Professional 6kv Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is the uppermost manufacturing industry for 6kv motors in China. The accumulation of advanced structures in the device increases efficiency and maintenance for an extended period.

  • Easy to manage and portable
  • Advanced features with a high proficiency rate
  • Produces slight vibration on working
  • Anti-condensational heaters protect the device from moist
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Custom 6kv Motors

Longbank fabricates a 6kv Motor with marginal magnetic ends in north and south directions. The output of the 185kw to 2500kw at 50Hzand IEC verified. The device’s advanced features increase its tender in cranes, conveyors, fans, compressors, and mixers at the industrial working for mining, drilling, and turning.

Longbank is a sterling manufacturing unit in China. All of the company’s products are hard-wearing and operative in their working. Customers can also customize the motor of their choice. Our expert engineers need only the specifications, and we shall manufacture them according to your necessity.

Longbank articulates the 1kv motor that turns at the rate of 3000rpm when the frequency is 50Hz. Application in the pumps and many heavy tools of industries.

2kv motor rotates with the series of 1450rpm at 50Hz and comprises an E1 efficiency system. IP Protection technology improves the reserve of devices.

3kv is asynchronous with an energy budget of 185 to 3550kw. Shows multiple ways of protection technology and is present in the form of 50Hz or 60Hz.

4kv motor produces the productivity of 4000w, and ISO certified compact body design. Shows applications in the cranes and crushes.

5Kv motor is asynchronous, extracting the power of 6.5 to 1000KW at 50Hz. The machine shows the rotation of 1500rpm at 50Hz and 1800rpm at 60Hz.

7Kv motor is asynchronous that yields the power of 5.5KW and shows the weight of 98kgs. Three-phase machine with IEC verified and applicable in fans.

Why Choose Longbank 6kv Motors

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and ventilation

Longbank manufactures 6kv Motors that yield a high-efficiency rate. The machine contains a fan that is adjusted inside the machine’s cylinder. These fans expel the extra heat of the motor, thus keeping the temp optimum and working smooth.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank holds the competitive quality of 6kv due to its efficient features. Being an ISO-certified brand, the device has premium and original features that maximize its proficiency. The device’s body parts contain aluminum, increasing its durability and authenticity. The machine includes details of pure quality that improve resistivity.

Optimal Features
Feature Optimization

Longbank creates products with better-quality features such as working in an environment-friendly mode, trivial vibration when working start, portable, capable of working for an extended period, and easy to manage. Customers can also add conventional features to the device.

Insulation Class
Protective Insulation

Longbank coats the products with a covering of iron that acts as a protective shield and guards the device against deterioration. It also contains IP defenses expertise with anti-condensational heaters that look out the motors from environmental fluxes.

What are the 6kv Motors?

6kv Motor is a three-phase induction motor that extracts the energy of 5.5kw. The asynchronous motor produces power from 185kw to 2500kw and weighs 98kgs. ISO certified product and applicable in conveyors, mills, fans, mixers, compressors, pumps, crushes, and cranes.

For the correct motor rotation, the propeller is adjusted in the device. The durable and hard covering of the machine protects it from environmental effects. Anti-condensational heaters also protect it from dampness.

Construction of 6kV Motor

As Longbank is an expert in the manufacturing of IEC low voltage motors. Despite this, this brand also offers high voltage motors, including 6kV motors. This motor is constructed by following several specifications, which determine the engine’s overall efficiency. A few components of the 6kV motor are enlisted here briefly:

The Bearing System:

All motors of Longbank belong to various series, which are YE2, YVFE2, YBX3, and YE3. Each series presents a wide range of products with only a few specifications. One of their standard components is the bearing system.

The bearings of the motor can be joined together or freely moving. You can opt for a sealed or re-greaseable 6kV engine, but remember that the lifetime of re-greasing motors is twice that of sealed motors. The purpose of this bearing system is to maintain a certain distance between the rotor and the stator, along with providing support to the rotating objects.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval:

Different types of oils are used for lubrication purposes. These lubricants maintain the smooth flow of the motor and enhance its lifetime. Be familiar with selecting the proper lubricant because any distortion in the motor’s grease will decrease the motor’s productivity.

Frequently lubricated motors have more life than other motors. However, other extrinsic factors help maintain the smooth function of 6kV, including temperature, operating conditions, motor’s working speed, the bearings’ size, and the load’s weight.


The 6kV motor produces little vibrational sound due to its rotor. The metal pieces inside the engine are magnetized with the help of alternating current. The precise limit of vibration helps control the motor’s efficiency; otherwise, it will pressurize the bearings axially and radially, leading to decreased productivity. Half-key procedure maintains the rotors.

