Box-typed High Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motor

Type IEC Series/YE Series
Motor High efficiency three phaseasynchronous motor
Frame/Height Centre 80-450
KW Range 0.75-1000
Voltage Range(V) 1000V and below
Poles 2-8
Characteristics/Applications. Conforms to IEC 60034-30 IE2 level and GB18613-2012, Grade 3 level.General purpose motors widely used in Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical mining and other industries.

Longbank manufactures crane motors which are electrical devices. These motors are commercially crucial for several purposes, such as supporting bridge cranes, hosting types of machinery, and many others for load-lifting purposes.

Crane motors work most appropriately in a crane. Such as it performs the maximum functionality of a crane, including lifting load and moving the trolley along the crane. This motor also guides further translocation of a load to its exact destination, such as crane motors, which covers the maximum work of a crane.

The crane motors have many functions built explicitly according to the need of the customers, such as its core elements showing the maximum functionality. It moves on the hoisting steps intermittently. Own the duty cycle of a crane.

For the proper working of the machine, it must acquire some specifications. Such as, the motor must rotate in all directions even if it carries the load. The motor must show the sudden braking system even at high speed. The motor must work even at high voltage without physical damage or other impact, such as overheating. The motor can handle the load, even in massive quantities; the motor must be able to work at low voltage. It is an additional feature in the average speed of the motor.


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