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Longbank is a leading ice machine motor manufacturer and supplier in China. We widely offer faster solutions in production to meet your special requirements while ding quality operations and produce high-standard supplies.

We perfectly manufacture ice machine motors and other small motors according to your drawings and offer affordable prices. Just send your drawings!

Ice Machine Motor

If you are choosing the right long-term producer and reliable ice machine motor manufacturer in China, then, you visit the right place to rely on. Longbank is your premier choice to save your money and time as well. We assure to provide complete selections and offer free samples for your easier purchase. Suitable for your project needs to help your business grow more.

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is an experienced small motor manufacturer including ice machine motor. We can provide a wide range of selections from dimensions, measurements, speed functions, and more options. We professionally help different types of projects and industries through the highest quality ice machine motors and related products.

Longbank will assure to produce your ideal ice machine motor quantity and set of orders. We have many years of experience that you can trust to rely on to grow your business. Message us now!

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Longbank is one of the most popular small motor suppliers and manufacturers in China. We started from the year 1972 developing series of products that produce over 50,000 sets of motors. We have a variety of testing equipment just to assure the quality and durability of products.

Longbank has great development and manufacturing ability that supply ice machine motors with the highest performance applicable for different ice machine dimensions and capacities. As your professional manufacturer and ice machine motor producer in China, we guarantee cost-effective and time-saving benefits.

More About Longbank Ice Machine Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank- Your Reliable Ice Machine Motor Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for affordable and effective ice machine motor applications? Longbank will solve your problems. Purchasing ice machine motor in China with Longbank is easier since we handle different operations and helps clients with the whole process.

Longbank ice machine motors is a small motor available in various dimensions, capacity, measurements, and more options. It provides different speeds which manufacture according to your request and final application needs. You can send your ice machine motor drawings and application details so we can help you decide faster.

Our ice machine motor is manufacture with different voltage and wattage base on the applications. It provides a different cooling method with great efficiency. It is totally enclosed ice machine motor available in three-phase. We guarantee a long life warranty, perfect for your personal business applications.

Longbank will offer various models for you. We assure to provide certified ice machine motor for perfect quality and long life service. We have 208 voltages to 230 voltages or 240 voltages. You can choose single-phase as well. It is widely use connected via a supplied capacitor. Three-phase does not need a capacitor.

Ice Machine Motor Advantages:

  • Easier to handle and operate
  • Various features configure at a lower cost
  • Safety for long term of uses
  • High-quality and international certified motors

Longbank can assure you to provide suitable power supplies. Manufacture with the various speeds that matches with corresponding gear heads. This is a good reputed ice machine motors because of good quality and excellent performance. We ensure fast response service to satisfy your needs and faster your process.

We, Longbank is a popular ice machine motor manufacturer and producer in China that you can rely on for your urgent needs for your running business. We handle strict quality control to ensure processes from production, sales, shipment, packaging, and more.

Longbank is started in 1972 that provides outstanding services in producing various small motors. Providing convenient space with over 60,000 square meters plant area, over 1000 workers, and technical team about 55. We ensure to produce 50,000 sets of ice machine motors.

To meet your specifications, Longbank can let you send your ice machine motor drawings. We produce a lot of small motors that exceed the highest standards. You can benefit a lot from our service offer.

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