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Longbank offers the widest range of meat grinder motor models and designs. We have been serving the industry for over 22 years today; this makes us one of China’s leading suppliers and manufacturers.

We offer complete solutions to meet your product needs.

Meat Grinder Motor

Do you think our meat grinder motor will benefit your application? Then, Longbank will be your best meat grinder motor supplier and manufacturer. We can recommend to you the exact model for your applications. Our products will surely surpass your expectations. Further, we have our own motor material testing center and motor testing center to guarantee meat grinder motor quality. Find out your ideal small motors here in Longbank!

Longbank Meat Grinder Motor

About Longbank Motor

Longbank has specialized in manufacturing small motors like meat grinder motors since the year 1972. We are a fast-growing enterprise, with a factory covering an area of almost 60,000 square meters.

We employ 1000+ skilled factory workers and over 55 experienced engineers to handle your requirements. We guarantee that all our meat grinder motors meet UL, VDE, TUVd, and ISO quality certifications. Choose Longbank now as your most trusted supplier and manufacturer!

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You can avail of 100% quality and durable meat grinder motor in Longbank! Our meat grinder motor in different models is applicable for cars, appliances, and more. While using our advanced assembly line, we are confident we can supply you with absolute solutions.

Longbank can also tailor-make meat grinder motors according to your ideas and technical specs. If you have any concerns, contact us for assistance!

More About Longbank Meat Grinder Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Meat Grinder Motor

Longbank is your most authentic meat grinder motor manufacturer and supplier in China. We have over 22 years of experience in the production industry. For many years of dedication, Longbank has become one of the fast-growing meat grinder motors and other small motors manufacturing companies.

We provide a meat grinder motor, also called a meat mincer motor used as a kitchen appliance for fine chopping/mincing. This is the best way to mix cooked or raw meat, vegetables, fish, or similar food. In Longbank, a wide range of meat grinder motors is available in different types and models. You can assure you will get a world-class quality meat grinder motor at the best price.

Longbank meat grinder motor is a universal motor used in the food industry, either for commercial or residential use. This is mainly applicable in supermarkets, hotels, homes, butcher shops, restaurants, and more.

Features of Meat Grinder Motor:

  • Commercial grade component, including a 3 blade sizes and stainless steel pan
  • Manufactured using ROHS-detected stainless steel, makes for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Versatile attachments, allows you to slice, tenderize, and shred
  • The meat processed are fresher if this is used
  • Emergency-stop and waterproof switch
  • Spare blade at the machine’s bottom
  • Easily fit on a countertop
  • Gear-driven transmission
  • Versatile attachments
  • Time-saving

We guarantee all these features and characteristics for your meat grinder motor orders. Whether you are looking for the best quality meat grinder motor for your business or projects, Longbank is your ultimate choice! You will surely get benefits from a meat grinder motor for your applications.

We have established a strong business relationship with customers worldwide. Longbank is aiming to provide you our satisfactory products and valuable services to surpass your expectations.

Give your trust to Longbank! We will help you boost your brand.

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