Professional 11kv Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is the most sterling and excellent brand that has been manufacturing the 11kv motor in bulk amounts since 1972. The insertion of quality features in the machine and the efficient working make it successful.

  • Light in weight and steel welded structure
  • Internal cooling keeps the machine optimum
  • Most reliable and extremely compact design
  • Produces slight vibration during working
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Custom 11kv Motors

Longbank manufactures 11kv Motors that are hard to decay, low in weight, steel welded structure, standard interface, and asynchronous. The device maintains the speed according to the presence of the poles. The structural design of the device lessens the eddy current. Due to its unconventional features contain a vast range of applications such as mixers, large pipelines of water, blast furnace blowers, cranes, mine winders, chemical industries, and conveyors.

Longbank is a right-hand company for the production of 11kv Motors. The motor yields maximum energy for all types of business. Product customization is also a feature that we offer to our clients. Our professional engineers need the specifications for the custom product and then manufacture it according to their desire.

Longbank constructs the 3.3kv motor that is asynchronous and condensed in structure. The rotational speed varies with magnetic poles and adjustable frequency and yields energy of 200 to 9000kw.

Longbank manufactures the 6.3kv motor that is asynchronous and compact in structure. The variable magnetic poles adjust the device’s speed and produce energy of 200 to 9000kw.

Our company constructs the 6.6kv motor that is asynchronous, and rotation velocity varies with magnetic poles. Typically, weight is adjusted according to the body parts and represents the protection of IP55 at 50Hz.

10.5kv motor shows the installation of variable poles that control the device’s rotational velocity with the mounting type of IM B3 and crops energy of 200 to 9000KW. Represents the chilling of IC 611, and weight is adjusted according to the body parts.

Our company manufactures the 13kv motor that shows the rotational speed according to the poles and weight varies with details of the machine. Presents the protection technology of IP 23 with the lamination class of H grade. Yields a high-efficiency rate.

Longbank manufactures the asynchronous motor in compressed design with a high voltage of 16.8kv, and velocity varies with magnetic poles. Exist the chassis mounting type with the device’s installation of the standard diode.

Why Choose Longbank 11kv Motor

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and ventilation

11kv Motor of Longbank works smoothly and accurately by keeping its temperature optimum. For this purpose, the machine has an internal cooling and ventilation mechanism. The fan has an exhausting fan attached inside the machine’s cylindrical shape. This fan removes the extra heat and keeps the device cool.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank manufactures products of premium quality and is an ISO-certified brand. The constructional material of the machine contains rugged and durable material that enhances the excellence and working span of the device. Due to the quality guarantee, the machine has got many other certifications.

Optimal Features
Optimal features

The presence of the best features makes its working accurate and smooth. Optimal appearances of the motor include the working produces slight vibration, portable, and making it environmentally friendly. Clients can also add custom features to the machine.

Insulation Class
Insulation Class

Longbank shields the machine with the hard lamination of iron or copper that protect the engine from environmental variations. The presence of anti-condensational heaters also aids its immunity. Protection technology of IP systems is also present in the device.

What is the 11kv motor?

11kv device is the high voltage motor that shows the variable rotation with magnetic poles. Alternative magnetic poles of the device are four in number and display a high energy rate. The cylindrical body of the device has variable body weight according to its parts. IP 55 protection technology is present with the cooling of IC 81W water-cooled.

The rotor of the 11kv Motor shows the exact rotation. The device also contains many other favorable features, such as rigid and resistive construction, no noise during working, and easy to manage that you can place it anywhere.

Are high voltage motors more efficient for the same power

Construction of 11kV Motor

Longbank assembles various high voltage motors along with IEC reduced voltage motors. These motors extant a variety of models which have unusual features. The professional experts of Longbank please their buyers worldwide through its IEC-verified products. Each engine owns multiple parts, which are elucidated herein:

The Bearing System

Some of the series of 11kV motors are YXKK, Y, YKS, YKK, YPTKK, and YPTKS. One of their standard components is the bearing system. This bearing system can be oiled frequently or once in its whole life. Due to this, the 11kV motor is classified into sealed or re-greased motors.

11kV motor presents two forms of bearings, such as moving or restricted. These types of bearings are found in motors with changeable frame sizes. The principal role of this bearing system is to sustain a specific distance between the stator and the rotor and assist in the spinning of objects.


The frame of the 11kV motor seems like a box with an easy installation system. The appearance of the engine makes it more attractive to buyers. Longbank offers multiple motors with varying frame sizes possessing different bearings.


The stator of the motor helps in achieving the rated output. The result of an 11kV motor depends upon the material of the stator, which must be magnetizable. Therefore, 99% pure copper is embedded inside the stator to achieve the highest productivity. Windings around the stator is a hand task.


The rotor contains aluminum casting with a silicon core to maximize the output. Longbank offers several motors that have copper in the rotor. The shafts provide more capacity and efficiency to the motor.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval

The lubricant determines the period of bearings. Any mess in grease’s configuration will cut down the motor’s efficiency. The re-greaseable engines have a prolonged lifetime than eternally greased motors. A hot and cold atmosphere can lessen the motor’s yield.

