Professional Electric Motor for Grinder Manufacturer in China

Longbank is your #1 electric motor grinder manufacturer and supplier in China. With 22 years of experience, we have enough expertise and knowledge in producing a broad range of electric motor grinders.

We provide OEM and ODM services to support your brand. Contact us now!

Electric Motor for Grinder

If your company needs an electric motor grinder, you can count on Longbank! We are an ISO-certified manufacturer and supplier dedicated to supply top-grade and high-performance products. Our electric motor grinders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for your selections. We have been producing superior quality products since our inception and continuously strive to uphold success in the future. Experience the outstanding customer service that we are guaranteed to provide! Get in touch with our customer service department immediately!

Longbank Electric Motor for Grinder

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is a reputable small motor manufacturer in China. With rich experience in this domain, strong craftsmanship, advanced manufacturing line, we can produce series of products like brushless motors, DC motors, RO Pump series motors, DC gear motors, induction motors, and many more.

Our team rigorously checks and inspects every batch of electric motor for grinders to ensure defect-free, great performance, and longevity finished product. Contact us now!

Brushless DC Motor manufacturer

Electric Motor for Grinder Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank is a fast-growing small motor company in China with a 60,000 square meters manufacturing area. We are equipped with an innovative fully automatic small motor assembly line for manufacturing your electric motor grinders. Due to that, we can produce more than 50,000 motor sets every day. Our company has passed various certifications such as UL,  ISO9001-2008, TUVd, ISO14001-2004, CE, GS, VDE, and 3C certified company.

We offer one-stop motor solutions used in industries such as robotics, packaging, automotive, medical equipment, power pools, home appliances, gardens, and more. Contact us for more information.

More About Longbank Electric Motor for Grinder

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Electric Motor for Grinder

Longbank specializes in small motor manufacturing especially electric motors for grinders. Since 1972, we produce high-quality and high-performance products for various applications. We focus on unique R&D, manufacturing, and sales of high-precision electric motors for grinders.

At Longbank, we offer various types and models of electric motors for grinders. Our electric motor grinders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for your selections. All are long-lasting with efficient power, offer extreme durability and performance. This is certified to UL, CE, RoHS, etc.

Longbank electric motor for grinder features:

  • High abrasion resistance, strong load capacity
  • High-temperature resistance, low-noise operation
  • With precision winding technology
  • Used high hardness steel, good toughness, impact resistance
  • The service life of the electric motor is improved, extremely durable
  • Customizable

When reliability and power are required, Longbank electric motor for grinders is suitable for your application. It can operate with high efficiency, low voltage, and at a reasonable cost. Longbank electric motor for grinders can work with any grinders at a high-duty cycle.

Our factory is composed of over 1000+ employees and 50+ engineering teams with rich experienced and knowledge in this field. We support OEM and ODM services to support your business.

Being a leader in this industry, Longbank will support your business to grow. We can handle small or large electric motors for grinders orders, custom-designed motors to boom your brand.

Our company is certified to ISO9001-2008, 3C, VDE, TUVd, ISO14001-2004, UL, GS, CE certification. We are equipped with advanced manufacturing lines and testing equipment. Therefore, we can ensure high-performance products, defect-free, and high-efficient.

Whether you’re a wholesaler, supplier, or distributor, electric motor for grinders and other small motors product, Longbank can satisfy your business. We offer comprehensive service from material sourcing up to delivery. Experience excellent services at Longbank!

Feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere. Our team is available 24/7 to assist your electric motor with grinders’ needs.

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