Anti-Condensation Heater:

During hot summer weather, the increased temperature (internally and externally) induces the condensation of the motor’s windings. Due to this, the motor’s efficiency is highly affected. But the 6kV engine has an anti-condensation heater that prevents the motor’s windings from being damaged. The working of motor and these heaters is maintained alternately.

Rated Output:

The optimum results of the 6kV motor are controlled by various factors, including temperature and the altitude of the engine. The temperature must be in the range of -15oC to 40oC, while its height should not exceed 1000m.

Voltage and Frequency:

6kV motors present two different categories, which are IEC certified. Class A motors’ voltage and frequency fluctuations are ±5 % and ±2%, respectively. The voltage and frequency variation of class B motors are ±10% and +3% / -5% respectively. Class A motors are considered high-temperature motors because they can perform well at high temperatures.

Structure Features

6kV motor possesses various peculiar features which differentiate this motor from other engines. A few of them are written here briefly:

  • The sealed type 6kV motor experience the lifetime of its bearings for only 20,000 hours.
  • The re-greaseable motor possesses a lifespan of 40,000 hours.
  • Their coolant temperature can calculate the lifetime of bearings. 10K increase in CT reduces the bearing’s life to one-half.
  • 6kV motors are available in several powers with varying speed limits.
  • The motor’s frame is quite sturdy, which makes it adorable.
  • The heat dissipater has a vertical-horizontal shape.
  • The body material strengthens the motor, attracting its buyers worldwide.
  • Small metal sheets help in reducing energy losses.
  • The stator and rotor’s material aid in the magnetization.
  • The insulated wire of the motor prevents the damage loss of other components.
  • VPI technique improves the current carrying ability of the motor.
  • The motor is divided into two categories that help in the ventilation.
  • The inner air is expelled with an internal fan and forwards the heat towards the rotor air blade.
  • The exterior fan minimizes the ventilation noise and heat dissipation at the base shell.
  • The rotor comprises metallic substances (copper or aluminum) for generating magnetic poles.
  • 0 assists in determining the air space between the rotor and the stator.

Customized 6kv Motors supplier in China

Longbank is the professional commerce for engineering 6kv motors according to the present age. Customized features of the device increase proficiency and durability. This motor has wide applications in cranes, conveyors, compressors, mixers, fans, and washing machines.

Longbank has its checking spot for the manipulation of the performance of the machine. Such as testing the endurance of the motor and evaluating the machine’s and hub motor systems’ automation systems. All products, especially 6kv Motor, are ISO verified and got many other authorizations such as ROHS, CCC, UL, TUV, GS, CE, and many different certifications. All of these represent the quality of products.

The fascinating features of 6kV motors compel buyers all around the world. The increasing demand for Longbank’s high voltage motors has several pros. Some of them are enrolled here:

  • The improved lifetime is due to its body material and its lubricants.
  • The 6kV motors are cost-effective.
  • Various models of 6kV motor are available.
  • You can ask our team of experts to manufacture this motor according to your needs.
  • IP protection technology prevents the motor from significant damage.
  • Several sensors control the smooth flow of the motor.
  • The 6kV motor produces minor noise compared to its body weight.
  • The motor can survive in harsh operating conditions.
  • The output of the 6kV motor is always higher than its input.

The demand for a 6kV motor is increasing daily because of its optimum results. A few areas of its applications are discussed below:

  • Many pharmaceutical industries install motors to run heavy machinery in drug synthesis.
  • Cement industries use them to run heavy-loaded objects.
  • Petrochemical and paper industries are installing these motors to accomplish their task in lower time.
  • Many agricultural areas fix them to fulfill their different tasks.
  • Heavy wind turbines are furnished with such motors.
  • Ships are also installed with 6kV motors to run all their equipment.
One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop 6kv Motor Solution in China

Longbank has been creatively constructing the 6kv motor since 1972. Our company is ISO-certified and manufactures many motor products yearly to serve the whole world. Our company contains highly able and hardworking engineers and workers that manufacture the product according to the client’s interest.

  • “We have purchased the product of 6kv Motor from Longbank. It was my incredible experience with this device that gave the extreme output. Thanks a lot!”

  • “Longbank agreements the quality of the product. It enables its customers by maximum productive rate and quality assurance.”

  • “6kv Motor has an attractive physical appearance. The machine’s design is first-rate, from its initial part to its working. Its design converses with its functional property. Thanks a lot, Longbank.”

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