  • The rise in the motor’s temperature trims down the bearing’s time.
  • Mounting conditions must be monitored to attain the ideal consequences.
  • The speed of the 11kV motor is planned to achieve maximum output.
  • The bearings’ size and the load’s bulkiness also control the motor’s yield.


The toing and froing of the motor generates vibration. The vibration level of the 11kV motor also touches the overall proficiency. An escalation in beat applies more force on the axial and radial edges of the bearings. The rotor comprises small metal sheets that generate poles after passing the alternating current. Half-key soothes the rotors while rotating.

Anti-Condensation Heater

The elevated temperature of the surrounding can condense the windings of the stator. This difficulty is resolved by anti-condensation heaters, which turn on after the motor’s activity. 11kV motor and these heaters accomplish their task interchangeably.

Features of 11kV Motor

An 11kV motor deals with several attractive stipulations that aid the Longbank get more circulation worldwide. A few of its distinctive features converse here briefly:

  • The lifetime of an 11kV engine is 20,000 hours in sealed motors.
  • The re-greaseable motors have a period of 40,000 hours.
  • A rise in coolant temperature can minimize the bearing’s period by one-half.
  • The power of the anti-condensation heaters is in the range of 200- 9000kW.
  • The potential difference of this high voltage motor is 11,000V.
  • The outlook of the body is due to its body material.
  • The structure of the emitter is vertical-horizontal.
  • Laminations sustain energy losses.
  • AC can magnetize the fabric of the stator and the rotor.
  • The shielded wire of the motor preserves other parts of the motor.
  • VPI glazing expands the electrical properties of the motor.
  • For aeration, the structure of the motor is distributed into internal and external air paths.
  • The inner core heat is forwarded towards the rotor air blade and outside.
  • The motor’s temperature is controlled when the external heat emitter dispels the heat.
  • At 50Hz and 60Hz, the motor possesses variable speed with varying output.
  • The body weight of this motor is adjustable.
  • The motor includes IP 55 protection system with IC 81W water-cooled technology.
  • 11kV motor is one of the best motors owing to a variable number of poles generating different rotational speeds.
  • The mounting type of this motor is IM B3.

Customized 11kv Motor supplier in China

Longbank is a highly professional and trusted industry that disseminates its product to all major world areas. The company’s devices contain the most advanced characteristics that make them outstanding inventions. 11kv is one of them that has developed and quality features. Get customized parts according to your choice. Just provide your desirable features and get the desired results.

Longbank has its checking place for confirming the working of the machine. The company has its automation testing panels, Motor hub system, and endurance testing of the device. We release the product into the market, After reviewing its performance.

Many people are now installing high-voltage 11kV motors. This advancement is because of the countless features of the 11kV engine. Some of its benefits are written here:

  • The material of the motor expands its lifetime.
  • You can buy an 11kV motor at a reasonable price.
  • The 11kV motors are accessible in multiple series that have charming qualities.
  • Longbank’s team can construct your 11kV motor according to your design.
  • The body of the engine is defended against environmental effects.
  • Multiple sensors control the optimum activity of the motor.
  • 11kV motor generates the slightest sound with high speed and is proficient in working under difficult operating conditions.

11kV motors are used for different purposes in several fields. Some of their uses are described here:

  • Pharmaceutical industries use 11kV motors to run instruments that are involved in the synthesis of medicinal products.
  • Many petrochemical industries are replacing their old motors with 11kV engines to refine the crude oil with excellent yield.
  • Food industries use these motors to produce and preserve several food items.
  • 11kV motors are now fixed in agriculture to achieve all the tasks like food synthesis for animals and water of the fields.
  • These motors are now fixed in wind turbines.
  • Ships and paper industries are also designed with this 11kV motor to run all the instruments.
  • Heavy machinery items of mills like drills are now fixing such high voltage motors to complete the task.
  • Cement industries use 11kV high voltage motors to mix the raw material in rotary kilns.
  • 11kV motors are now fixed in heavy fans to minimize the heat content.

When ordering the machine, you must specify features such as the size of the frame, type of mounting, protection technology, power generated by the motor, configuration, frequency, and voltage. You can also add custom features to the device.

Get a quote for a product from the main website of the brand. After the payment confirmation, we shall deliver the product to the mentioned place. In case of any fault to the motor, contact us via email at or call +86 153 1458 8251. For more information, you can contact us.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop 11kv Motor Solution in China

Since 1972, Longbank has been manufacturing the 11kv motor. ISO certification of the brand has achieved many certificates, such as ROHS, ISO9001-2008, TUVD, CCC, CE, and UL. All of these verifications confirm the presence of high-quality features in the device. Our constructional unit also owns the durable parts of the motor.

  • “We have purchased the product of 11kv Motor from Longbank. It was my great experience with this brand that gave the extreme output. Thanks a lot!”

  • “Longbank confirms the quality of the product. It guarantees its customers maximum proficiency rate and quality assurance.”

  • “11kv Motor has the most attractive physical appearance. The machine’s enterprise is first-rate, from its initial part to its performance. Its design is deliberating to its functional property. Thanks a lot, Longbank.”

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