of 600rpm Motor

Different types of elements are installed inside the body of the 600rpm motor. Each component plays a crucial role in calculating the efficiency of the engine. However, any damage to its part will reduce the productivity of the motor.

Longbank offers various series of IEC low voltage motors presenting several models that is highly specific in their function. A few strings are YE2, YVFE2, YBX3, YE3, etc. Some of the essential components of all these models are written below:

The Bearing System

One of the main components of the 600rpm motor is its bearings. These bearings control the motor’s lifetime and are further held by grease. These bearings can be free, or they can be jointed.

Free bearings are found in motors with a frame size of 80-160. These bearings keep a specific distance between the armature and the stator and provide support to the load.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval

Some bearings are frequently lubricated, while some are oiled only once in their lifetime. If the lubrication is done in intervals, it improves the lifetime of the 600rpm motor. Longbank only offers these features due to its dynamic team.

Many factors control the overall efficiency of the motor and keep the motor’s functions smooth. A few of these factors are the temperature of the surrounding, the mounting conditions, the rated speed of the motor, the size of the bearings, the amount and weight of the load, and many more.

An enhanced speed over a specific limit will pressurize the bearings from radial and axial directions, limiting the motor’s overall lifetime. A hot and cold surrounding also destabilizes the smooth functions of the 600rpm motors.


Vibration is only made by the toing and froing of the armature. These rotors contain metal structures that generate the magnet’s north and south poles through AC. These armatures are stabilized through a half key.

Anti-Condensation Heater

Some motors are specifically designed to work in high-temperature environments. But if non-specific motors are used in such conditions, their windings begin to condense. This phenomenon usually happens in hot summer weather. Such issues are not found in the Longbank’s 600rpm motor because of the fixation of the anti-condensation heaters.

Rated Output

Longbank’s team is highly expert in the manufacturing of the 600rpm motor. They keep in view all the stipulations of the motor. The two main factors for controlling the rated output are temperature (-15oC to 40oC) and the altitude (1000m) above sea level.

Voltage and Frequency

Longbank offers two categories of 600rpm motors that are IEC60034-1 verified. The voltage and frequency fluctuation of category Aa are ±5 % and ±2%, respectively. The alteration of voltage and frequency of category B are ±10% and +3% / -5%. The category’s A motors temperature is 10K more than the other motors.

Features of 600rpm Motor

Each motor has specific features which depend upon the series of the motor. Some of the standard features of the 600rpm motor are written here:

  • Twenty thousand hours is the lifetime of the bearings in case of single lubrication.
  • Forty thousand hours is the period of bearings in case of frequent lubrication.
  • An increase in the temperature reduces the lifetime of the bearings.
  • The power of a 600rpm motor is 0.75kW-2500kW depending upon the type of motor series.
  • The voltage of the 600rpm motor is in the range of 220V-660V.
  • The frame of the motor seems to be very sturdy due to cast iron.
  • The structure of the radiator is vertical-horizontal.
  • The outlook of the 600rpm motor is outstanding with good mechanical strength.
  • Small metal sheets reduce energy losses.
  • The cast iron inside the stator and rotor makes the permanent magnet.
  • The insulation of electromagnetic wires protects the component from any damage.
  • VPI coating helps in improving the electrical properties of the stator’s windings.
  • Internal heat is removed through the internal fan. At the same time, outer fans help dissipate the external heat.
  • The poles in the rotor are generated by passing the current through aluminum or copper.
  • The G1.0 level measures the air gap.
  • At 50Hz, its rpm is 600.
  • The external fan can also minimize the ventilation noise.
400V Motor

Customized 600rpm Motor supplier in China

660V Motor
Food Safe Motor

Longbank is the trusted brand for the production of 600rpm Motors in China. The presence of top-rated features makes the product the best. The 600rpm Motor has many applications such as pumps, cranes, mixers, fans, and washing machines in many chemical industries.

Longbank has its experimental place for the best quality product analysis, such as automation testing panels, machine endurance testing, and hub motor systems. All products, especially 600rpm motor, are professional and got many other standard certifications such as ROHS, TUV, UL, CE, CCC, GS, and many other achievements. These authorizations confirm the high-quality characteristics and maximum conversion rate of the machine.

Synchronous Reluctance Motors (IE5)

The increasing demand for the 600rpm motor is because of its unique features and vast advantages. Some of these pros are enlisted here:

  • The body material enhances the lifetime of the 600rpm motor.
  • You can buy this motor in an affordable range.
  • The 600rpm motors are available in various series that have fascinating features.
  • Longbank’s team can manufacture your 600rpm motor according to your requirements.
  • The body is protected against corrosion through different IP techniques.
  • Multiple types of sensors maintain smooth function.
  • These motors are used in several places.
  • These motors produce less noise, enhanced speed, and challenging operating conditions.
Motors for Range of Temperature

600rpm motors are used for multi-purposes in several fields. Some of their uses are explained here:

  • Pharmaceutical industries use 600rpm engines to run equipment involved in the synthesis of medicines.
  • Many petrochemical and cement industries are replacing their old motors with 600rpm motors.
  • Food industries use these motors for the preservation of foods.
  • 600rpm motors are now installed in agriculture to fulfill all the tasks.
  • You can use them in your homes and other sites to minimize energy budgets.
  • These can be used in blowers, fans, and conveyors.
  • These motors are now installed in wind turbines.
  • Paper industries use 600rpm motors to make different types of paper.
  • Ships are also installed with these 600rpm motors to run all the equipment of the boats.
  • Different types of electronic toys use these 600rpm motors.
  • Electronic wheelchairs are now designed with such motors to reduce energy consumption.
  • 600rpm motor is used for water cooling purposes.

IE3 Series Motors classification

When you purchase order for a motor, you must select its type, size of the frame, motor poles, protection technology, Motor power, series, kind of mounting, voltage, frequency, and standard configuration.

You can get the quote on the main website of the company. After the payment is received, the product will be delivered to the mentioned address. You contact us via email at or call +86 153 1458 8251. For more information, you can contact us.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop 600rpm Motor Solution in China

Longbank has been manufacturing 600rpm Motors since 1972. This company has many achievements such as ROHS, UL, ISO9001-2008, CE, TUV, and many others. These certifications prove that the motor has advanced features. Our manufacturing unit has its motor parts, and also it’s a testing system.

  • “We have purchased the product of 600rpm Motor from Longbank. My excellent experience with this machine gives the maximum production rate. Thanks a lot!”

  • “Longbank authorizes the quality of the device. It facilitates its customers by maximum productive rate and quality of products.”

  • “600rpm Motor shows an attractive phenotype. The machine’s body is excellent, from its initial part to its functioning. Its design is just like the functional property of the device. Thanks a lot, Longbank.”

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