Professional Waterproof DC Motor Manufacturer in China

We have full capabilities to supply you with a high-quality waterproof DC motor with our 1000+ expert workers, advanced small motor production line, and 55 expert engineers.

Longbank is your one-stop waterproof DC motor provider in China with 22 years of experience.

Waterproof DC Motor

Longbank produces a wide selection of waterproof DC motors. We can design the product according to your ideas. All the materials we use for waterproof DC motors are compliant with RoHS to ensure their durability and quality. With many years of experience, Longbank has become a leading small motor supplier worldwide!

Longbank Waterproof DC Motor

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is an expert small motor manufacturer and supplier in China with 22 years of experience. We can produce over 50,000 sets of small motors per day through our advanced production and assembly lines.

All of our small motor products meet international quality standards. We have a complete certification from ISO9001-2018, RoHS, ISO14001:2014, UL, CE, and many more. Longbank also accepts OEM and ODM motors to support your brand!

Brushless DC Motor manufacturer

Waterproof DC Motor Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank is a leading small motor manufacturer in China, specialize in innovating and developing high-quality waterproof DC motors at a competitive price. With many years of experience, Longbank is now a leading producer and supplier to the big companies in China, such as Hair, Joyouing, Xiaomi, and more.

More About Longbank Waterproof DC Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Waterproof DC Motor

If you require a waterproof DC motor for your upcoming project or business, Longbank is the perfect place to come! We produce several types of waterproof DC motor to meet your demands. We are committed to supplying our customers with the highest-quality waterproof DC motor at a very reasonable rate.

Longbank waterproof DC motor is rated IP68 or IP 28 protection grade. Being the top waterproof DC motor manufacturer in China, we utilize a fully automatic small motor production line and assembly line. Longbank manufactures and distributes a wide range of waterproof DC motors for underwater operation purposes. 

Our waterproof DC motor can be a water propeller. It is a brushless electric motor that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Below are the top benefits of Longbank Waterproof DC Motor.

  • Small size
  • High water-resistant performance
  • Lightweight

Depending on your specific application, Longbank can provide you top-quality waterproof DC motor with an optional speed range from 100KV to 300KV. 

Waterproof DC Motor Application
  • electric surfboard
  • submersible equipment
  • thruster
  • surf motorcycles
  • drones
  • submersible propellers, etc.

At Longbank, you can find several models of waterproof DC motors to meet your needs. Our waterproof DC motor is available in standard and custom design. Longbank manufactures waterproof DC motors according to our customer’s requirements. If you have plans in mind, please let our team knows.

Longbank is your trusted waterproof DC motor supplier in China. We have vast knowledge and expertise in this industry. Therefore, we can guarantee cost-efficient production for improved waterproof DC motors.

You can guarantee safe and environmentally friendly products from Longbank! All of our products, including waterproof DC motors, are RoHS compliant. 

Whether you’re a distributor, supplier, or importer of waterproof DC motors, Longbank is always the best choice! You can get benefits with our great deals and low prices products to support your business!

Besides waterproof DC motor, Longbank is also an expert in brushless motorbrushed motor, dc gear motor, and many more. Longbank is your one-stop-shop small motor solution in China to skyrocket your business!

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