Leading AC Blower Motor Supplier in China

Longbank is one of the top AC blower motor manufacturers and suppliers, providing high-quality motors for more than 22 years.

We will supply an excellent AC blower motor based on your needs.

AC Blower Motor

Longbank is an expert AC blower motor China manufacturer. Whether you are looking for an AC blower motor for business or personal needs, we can provide the best solution according to your requirements. We can produce a good-quality and reliable AC blower motor with an advanced fully automatic small motor production line and assembly line. For your particular needs, please feel free to contact us now.

About Longbank Motor

As an expert motor manufacturer, Longbank offers a comprehensive line of AC blower motors. For over two decades in the field, we have been able to present innovative AC blower motors. After thorough research and development, our engine sets production to reach over 50 000. Longbank has a variety of equipment to ensure all AC blower motor quality and durability.

Whenever you need the best AC blower motor solution, Long back is your ideal place to be. Contact us right away!

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AC Blower Motor Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank is fully equipped with a high-tech small motor production line, enable to manufacture your AC blower motor efficiently and effectively. We are a manufacturer with the complete certification of ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004, UL, GS, CE, 3C, VDE, and TUV. You can guarantee Longbank AC blower motor consistency and durability.

Moreover, we can provide OEM solutions for your brand needs, so what are you waiting for, send us your requirements now, and get perfect service.

More About Longbank AC Blower Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank AC Blower Motor

Longbank is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of AC blower motors in China. We provide a wide range of high-quality and durable products. You will find affordable AC blower motor with excellent after-sale services at Longbank. You can choose whether you need custom or standard products.

We are manufacturing an AC blower motor with long service life. Using high-quality raw materials, we are developing reliable and budget-friendly products. It has low maintenance cost and is perfect for demanding applications. Longbank is an expert in creating an AC blower motor that gives value to your money. We can help you find your ideal products for the best price. 

Longbank AC blower motor has three major parts: the engine, case cover, and fan assembly. We can guarantee you that our product can supply sustainable pressure and steady air through home air vents. 

Our AC blower motor is a high-speed, low-speed blower and high-pressure fan for the best air conditioning system. 

Here are some of the advantages of our AC blower motor:

  • High-speed range features
  • Cost-efficient
  • Noise-free when using
  • Long serviceable life
  • Durable

Longbank can provide all types of AC blower motors in different sizes, shapes, and specs. For custom products, we are optimistic that we can give what you expect. You can send us your ideas and designs for developing your ideal AC blower motor.

Since it was established in 1972, and since then, we have continued enhancing our expertise to produce world-class products. With the help of our expert technical engineers, our company can make all the needs and demands of our market.

Here are some of the reasons why you can trust Longbank:

  • Years of experience in manufacturing AC blower motor
  • Acquires ISO14001-2004 and ISO9001-2008 quality management
  • Certified by GS, UL, CE, and 3C
  • Promotes efficiency and expertise in developing products

We can develop an AC blower motor that meets our customers’ standards using our advanced technology manufacturing system. Longbank has hundreds of patents for a single AC blower motor. We can assure you that we are giving our best to develop products that will help you skyrocket your business.

Longbank can produce 50 000 sets of AC blower motors every day. If you need more information about our products and services, feel free to send us your inquiries anytime.

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