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Longbank specializing in the rolling shutter motor manufacturing industry for over 22 years, providing a comprehensive line of products at a more competitive price.

Get the excellent performance rolling shutter motor at Longbank for your business need!

Rolling Shutter Motor

If you are looking for a reliable rolling shutter motor manufacturer, then you’re in the right place to be. Longbank provides the best set of motors for various applications. Whether you require a rolling shutter motor for business or personal needs, you can always trust Longbank. We test and inspect all our rolling shutter motor products; guarantee 100% satisfaction. Message us now!

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is one of the leading rolling shutter motor suppliers in China. For more than 22 years, we are providing high-quality products at a more competitive price. With a fully advanced production and assembly line, we can finish around 50,000 sets of motors every day.

If you have rolling shutter motor needs, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Longbank dedicates itself to provide top-quality rolling shutter motors. As an ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004 certificated factory, we can present perfect quality products. All of our units meet and exceed the leading industry standards, such as UL, CE, GS, 3C, VDE, TUV, etc. a

Being a top-leading enterprise in the motor manufacturing industry, Longbank can be your one-stop source. We can also provide OEM and ODM services for your rolling shutter motor needs and requirements.

More About Longbank Rolling Shutter Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Rolling Shutter Motor

Are you looking for a reliable rolling shutter motor for your business or personal requirements? Look no further, Longbank is your ideal choice. We are offering a wide range of rolling shutter motor products and options.

The Longbank rolling shutter motor comes in different types, sizes, and specifications. Utilizing innovative technology and quality materials, we can produce high-precision, modern rolling shutter motors. At Longbank, we are dedicated to providing outstanding results.

Our team engineers rolling shutter motors for longer-lasting use, ensure durability and optimum performance. Whether you need it for domestic or commercial purposes, you can find available types to fit your application. We have over 50,000 sets of motors ideal for a variety of uses with various capacities.

At Longbank, we manufacture all our rolling shutter motors in adherence to the leading industry standards. We test all materials to meet ROHS standards. As an ISO9001-2008 and ISO14001-2004 certificated supplier, we make sure all products are guaranteed quality consistency and high performance.

Utilizing high-quality raw materials and advanced technology, we can launch better results of our products. Besides, if you require a specific solution for your demand, Longbank can provide OEM service for you. We can custom design rolling shutter motors with quality assurance for years.

As an expert in the field, we ensure that all our products meet the safety parameters.

Longbank rolling shutter motor, features:

  • Smooth noiseless function
  • Four limit switches
  • Copper winding
  • Installed with electric motors
  • Can be installed on both, left or right side
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Corrosion-resistant surface
  • Scratch resistance surface

Whether installed in new or existing shutters, the Longbank rolling shutter motor operates excellently. You can find different color shades of rolling shutter motor.

Also, it requires low maintenance and offers easy cleaning. It can fit in any kind of setup perfectly. You can found the spare parts in your nearest store.

Longbank rolling shutter motors are applicable in high traffic areas, high demanding areas, and other places, such as a shop, garage, workshop, warehouse, parking lots, airports, offices, etc. This is your reliable and economical solution for your security/ barrier needs.

Longbank sets of rolling shutter motors are available at a more competitive price. It will meet your budget and application. Get smooth functioning and optimal performance rolling shutter motor here.

If you are looking for a quality rolling shutter motor, you can contact us at for more up-to-date details.

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