Professional 10.5kv Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is the most professional and unique brand that has been manufacturing the 10.5kv Motor in large amounts for several years. The device’s premium features and working proficiency make it a highly productive brand.

  • Maximum efficiency rates are nearly about 99%
  • Internal cooling keeps the machine at an optimum rate
  • Reliable and compact constructional concept
  • High mechanical rigidity and no noise during working
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Custom 10.5kv Motors

Longbank manufactures 10.5kv Motors that are portable, asynchronous, and hard to decay. The variable magnetic poles of the device maintain their rotational speed. The structure of the Motor also reduces its eddy current. The installation of unbeatable features in the device enhances its application, including its use in high-power mixers, mine hoists, conveyors, and high-power compressors for pipelines, cranes, and chemical industries.

Longbank is a reliable company for the production of 10.5kv Motors. The operating performance of the machine is efficient for all industrial work. We also give offer product customization to our clients. Our company propositions their customers the customization of the product. Provide your specific features and then get the particular products. After this, our exceptional team will design it according to your need.

Longbank designed the 3.3kv Motor that is condensed in structure and asynchronous. The machine’s rotational speed varies with the device’s poles and yields energy of 200 to 9000KW. The device contains the mounting type of foot mount.

Longbank builds the 6.3kv Motor that is asynchronous and compressed in structure. The rotational speed varies with frequency and number of poles and produces the power of 200 to 9000KW, and weight varies with the parts of the machine.

Our company makes the 6.6kv Motor that is asynchronous and rotates with the adjustable poles with the power of 200 to 9000KW. Characteristically weighs varies with the parts of the machine and shows the protection of IP55 at 50Hz.

Longbank creates the 11kv Motor with the four poles and offers the protection technology of IP 55. The rotational speed varies with the poles, and weight varies with the device parts, which shows the design of the IM B3.

The Motor shows a rotation according to the number of poles and variable weight adjusted according to the machine parts. Express the protection of IP 23 with the insulation class of H grade.

Longbank manufactures the asynchronous and dense body motor with a high voltage of 16.8kv, and speed varies with poles. Expresses the chassis mounting type with the device’s installation of the standard diode.

Why Choose Longbank 10.5kv Motor

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and ventilation

Longbank manufactures the 10.5kv Motor that has an internal cooling and ventilation process. The exhausting fan is attached inside the machine’s cylindrical box that maintains the Motor’s temperature at an optimum rate. Thus, the device works smoothly and efficiently.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank is an ISO-certified brand that produces products of the best quality. All the manufacturing parts of the machine contain rugged and durable material that augments the quality and working span of the device. Due to the confirmation of best quality, the machine has many other attainments.

Optimal Features
Optimal features

Longbank adds the ideal features to its devices that make their work accurate. The device’s optimal characteristics include minor vibration during the performance, making the product environmentally friendly and portable. The custom feature is also a feature that we offer to our clients.

Insulation Class
Insulation Class

For the device’s insulation, the machine contains the hard and resistive laminated material of iron or copper that shield the device from environmental changes. The installation of anti-condensational heaters also saves it from moisture. Protection technology of IP systems also aids in defense of the machine.

What is the 10.5kv Motor?

10.5kv device is a high voltage motor that rotates with the variable velocity according to the poles of the device. The alternating magnetic poles exist in both the north and south directions with the power of 200 to 9000kw. Mounting of IM B3 with the cooling mechanism of IC 01 shows the weightage of the machine according to the body parts.

The rotor of the device regulates the precise rotation of 10.5kv. Many other brilliant features are present in the device, such as easy to manage, most resistive body material, and no noise during working that you can install anywhere.

Are high voltage motors more efficient for the same power

Construction of 10.5kV Motor

10.5kV motor is one of the most innovative ideas of Longbank. This motor needs high input voltage to accomplish the task of heavy-loaded objects. Longbank offers several series (YXKK, Y, YKS, YKK, YPTKK, and YPTKS) of motors that present various models with only a few varying properties.

All the models of 10.5kV have some common elements that control the overall productivity of the motor. These elements are discussed here briefly:


The robust box-shaped frame makes the 10.5kV motor highly adjustable and convenient for installation. You can ask Longbank’s team to manufacture your desired structure for the particular engine.


The material makes the motor highly durable, enhancing productivity and the engine’s quality. Usually, copper comprises 99% of the stator. Significant installation and many other vital systems help the motor to achieve the results.


Aluminum casting along with silicon core improves the quality and efficiency of the motor to a great extent. However, several engines contain copper casting. The motor winding is usually done without machines to ensure a better connection and achieve sound output.

The Bearing System:

The bearing system of 10.5kV is highly efficient in maintaining the productivity of the motor. The bearings of this motor can be confined or free to move depending upon the model type. The freely rotating directions are usually found in FS80 to FS160 motors. These bearings play a significant role in maintaining the air space between the rotor and the stator and sustaining the load.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval:

Grease imparts a crucial role in controlling the motor’s efficiency. A little deviation in oil disturbs the motor’s productivity. Sealed motor bearings have a lesser period than re-greaseable motors. Frequent oiling improves the lifetime of the motor by many times.

Similarly, several other factors play a vital role in sustaining the motor’s effectiveness, including temperature, operating conditions, motor speed, the size of bearings, and the amount of load. A hot and cold environment can cut the smooth functioning of the motor.

