Longbank 10th Anniversary

Today marks the 10th anniversary for Longbank. A journey that once began as a dream has evolved to grow to greater heights worldwide.
Evolved to be among the most reliable motor factory brands that enjoys international recognition as well as mutual cooperation with several brands worldwide
We cant thank you enough for the corperation
Under this time frame, the company has also been able to revolutionize the industry and have a great impact to the environment around it. We have heard reputable effects on the environment around us including engaging in recognizable donations to various institutions of life including Ningbo city’s education sector…Ningbo University
We thank Sir Matthew Cheng for his superb influence he has on each and every employee to give them utmost support and motivation to realize their occupation goals.
We would like to celebrate with you this particular day bearing in mind that you are a significant part of us.
To many more years
Happy 10th to Longbank
‘Innovation with Care’

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