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Longbank is a superlative brand that manufactures the 4 Pole motors at an extensive rate. It is an ISO-certified brand that shows durability in its structure and is more efficient in its functionality.

  • Shows flexibility in control and robustness in its activity
  • Features can be adjusted according to your need
  • High lifetime and more efficient
  • Asynchronous and high rate of power production
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Custom 4 Pole Motors

Longbank manufactures 4 Pole Motor that has two pairs of magnetic poles. The configuration of north-south north-south is present in the device. It shows a high rate of speed than the 2 pole motors. 4 Pole motor contains the features of premium quality. Due to its features, it has broad applications such as in compressors, washing machines, and fans, at the industrial level for drilling, mining, and turning.

Longbank manufactures the 4 Pole motors that perform their working more efficiently and generate power at a large scale. This company also manufactures many other products that are well structured and highly efficient in their work. These products have custom features that you can reorient according to your interest. You just provide your basic features then our company will manufacture it according to your requirements.

IE2 Motor

Longbank designs the IE2 motors that are asynchronous and have a speed range of 1000- 3600rpm with a frequency of 50- 60Hz. This motor can generate an output of 0.75kw-355kw. This machine has IP55, IP56, IP65, and IP66 protection technology.

ie3 motor

Being the third class in international efficiency, Longbank also manufactures the IE3 motors. The body contains iron casting with 2, 4, and 6 poles. The rpm of the IE3 machine is 750rpm to 3600rpm at the frequency of 50Hz to 60Hz.

ie4 motor

Our company also manufactures the highly compact, asynchronous IE4 motor that yields the power of 2.2kw to 230kw. The rpm of IE4 is 750rpm to 3600rpm. The device shows three poles 2, 4, and 6. The protection technology in IE4 is IP55, IP56, and IP65.

10 pole motor

Asynchronous, High rate of speed of 3600rpm than any other motor due to less number of poles, and more efficient. It has a wide range of industrial applications and shows custom features to its buyers all over the world.

6 Pole Motor

Our company prepares the 6 pole motors that have industrial applications. Asynchronous and durable due to premium quality construction material and speed range of 1800rpm at a frequency of 50Hz. The output of the motor ranges from 144W to 13.2KW.

Motors for Explosive Atmospheres

Longbank constructs the 8 pole motors that are asynchronous and shows squirrel cage configuration. The machine shows the output of 0.09kw to 45kw. This product gives a high-efficiency rate and the speed rate at 50Hz is 900rpm.

Why Choose Longbank 4 Pole Motors

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and Ventilation

We manufacture 4 pole motor that contains enclosed fans to dissipate its inner heat. It follows internal and external heat removing pathways to cool down the system.

Optimal Features
Optimal Features

Longbank inserts the best features in the device for the proper working of the machine. These features include that it produces no noise pollution on working, working smoothly, light in weight, and custom features.

Insulation Class
Insulation Class

Longbank protects the motors by providing them with strong insulation material. Its protective material contains the casting of iron or aluminum. For the protection of the device from condensation by the environment, the device contains anti-condensational heaters.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank authorizes that the construction parts of 4 Pole Motor are the most durable material. Being an ISO-certified brand, it has got ISO9001 and many other standard certifications. All of its material has premium quality and a long-lasting impact.

What is a 4 Pole Motor

4 Pole Motors contains 2 pairs of magnetic poles such as two north poles and two south poles. It is an asynchronous device that works efficiently by keeping its internal environment cool. The motor contains the most durable construction material that makes the device durable. The insertion of anti-condensation heaters in the device protects it from environmental fluctuations. The motor contains a high level of protection that includes the IP55 and EMC. The cylindrical body of the machine makes it productive.

The presence of a rotor in the device makes its rotation smoother and more accurate. This motor also contains many other features such as no noise pollution during working, demands less input, is highly efficient in its working, and low weight which makes it better for industrial applications. It has also shown its best performance in washing machines and fans.

4 Pole Motor
Construction and Structure of IE5 Series Motors

Construction of 4 Pole Motor

4 pole motor consists of various components which play an important role in its functioning. Each part is crucial for an excellent mechanism of a low voltage 4 pole motor. Some of its modules are written here:

The Bearing System:

Longbank manufactures several items for the ease of mankind. Some of its products belong to IE2, IE3, YVFE2, and YBX3 series. The bearing system of these products can be categorized into sealed or re-greaseable.

Some products have floating bearings that belong to these (FS80 to FS160) categories which are classified according to the frame size. These bearings maintain a particular distance between the rotor and the stator while holding the moving parts.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval:

The lifetime of the bearing is known as grease life. The lubrication of the motor can be permanent or temporary. In permanent lubrication, the lifetime of the bearing is measured by the grease. It depends upon the manufacturing conditions of the 4-pole motor.

In the case of temporary lubrication, the lifetime of the bearing system is enhanced by using lubricants.  This type of lubrication is quite beneficial for those motors which face varying conditions like temperature, speed, bearing size, mechanical load, and operating conditions.

Several factors control the lifetime of the bearing. One of them is the rated velocity of the motor. An increase in the motor’s speed will begin to vibrate ultimately causing more radial and axial force on the bearings.

Some environmental conditions like temperature and poor weather conditions can affect the smooth functioning of the bearing resulting in their disruption. While fabricating a 4-pole motor, these factors are kept in mind to minimize energy losses.