  • The bearing’s lifetime is reduced at high temperatures.
  • Any variation in mounting conditions can disturb the smooth activity of the 10.5kV motor.
  • Over-weighted motors can also reduce the motor’s efficiency.
  • The bearing’s size can also hinder the motor from achieving the enhanced yield.
  • Over-speed of the motor can lessen the efficiency instead of increasing it.


The toing and froing of the rotor generate vibration. This rotor contains several small sheets of metal known as laminations that act as magnets after the passing of alternating current. Half-key method stabilizes the rotors dynamically. The enhanced speed over a specific limit will pressurize the bearings axially and radially, resulting in declined efficiency.

Anti-Condensation Heater:

In primitive motors, the increased temperature of the surrounding cause the condensation of the motor’s windings resulting in the decreased efficiency of the motor. But now, Longbank has fixed this difficulty by installing anti-condensation heaters inside the motor. These heaters initiate their work after the completion of motor functions.

Structure Features

The 10.5kV motor possesses several charming features that compel buyers around the world. Some of its specifications are discussed here briefly:

  • The bearing’s lifetime is 20,000 hours for sealed motors, while its 40,000 hours for re-greaseable motors.
  • An increase in coolant temperature decreases the bearing’s period by one-half.
  • The power of anti-condensation heaters is 2.5kW.
  • The potential difference of this motor is 10500V which makes it a high voltage motor.
  • The motor can yield variable results depending upon the motor’s speed and frequency.
  • 10.5kV motor owns variable poles in its stator that affect the motor’s speed.
  • Aluminum casting with the core of Silicon has remarkable effects on the motor’s performance.
  • The mounting type of the 10.5kV motor is IM B3.
  • This motor retains the IP23 protection technology.
  • IC 01 is the cooling technology of this motor.
  • The approximate body weight of a 10.5kV motor is 17700kg.
  • Longbank offers this motor in only one piece.
  • The frame of this motor makes it quite sturdy.
  • 10.5kV motor possesses the vertical-horizontal structure of its radiator.
  • Longbank manufactures an appealing design for this motor.
  • Small energy sheets help in the maintenance of energy losses.
  • The stator and rotor’s body material makes the motor highly magnetic.
  • The insulated wire of the 10.5kV motor protects the other components of the motor.
  • VPI covering enhances the electrical properties of the motor.
  • External and internal fans finalize the ventilation of the 10.5kV motor.
  • These fans dissipate the heat and maintain the temperature of the motor.
  • Air space is measured by using the G1.0 level.
  • The outer fan expels the extra heat and minimizes the noise.

Customized 10.5kv Motor supplier in China

Longbank is the principal industry that disseminates its product to all major world regions. The company’s devices contain the most advanced features that make them progressive inventions. 10.5kv motor is the highly developed and best quality feature. Get customized parts according to your choice. Our experienced engineers demand only the specific features and get the desired results.

Longbank has its analysis spot for inspecting the working of the machine. The industry has its testing panels of automation, endurance testing of the device, and checking the hub motor system. After revising its performance, we release the machinery into the market.

The increasing demand for 10.5kV motors is because of its multiple advantages, which are elucidated here:

  • 10.5kV motor has a robust body with enhanced mechanical strength and IP protection technology.
  • The lifetime of bearings is much better than other motors.
  • You can buy a 10.5kV Motor from Longbank in the affordable range.
  • This Motor is available in different models with few changing elements.
  • You can negotiate with Longbank’s expert team to manufacture your Motor according to your design pattern.
  • The sensors control the smooth functioning of the 10.5kV Motor.
  • The Motor generates minimum noise with much higher output.
  • Protection technologies defend the Motor against several environments.
  • The Motor can perform well under harsh operating conditions.
  • The Motor performs its activity at its constant frequency and speed.

Manifold functions of the 10.5kV Motor have enhanced the demand for this Motor. A few of its best areas of applications are discussed here briefly:

  • As a 10.5kV Motor is one of the high voltage motors, it has covered a large industrial area.
  • Petrochemical industries use them to refine oil.
  • Pharmaceutical industries install them to synthesize the drugs.
  • It finds applications in cement, paper, food, ships, and electrical industries.
  • You can fix them in wind turbines.
  • Modern agricultural technologies are now being invented, including 10.5kV motors.

When you purchase the order of your device, you must confirm specifications such as the frequency, power generated by the Motor, voltage, mounting type, configuration, size of the frame, and protection technology. You can also insert the structures of your own choice.

You can find the quote on the main website of the company. After the payment verification, we shall deliver the product to the mentioned address. In case of any damage to the Motor, contact us via email at or call +86 153 1458 8251. For more information, you can contact us.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop 10.5kv Motor Solution in China

Since 1972, Longbank has been manufacturing the 10.5kv. The device is an ISO-certified brand with many certifications, such as ISO9001-2008, UL, TUVD, CCC, CE, and ROHS. All of these authentications authorize the presence of the best quality features in the device. Our engineering unit also owns the durable parts of Motor.

  • “We have purchased the product of 10.5kv Motor from Longbank. It was my incredible experience with this Motor that gave the extreme output. Thanks a lot!”

  • “Longbank authorizes the quality of the product. It empowers its customers by maximum productive rate and quality declaration.”

  • “10.5kv Motor has a beautiful human appearance. The machine’s design is first-rate, from its original part to its working. Its design is deliberating to its functional property. Thanks a lot, Longbank.”

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