Top-Rated Mixer Grinder Motor Manufacturer in China

Avail of the best quality mixer grinder motor from the top-rated manufacturer and supplier in China! Longbank presents a wide selection of mixer grinder motors in different models. All are competitively priced to suit your budgets.

Every day, we are capable of producing more than 50,000 small motors to be exported nationwide. You are sure in good hands when you’re in Longbank!

Mixer Grinder Motor

Throughout the past 22 years, Longbank delight customers by offering one-stop solutions to your mixer grinder motor needs. We engineered a mixer grinder motor using top-grade components and carefully selected materials. You are fully assured that your mixer grinder motor has solid and long-lasting properties.

Longbank Mixer Grinder Motor

About Longbank Motor

In China, Longbank owns a manufacturing factory that occupies around 60,000 square meters. Our company employs 55 professional technical engineers and over 1000 skilled employees. As a result, Longbank has the full capacity to reach your small motors needs.

We are a manufacturing company certified to ISO14001-2004 and ISO9001:2008. Also, all our products meet the TUV, UL, and CE quality standards. Longbank will fully satisfy your needs, so choose us now!

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Mixer Grinder Motor Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank operates an automated assembly line, producing thousands of mixer grinder motors as our daily accomplishment. Longbank engineers are skillful enough; we can handle everything from material selection to the safe shipment process. Hence, you will get long-lasting and top-quality mixer grinder motors from us.

Please give us your trust and handle your mixer grinder motors custom request and more services. We serve both international and local customers. Contact us today!

More About Longbank Mixer Grinder Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Mixer Grinder Motor

Longbank has broad expertise in manufacturing and supplying mixer grinder motor products in China. Our rich expertise is an outcome of over 20 years of continuous innovation and development. Throughout the years of efforts along with our professional engineers, we can produce a complete range of mixer grinder motors for your business.

Mixer grinder motors are universal motors used as home appliances. Universal motors are not only used to mixer grinders but also used in other appliances like fans, refrigerators, meat grinders, and so on. Longbank will be your great partner if you have a business requiring mixer grinder motors.

There are 55 technical engineers are in the factory. Together, we designed a mixer grinder motor with complete spare parts such as,

  • Mixer motor fan
  • Motor flower
  • MS ring
  • Black Cap
  • Motor Steel Ball

We make sure all the spare parts and the materials we used for mixer grinder motors are 100% quality and ROHS-detected. This ensures long-lasting and durable products.

Our series of mixer grinder motors work efficiently from 18000 to 23000 RPM. Expect that when you choose universal motors like mixer grinder motors, they can have higher vibrations and noise. For the best manufacturing quality mixer grinder motors, choose Longbank.

In addition, we can custom-make your mixer grinder motors according to your ideas and requirements. Available at competitive prices, you are sure will receive the mixer grinder motors with your expected quality.

Our mixer grinder motors are well appreciated by our clients for their premium quality and excellent features.

Here are Mixer Grinder Motor Features:

  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Premium-quality
  • User-friendly
  • Superior strength
  • Robust structure
  • Improved durability

At Longbank, we manufacture mixer grinder motors that can fit your intended usage. We are using our automated assembly lines, high-quality machines, and advanced technology to develop your mixer grinder motors. Our expert R&D team guarantees that your mixer grinder motors are equipped with the qualities and properties you need.

Please contact or email us if you have further concerns.

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