Professional 1kv Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is a unique brand that manufactures 1kv motors worldwide. All of its products are ISO-certified that yield maximum productivity and enhanced durability.

  • Affordable and more efficient
  • Asynchronous and high productive rate
  • The product can be customized with favorable features
  • Easy to manage and install
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Custom 1kv Motors

Longbank manufactures a 1kv Motor that contains the magnetic poles in alternative forms. Devise represents the north-south configuration. The rotational speed of a 1kv motor at 50Hz is 3000rpm with a rated torque of 1.8. Due to its unconventional features, it has been used extensively, such as in washing machines, fans, and compressors, at the industrial working for mining, turning, and drilling.

Longbank manufactures the 1kv motors that produce energy at an efficient rate. Following company products are also well organized and represent the maximum output. Our company also offers the facility of custom features. We demand only the specifications from the client and deliver him a sound production.

Longbank manufactures the 2kv motor that rotates at the rate of 1450rpm when the frequency is 50Hz. Application in the compressor.

3kv motor yields the output of 185kw to 500kw at 50 to 60Hz with the IE3 efficiency. Protection technology is present in the device.

4kv is asynchronous with the power production of 4000w. It shows multiple ways of protection and is available in the form of 50Hz or 60Hz.

5kv motor generates the power of 6.5kw to 1000kw, and ISO verified with the rotation of 1500rpm at 50Hz and 1800rpm at 60Hz. Shows applications in the chemical industry.

6Kv motor is asynchronous that yields the power of 185KW to 2500KW at 50Hz. Three-phase machine with IEC verified. Applicable in washing machines.

Longbank constructs the 7kv motor and produces the output of 5.5kw. Weighted at 98kg with a smooth rotation of 3600rpm. Applicable in conveyors.

Why Choose Longbank 1kv Motors

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and Ventilation

Longbank manufactures 1kv Motors that produces the energy of maximum rate. The machine contains the ventilation process for cooling. Such as, the fan is present inside it that keeps the temp optimum.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank keeps the tp-rated quality of 1kv due to its durable features. Being an ISO-certified brand, it contains iron casting that protects the device from environmental effects. These features also enhance its life span.

Optimal Features
Feature Optimization

Longbank produces optimized feature products that work in an environment-friendly manner. Such as no noise pollution, low weight, smooth working, and easy to manage. Our company also offers the facility of custom features for our customers.

Insulation Class
Insulation Class

Longbank laminates the device with rigid and protective sheets such as iron casting protects the device. It also contains IP protection technology with anti-condensational heaters that protect the motors from environmental fluctuations.

What are the 1kv Motors?

1kv Motors are a three-phase system with a rotational speed of 3000rpm at 50Hz. Asynchronous motor shows the IE1 efficiency with the stator current of 95 to 200A. The machine rotates at 3000rpm at 50Hz and is asynchronous. Stator current ranges from 95 to 200A. ISO certified brand and applicable in crushes, mills, cranes, mixers, compressors, conveyors, and fans.

The rotor of the device keeps the rotation precise and accurate. Optimum features of the device enhance its products such as no noise pollution, environment friendly, and low in weight. The device’s body contains resistive material that protects the device from environmental effects. Anti-condensational heaters also protect it from humidity.


Construction of 1kV Motor

While manufacturing a 1kV IEC low voltage motor, several parts are installed inside the motor’s body. These components are highly efficient in determining the overall productivity of the engine. A few of its elements are described here briefly:

The Bearing System

Longbank offers numerous series of IEC low voltage motors. Some of these series are IE2, YVFE2, YBX3, IE3, and IE4. The bearing system of these motors is usually greased in intervals to improve the motor’s yield.

The bearing system of the 1kV motor either floated or joined. Unconfined bearings belong to engines with a frame size of 80-160. The maintenance of a certain distance between the stator and the rotor is under the control of bearings. They also provide support to the rotating load.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval

The bearing’s period depends upon the type of grease. Any variation in the lubrication method will primarily affect the motor’s productivity. Oiling the engine in regular intervals improves the lifetime of the 1kV motor. Some other factors include the exterior temperature, operating conditions, motor speed, type of bearing system, and load.


When the 1kV motor is turned ON, it produces vibration. The rotor contains small metal sheets which have poles like a magnet. Half-key assists in the stabilization of the rotors. Any hindrance in the average speed of the motor leads to a reduction in the motor’s efficiency.

