Professional Low RPM DC Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is the sole distributor of low RPM DC motors in China. We have been in this industry for 22 years. Longbank exports top-quality low RPM DC motor worldwide.

We provide a turnkey solution to meet your different needs.

Low RPM DC Motor

When you need a reliable performance low RPM DC motor, you can count on Longbank! Our low RPM DC motor is available in many different models for your selection. Longbank is committed to supplying you with a world-class product and outstanding services to support your business!

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is a certified small motor manufacturer in China with a 60,000 square meter factory area. We have fully automatic small motor production and assembly lines, allowing us to produce 50,000 sets of motor every day.

Longbank has become a leading small motor supplier to the top brands like Xiaomi, Hair, and more with two decades in the industry. OEM and ODM services are welcome to support your brand!

Brushless DC Motor manufacturer

Low RPM DC Motor Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank has an advanced fully automatic small motor assembly line for manufacturing your brushless DC motors. We are UL,  ISO9001-2008, TUVd, ISO14001-2004, CE, GS, VDE, and 3C certified company. Confidently, we are capable of producing your ideal motor requirements, particularly the brushless DC motors.

We offer motor solutions used in industries such as power pools, home appliances, gardens, and more. Contact us for more clarifications.

More About Longbank Low RPM DC Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Low RPM DC Motor

You can count on Longbank for the high-quality, low RPM DC motor you need. At Longbank, you can find the right product that fits your application. We can supply various models of low RPM DC motors for your reference.

We design a low RPM DC motor to run at slower, quieter speeds. It bypasses the gearbox and provides a lot of power to the workpiece. Longbank low RPM DC motor is ideal for various types of electrically automated and controlled equipment.

Typical Application of Low RPM DC Motor

Long bank low RPM DC motor is necessary for critical application:

  • aircraft
  • public buildings
  • various transportation systems

The low RPM DC motor helps to ensure heavy objects are controlled carefully. It also makes different forms of mechanization and automation possible, even in incredibly demanding circumstances.

Longbank manufactures exceptional performance low RPM DC motors using insulation, housing, wiring, and other components. It ensures safe and long-lasting operation.

Being your top low RPM DC motor manufacturer and supplier in China, Longbank designs the product for its unique end-user and runs it optimally wherever they are installed.

Longbank has comprehensive in-house production capabilities, which enable us to provide requirements in a highly efficient manner. We also offer customized solutions to fulfill your needs. Longbank can manufacture your ideal low RPM DC motor according to your unique specifications.

Furthermore, Longbank is over 22 years in the industry. We can supply top-quality low RPM DC motors for different industries and applications.

Longbank can often work from one of our existing designs and tailor a motor to your needs with vast knowledge and expertise. We have a qualified and skilled engineering team to work with you directly to determine the best possible solution for your needs.

Whether you need a low RPM DC motor as an improvement or replacement on a standard engine, Longbank can supply a cost-effective solution of higher quality than most off-the-shelf brands.

Tell us about your performance requirement or unique equipment, and our team will determine all the necessary features and components required to achieve the best result.

No wonder, Longbank is your one-stop low RPM DC motor manufacturer and supplier in China. All of our products are available at a very reasonable rate!

Let our engineering team will work with you, and let’s grow our business together! Contact us for more information about Longbank low RPM DC motor.

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