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Longbank has been a worldwide leader that focuses on right angle DC gear motor production since 1972. We euphorically manufacture and supply a wide range of right-angle DC gear motors at the most competitive price.

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Right Angle DC Gear Motor

If your motor market demands a sufficient supply of a right angle DC gear motor, Longbank practically gives you the quickest solution! We develop in providing a chained series of right-angle DC gear motors that correspond with exceptional features, epitome quality, versatile characteristics, and enduring performance. For your reference, we have listed the top-charting models of right-angle DC gear motors that you can see below.

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is China’s supreme pride for small motor materials. We opened our motor business in 1972 and urgently received a prestigious acknowledgment coming from the fantastic group of motor business owners globally. Longbank generally innovates different small motor products, including brushless motor, DC motor, induction motor, RO pump series motor, and many more. It has explicit features that are suitable for specific applications.

Along with the highest-technology manufacturing equipment, we can produce 50,000 sets of small motors output daily. Do you need specific motor parts? Enquire us now for assistance!

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Right Angle DC Gear Motor Expert Manufacturing Line

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Longbank is one of the most successful companies in China that centralizes in right-angle DC gear motor manufacturing. Our company covers a 60,000 sq. m. production facility and supervises 1000+ factory employees and 55+ technical engineers. In Longbank, all the materials we use centrally comply with the RoHS standard, so you can guarantee that our product is environmentally friendly and safe. 

If you want a right-angle DC gear motor that is fully ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, UL, GS, CE, 3C, VDE, TUVD certified, come and visit Longbank!

More About Longbank Right Angle DC Gear Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Right Angle DC Gear Motor

Do you want to improve the performance of your mechanical machines and equipment using the correct motor? Longbank has plenty of recommendations! We have gained 22+ years in providing motor solutions and supporting motor business owners by providing the exact small motor parts.

Longbank introduces one of our company’s top-charting motor products, the right angle DC gear motor. So what does a right angle DC gear motor mean? How come it is highly beneficial to your mechanical machines and equipment? Please, take time to read the following facts about the general function and benefits of using right-angle DC gear to your appliances.

The right angle DC gear motor is an electric motor that consolidates with a powerful gear reducer with a perpendicular position of the output shaft to the input shaft. It is also the most selected gear motor for automated equipment that more likely experienced a limited space and higher torque requirements. 

Right Angle DC Gear Motor Features:

  • Field with an interchangeable output shaft
  • Precision machine aluminum
  • Lubrication breather
  • Permanent lubrication with oil bath
  • All proper ball bearing

Engineers centrally use the highest standard gear technologies in designing and manufacturing a series of right-angle DC gear motors. It includes spiral bevel gears, worm gears, and hypoid gears. The said materials grant the uniformity function of the right angle DC gear motor that significantly contributes to your equipment’s 100% consistency and compact operation. 

Right Angle DC Gear Motor Characteristics:

  • Gear technology
  • Number of gear stages
  • Motor type
  • Other mechanical features

Longbank right angle DC gear motor sustains the towering starting force and variable-speed control accuracy. It is a lightweight gear motor that mounts easily to your machines and equipment.

In processing the right angle DC gear motor, Longbank only uses those materials that perceive the RoHS material standards. Our right angle DC gear motor comes with different volume series and high power up-gradation. 

Right Angle DC Gear Motor Applications:

  • Medical
  • Beverage dispensing
  • Material handling
  • Foodservice machine
  • Packaging equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Industrial equipment

Longbank right angle DC gear motor is available in A01, B00, D00, E00, G00, K00-01 models. We can also provide you with a custom right-angle DC gear motor model by following your standard requirements and applications. We have extensive experience promoting an efficient and reliable right angle DC gear motor part for your industrial purposes. 

Longbank surrounds by veteran engineers who passionately work to provide you with enduring performances of right-angle DC gear motors. Our company successfully records 50,000 finish gear motor sets daily with the vast influence of using advanced manufacturing equipment. 

More fascinating about our services is that Longbank has the quickest delivery staff who can deliver the bulk of all your orders in the shortest time without experiencing any delays and flaws. 

Longbank acknowledges as the #1 company in the entire right angle DC gear motor production line. Please do not hesitate to communicate with one of our staff for prompt responses and rapid assistance for your inquiries and satisfactions.

Avail now with your right-angle DC gear motor at the most competitive price!

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