Vibration or say movement in the motor is because of the rotor. The other name of the rotor is the armature. This contains a metallic component that acts as a permanent magnet. It helps in generating the alternating current. Half-key maintains the rotors dynamically.

Anti-condensation heater:

The main reason behind the fixation of anti-condensation heaters in a 4-pole motor is to maintain the standard temperature of the motor. It is equally important in hot as well as cold weather conditions.

These heaters are turned ON when the motor is off. So that the normal temperature inside the motor is maintained.

Rated Output:

The attributed yield is obtained as a result of maintaining the operating conditions of the IEC 4-pole motor. The standard conditions for this motor are temperature ((-15oC to 40oC) and the altitude (1000m) from sea level.

Voltage and Frequency:

4-pole motors belong to two categories which are category A and category B. the voltage and frequency are maintained in a narrow range of ±5 % and ±2% respectively. Similarly, the voltage and frequency of category B can fluctuate ±10% and +3% / -5% respectively. Category A has a 10K higher temperature than category B.


IE2, YVFE2, YBX3, IE3, and other series of motors are highly effective in several functions. It is just because of the novel features of the entities. Some of these features are described here:

  • The lifetime for permanent lubrication is 20000 hours.
  • While the lifetime for re-greaseable bearings is 8000 hours.
  • When the coolant temperature is increased by 10K, the bearing’s lifetime is reduced to one-half.
  • The anti-condensation heater of FS80 to FS355 has a power range from 20W to 100W.
  • The potential difference between a 4-pole motor having the frame size of FS80 to FS355 is 220V.
  • The sturdy nature of the frame of the 4-pole motor is due to cast iron.
  • It has a vertical-horizontal radiator structure.
  • The 4-pole motor has a beautiful outlook with good mechanical strength.
  • The small sheets inside the motor are made of high-quality silicone sheets named laminations.
  • The stator and rotor are composed of an iron core which induces magnetism.
  • The electromagnetic wire is highly insulated.
  • The stator with winding is VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) coated which improves its electrical properties.
  • For ventilation, the structure of the 4-pole motor is divided into internal and external air paths.
  • Inner heat is moved towards the inner heat dissipation path through the internal fan and rotor air blade.
  • The external heat remover maintains the internal temperature by dissipating the heat on the base shell.
  • Aluminum or copper can be embedded in place of iron in the stator and rotor.
  • The air gap is calculated by the G1.0 level.
  • The axial motion of the fan in the external fan is maintained to effectively dissipate the heat.
  • At 50Hz the rpm of the 4-pole motor is 1500 while at 60Hz it is 1800.

The external fan minimizes the ventilation noise.

4 Pole Motor

Wholesale 4 Pole Motors supplier in China

Wholesale 4 Pole Motors supplier in China

You can trust the Longbank in the case of 4 Pole motors for the best quality features. Its main unit is located in China. The presence of the best quality features makes it durable and strong. The 4 Pole motor has broadcasting approaches such as in industries for various purposes, fans, cranes, compressors, washing machines, mixers, and pumps.


Advantages of ie5 series Motors

The IEC low voltage 4- pole motors are now replacing the old motors due to their increased efficiency. You are now able to save energy for future generations. Some of its advantages are described here:

  • The material of the motor makes it durable.
  • These motors come at affordable prices.
  • The 4-pole motors are available in various series that have fascinating features.
  • The designs of the 4-pole motor can be manufactured according to the buyer’s request.
  • These 4-pole motors are highly preferred due to low noise, enhanced speed, and good operating conditions.
Applications of IEC Low Voltage Motors

People are now using 4-pole motors are now using in several fields of life. Some of their uses are explained here:

  • Many pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, paper industries, and food industries are now installing these motors to fulfill their needs.
  • Many agricultural areas are now using this motor to complete their tasks.
  • You can install them in your homes to minimize the electricity bills.
  • These motors are now installed in wind turbines, blowers, fans, and conveyors.
  • Ships are also facilitated with these motors to run all the equipment of the ships.

Different types of machinery use these 4-pole motors to perform well.

IE5 Series Motor on wholesale

For purchasing the motor, you must confirm the specifications of the motor such as size, color, shape, type, or body configuration. You can also customize the features of the motor according to your requirements.

You can place the order on the main website of the company. After the payment is received, the product will be released to the mentioned address. If you notice any damage to the product, you can contact us via email at or call at +86 153 1458 8251. For more information, you can contact us.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop 4-Pole Motor Solution in China

For the confirmation of the best quality product, Longbank has its experimental place of motors such as testing panels of automation, hub motor system, and endurance testing of the machine. All products especially 4 Pole Motor are ISO certified and got many other certifications such as ROHS, CE, GS, TUV, CCC, UL, and many other standards. All of these achievements confirm that the motor has the best quality components with a maximum production rate. We can also customize the features of the product according to the requirements of clients.

  • “Longbank is one of the trusted suppliers in China. Since its beginning, it is only supplying ISO-certified products. A 4-pole motor is highly efficient in its working.”

  • “Longbank manufactures 4 Pole Motor at a large scale for the benefit of mankind. The working of machines is most efficient that it is highly productive in all industries. It is the best invention of this period.”

  • “I am buying 4-pole motors from Longbank for a long time. Every time the quality is assured with high productivity due to its several certificates. Thank you, Longbank!”

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