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Longbank has been serving thousands of lawn mower motor customers globally. We also design lawn mower motors to your custom specifications. Our team provides the best customer service & quality while also maintaining competitive prices.

Our manufacturing lines can handle large or small quantity deliveries. Message us directly!

Lawn Mower Motor

Longbank is a manufacturer of numerous lawn mower motor models. These are UL, CE, ISO, and RoHS compliant. It has all features and advantages to perfect different applications. All lawn mower motor products are designed and assembled in our 60,000 square meters area manufacturing factory by our well-trained and hard-working employees. Our staff takes pride in every part of the lawn mower motor process.

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About Longbank Motor

Longbank has distinguished itself as a manufacturer and supplier with strong production capabilities and engineering tradition. A manufacturer of lawn mower motors, Longbank produces the best lawn mower motors with a quick response to your needs. For more than 20 years, we help our clients succeed.

All of our products are completed using safe and environmentally friendly materials. It gains a good reputation in the market and receives good feedbacks from end-users. Our goal is to provide the best small motors to exceed the needs of your application. Talk to us now!

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With 20+ years of manufacturing experience, Longbank is committed to providing premium quality products and reliable after-sales services. We are famous in China and have passed various certifications such as ISO14001-2004, CE, GS, VDE, UL,  ISO9001-2008, TUVd, etc. Before shipment, we perform meticulous testing and inspection of each lawnmower motor product using an advanced testing equipment, self-owned motor testing center, and motor material testing center.

Longbank offers turnkey solutions for all your small motor needs. Send your specific lawn mower motor requirements now!

More About Longbank Lawn Mower Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Lawn Mower Motor

Are you searching for a world-class manufacturer and supplier of lawn mower motors? No need to go far, because you found the one. Longbank is your #1 choice. We are experts to provide all types and models of lawn mower motors to customers globally cost-effectively.

Longbank can provide you high-end lawn mower motor suitable for your applications. We provide various selections for your selection. Even for small or large lawn mower motor orders, you can rely on Longbank. We can produce 50,000+ sets of lawn mower motors every day.

Our standard lawn mower motor includes:

If you choose Longbank as your lawn mower motor manufacturer, you can ensure that the product you achieved is dependable, high-precision, and high-speed. This carries features and advantages perfect for your lawn mower applications:

  • Safe and reliable performance
  • Optional stator size
  • Low noise
  • Good starting
  • Long service life
  • Strong power
  • High torque capabilities

Furthermore, the Longbank lawn mower motor is made from high-class raw materials guaranteed safe and environmentally friendly. It is compliant with RoHS, UL, CE, etc. You can ensure to receive defect-free and high-power lawn mower motor from us.

At present, Longbank’s trade scale is expanding day by day. We won good reputation and trust from domestic and foreign customers. For over 22 years, Longbank has engaged in this industry and continuously delivering the exact and high-grade lawn mower motor products. Our experienced engineers are professionals in designing, developing, and customizing lawn mower motors to meet every client’s needs and requirements.

We manufacture not only lawn mower motor, but an extensive line of electric motor for grinder, rolling shutter motor, electric motor for RV, power tool motor, and many more. Longbank is your one-stop-shop for all types of small motors in China. Just send your motor applications and we will find the accurate small motor for your project.

Whether you’re a supplier, wholesaler, or custom trading, you are welcome at Longbank. We aim to support you from the whole manufacturing process until delivery. We will cater to the diverse needs of customers worldwide.

Contact us directly now! We hope to establish a real and long-term business partnership with you to achieved success.

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