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Longbank has been your top-notcher juicer motor manufacturer since 1972. We provide a complete series of juicer motor supplies across local and global markets.

We actively support OEM and ODM services to support your business!

Juicer Motors

Longbank is the right destination to visit in consultation for your juicer motor. We offer a wide range of models and designs of a juicer motor that guarantees trusted performance, superior features, and excellent quality. Our juicer motor significantly recognizes by the world’s enormous brands like Hair, Xiaomi, Joyouing, etc.

About Longbank Motor

Longbank has 20+ years in small motor manufacturing. We can produce 50 000 sets of daily output for small motor products by applying our manufacturing skills and knowledge. Our company has the most expansive manufacturing facility covering 6 000 square meters and professionally operates the most high-tech and fully automatic production equipment.

Our small motor products adhere to the ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, UL, GS, CE, 3C, VDE, TUVD full certification. Get yours now!

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Juicer Motors Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank has professional experience in providing small motor parts, including the juicer motor. We cleverly monitor the quality of our juicer motor and efficiently promote its superior features and positive advantages. Longbank can handle everything: choosing the suitable materials, proper processing procedure, and shipment transactions. 

Longbank can be your enduring associate in growing your motor business!

More About Longbank Juicer Motors

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Juicer Motors

Do you need a first-class juicer motor for your business and projects? Longbank is here for you! We can produce you all classes of juicer motor at a highly reasonable amount. We keep winning the high credibility and good reputation of our juicer product to local and global markets.

Longbank provides you with the highest quality juicer motor that specifies your particular demands. We give a juicer motor that comes from a high-ranking model. This includes the:

  • A01 
  • B00 
  • C01-01 
  • D00 
  • E00

The motor juicer motor offers an optimal starting torque that exceptionally extracts juices out from vegetables and fruits. It comes from the different operation power and function capacity that continuously gives your juicer’s stable and quickest operation. 

Juicer Motor is highly suited for restaurant use and home use. Buying our juicer motor from Longbank undeniably gives you the most enhanced overall performance of your juicer. It is highly flexible to install in your different juicer brands. Our juicer motor exceptionally resists light to heavy-duty applications.

Key Advantage of Longbank Juicer Motor:

  • Low-cost
  • Long-lasting life services
  • High-durability
  • High power performance
  • Configured from superior motor materials and components

As your top-rated manufacturer, we guarantee the stable quality of our products. We are professionally active in testing and inspecting each of our juicer motors to ensure its highest precision performance. 

Longbank juicer motors highly recognize by superior brands like Hair, Xiaomi, Joyouing, etc. Our company also receives a condescending acknowledgment from the biggest motor business owners all over the world. 

Being a respected motor manufacturer, we produce juicer motors that exceed the international product certifications. We can generate thousands of juicer motors in the shortest time that enable us to sustain your market demand and requests. 

Aside from juicer motors, Longbank professionally innovates and develops a series of motor products like DC motor, AC motor, universal motor, induction motor, brushless motor, etc.

Do your cafe, restaurant, and store need a high-power juicer motor? You are free to inquire about all your motor needs at the Longbank Motor company. We support 24/7 online services for all your inquiries, questions, and clarifications. Contact us now!

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