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Experience high-quality low RPM gear motor from Longbank! We produce over 50,000 sets of motors every day to meet all your application requirements.

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Low RPM Gear Motor

Longbank is over two decades in the field of a small motor. We are proud to offer a turnkey solution to your low RPM gear motor requirements. We design a quiet RPM gear motor using RoHS-compliant raw materials. Therefore, you can guarantee excellent quality, durable, low RPM gear motor from Longbank.

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is a giant small motor factory in China, covering a 60,000 square meter area. We have full capabilities to meet all your needs, along with our 55 technical engineers, 1000+ skilled workers, and advanced production line.

In China, we are a certified company that meets ISO14001-2004 and ISO9001:2008 certifications. Our production also meets CE, UL, TUV, 3C, and many international certificates.

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Low RPM Gear Motor Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank is well-equipped with advanced production lines and assembly lines. Therefore, we can produce thousands of small motor sets per day. With qualified workforces and innovative technologies, we can guarantee high-quality and durable low RPM gear motors.

Longbank can export low rpm gear motors to customers from different countries. We welcome old and new clients to negotiate business!

More About Longbank Low RPM Gear Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Low RPM Gear Motor

Longbank is an expert low RPM gear motor manufacturer and supplier in China. Our expertise allows us to develop and innovate high-quality, quiet rpm gear motors at a competitive rate. 

We have skillful engineers and modern manufacturing technologies to develop your ideal low rpm gear motor. We can support your business by providing OEM and ODM services. 

If ever you’re searching for a unique motor to work with your machine’s gearbox, a low rpm gear motor from Longbank is a good choice. Longbank is the best low rpm gear motor manufacturer in China. We are your trusted source of the highest quality quiet rpm gear motor to meet your specific needs.

Low RPM Gear Motor Benefits
  • Economical: It uses less energy and cost less than other types of hydraulic motors.
  • Operate Quietly: It has lower than average noise when operating, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Long Working Life: It has no carbon brushes to wear out.
  • Various Sizes, Torque, and Speed ratings: It fits any size, torque, and speed requirements no matter your project.

Longbank is an expert low RPM gear motor supplier in China. We will provide long-lasting and efficient power of motors for numerous applications. If you need AC power for a wide range of machinery and mechanical devices, a low RPM gear motor from Longbank is a good idea!

Application of Low RPM Gear Motor
  • Ice making machines
  • Foodservice machines
  • Chemical fluid pumps
  • Lawn and garden equipment

If you require a long-lasting motor, the Longbank low RPM gear motor is the answer! It can work with any machine at a high-duty cycle. We also offer a custom-built quiet RPM gear motor to fit your project needs.

Longbank Advantage 

Being your top low rpm gear motor supplier and manufacturer in China, we aim to support your business to grow! We can handle all your needs, from producing custom-designed motors to sourcing dependable small engines! 

Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or importer of low rpm gear motor and other small motors to fulfill your business or project, you can count on our team! We offer quality products and excellent services at nominal rates!

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