Anti-Condensation Heater

During summer weather, the high temperature affects the motor’s windings. This problem is resolved by installing anti-condensation heaters. These heaters and the motor itself work in alternate manners.

Rated Output

While manufacturing a 1kV motor, all its standard operating conditions are kept in view so that you can achieve a rated output. Two main conditions are temperature (-15oC to 40oC) and its height (1000m) above sea level.

Voltage and Frequency

Class A motors’ voltage and frequency fluctuations are ±5 % and ±2%, respectively. While for class B motors, the same factors vary by ±10% and +3% / -5% respectively. Both of these classes are IEC certified. Class A motors can bear a temperature of 10K more than class B motors.

Features of 1kV Motor

A few peculiar features of a 1kV motor are elaborated here:

  • One-time lubricated motors have a period of only 20,000 hours.
  • Frequent oiling upgrades the lifetime up to 40,000 hours.
  • The bearing’s lifetime is inversely related to the temperature.
  • The power of this motor is 0.75kW to 2500kW.
  • The potential difference is 1000V.
  • Cast iron makes the sturdy frame of the motor.
  • The outlook of the motor is outstanding.
  • Metal sheets help in the maintenance of energy losses.
  • The insulation of electromagnetic wire prevents the damage loss of other components.
  • VPI layering protects the motor’s windings.
  • Ventilation is maintained through two different pathways such as external and internal mechanisms.
  • Both these components follow different ways to expel the heat.
  • The inner fan dissipates the internal heat towards the ventilation path. At the same time, the outer fan expels it to the outside. It helps in maintaining the motor’s temperature.
  • G1.0 scale helps calculate the air gap between the rotor and the stator.
  • 1kV motor is available at variable speed.

The outer fan can reduce the motor’s working noise.

Class C Design

Customized 1kv Motors supplier in China

Longbank is a trusted brand in the case of 1kv motors designed according to the present age. The device already contains advanced features but can also add custom features. This motor has wide applications in cranes, mixers, compressors, conveyors, fans, and washing machines.

Longbank has its analysis spot for checking the working of the machine. Such as hub motor system, endurance testing of the device, and automation testing system. All products, especially 1kv Motor, are ISO verified and got many other achievements such as ROHS, CE, UL, TUV, CCC, GS, and many different standards. All of these represent the quality of products.

The increasing demand for a 1kV motor is due to its vast benefits. These are manufactured by following the green chemistry rules that have just become the need of this time. Their multiple leading points can best understand the dominance of 1kV motors. Some of them are enrolled here:

  • The motor fabrication material makes it highly durable.
  • The price of a 1kV motor is reasonable.
  • 1kV motor produces the slightest noise while running.
  • You can design a 1kV motor according to your necessities.
  • IP protection technology is installed inside the motor’s body.
  • This motor has a rated output with several applications.
  • Multiple sensors control the smooth functioning of the engine.
  • 1kV motor produces a minor noise and maximum result and can bear harsh operating conditions.

1kV motor has different applications in several disciplines of life. Some of them are described here briefly:

  • Drug manufacturing industries are now installing 1kV motors.
  • You can fit them in your homes, offices, and stores to run various equipment.
  • Petroleum industries use them to refine crude petroleum.
  • Food technologists are replacing their old motors with 1kV motors.
  • Different activities in agricultural areas are now accomplished with these motors.
  • This motor operates another electronic instrument, heavy kitchen items, and wind turbines.
  • Ship manufacturing industries install them to run various electrical appliances.
  • This motor covers electronic wheelchairs, paper industries, and several other areas of life.
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Since 1972, Longbank has been manufacturing the 1kv motor. The device has many certifications such as ROHS, CE, TUVD, CCC, UL, and ISO9001-2008. All of these certifications authorize the presence of the best premium quality features in the device. Our factory unit also owns the durable parts of the motor.

  • “We have purchased the product of 1kv Motor from Longbank. It was my tremendous experience with this device that gave the extreme output. Thanks a lot!”

  • “Longbank guarantees the quality of the product. It enables its customers by maximum productive rate and quality assurance.”

  • “1kv Motor has a beautiful physical appearance. The machine’s design is first-rate, from its initial part to its working. Its design is conferring to its functional property. Thanks a lot, Longbank.”

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