Professional IEC Low Voltage Motors Manufacturer in China

Longbank is a top-notch industry in China that manufactures the IEC low voltage motors at a large scale each year. The IEC standard of motor proves the efficiency and simplicity in its constriction.

  • Cost-effective and easy to manage
  • Shows possibilities for modification in features that the client requires
  • Demands less voltage and gives maximum output
  • High conversion rate

Key features and benefits

Some of the best features of IEC low voltage motors are described here:

  • Some motors are composed of cast iron which makes them highly robust and suitable for their function.
  • Aluminum makes the motor strong, durable, and light in weight.
  • The IEC low voltage motors are water-proofed which is known as IP55 protection.
  • C3 paint system prevents the motor from corrosion.
  • The number of rotors is increased in the motor to enhance its load-lifting capability.
  • The stator can be gamma or V-shaped.
  • The grease collector is usually attached with large motors.
  • The shaft shape can be optimized and also be the windings.
  • Some other accessories are built-in for each low voltage motor like fans, RTDs, and encoders.
  • IEC low voltage motors have small sensors.
  • The motors can bear the temperature of -55oC to 90o
  • The easiest usage method is process performance motors.
  • They have non-drive ends, customized cable ends, and tight seals to keep the dust outside.
  • Most of these motors found their applications on an industrial level.

Performance Range

Type Standard Motors-IEC Series Low Voltage Motors
Motor High Efficiency Three Phase Asynchronous Motor
Frame Size 71-560
Power 0.55-1600KW
Voltage Multi Voltages
Poles 2-4-6-8-10-12
Cooling System  IC411-IC416-IC611

Longbank IEC Low Voltage Motors

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop IEC Low Voltage Motors Solution in China

Since 1972, Longbank has been manufacturing the IEC low voltage motors for the service of mankind. This brand has got a lot of certifications such as ISO9001-2008, ROHS, CE, UL, TUV, and many others. All of these standards prove that the product shows maximum efficiency. Our factory has owned the motor parts and also the motor testing system.

  • “Longank is manufacturing highly efficient IEC low voltage motors. It needs least input which has highly reduced our electricity budget. Thanks to Longbank!”


  • “Longbank is one of the trusted brand of China that manufactures only ISO-certified products. IEC low voltage motors have replaced my industry’s ordinary motor having huge benefits.”

  • “I am buying all the electronics from Longbank since its beginning. One of its amazing products is IEC low voltage motors that has paved the way for other brands too. Thanks to Longbank!”

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