Professional 5kv Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is an unparalleled manufacturing industry for 5kv motors. The insertion of custom and advanced features in the device enhances the output and durability of the device.

  • Easy to manage and low in weight
  • Robust and high-efficiency rate
  • Environment friendly and no pollution
  • Anti-condensational heaters protect from damp
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Custom 5kv Motors

Longbank manufactures a 5kv Motor with magnetic poles in north and south directions. The rotational speed of the device is 1500rpm at 50Hz and 1800rpm at 60Hz. With IP protection technology, the motor yields an output of 6.5kw to 1000kw. The advanced characteristics of the device increase its application in compressors, conveyors, fans, cranes, and mixers, at the industrial working for mining, drilling, and turning.

Longbank is an outstanding constructional unit in China. Our remaining products are also durable and give maximum production rate. You can also add custom features to the device according to the client’s requirements. We only demand specific features and shall manufacture them according to your choice.

Longbank prepares the 1kv motor that turns at the rate of 3000rpm when the frequency is 50Hz. Application in the pumps and wind turbines.

2kv motor rotates with the range of 1450rpm at 50Hz and comprises an E1 efficiency system. IP Protection technology improves the sanctuary of devices.

3kv is asynchronous with an output of 185 to 3550kw. Shows multiple ways of protection technology and is present in the form of 50Hz or 60Hz.

4kv motor produces the energy of 4000w; ISO certified compact body design. Shows applications in the cranes and crushes.

6Kv motor is asynchronous that yields the power of 185KW to 2500KW at 50Hz. Three-phase machine with IEC verified.

Longbank constructs the 7kv motor and produces the fruitage of 5.5kw. Weighted at 98kg with the level rotation of 3600rpm.

Why Choose Longbank 5kv Motors

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and Ventilation

Longbank manufactures 5kv Motors, which symbolizes the high-efficiency rate. The fan is present inside the machine for the smooth and accurate working of the motor. It releases the extra heat produced in the motor. Thus, maintains the temp of the device at an optimum rate.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank keeps the unbeatable quality of 5kv due to its robust features. Being an ISO-certified brand, it contains resistive lamination of iron that armors the device from environmental perils. The body parts of the device contain aluminum that enhances its working span.

Optimal Features
Feature Optimization

Longbank designs products contain optimized features such as working in an environment-friendly way, no noise pollution during working, portable, competent working, and easy to manage. Our company also offers custom features in the product for our customers.

Insulation Class
Protective Insulation

Longbank laminates the products by casting iron that acts as a protective shield and guards the device against decay. It also contains IP protection expertise with anti-condensational heaters that sentinel the motors from environmental fluxes.

What are the 5kv Motors?

5kv Motor is a three-phase induction motor that yields energy of 6.5 to 1000kw. Asynchronous motor represents the rotation of 1500rpm at 50Hz and 1800rpm at 60Hz. ISO certified product and applicable in conveyors, mills, pumps, mixers, compressors, fans, crushes, and cranes.

The device’s rotor makes the device’s precise and accurate rotation. The durable casing of the machine protects it from environmental effects. Anti-condensational heaters also protect it from dampness.

Construction and Structure

Construction of 5kv Motor:

5kv motor contains several components which play a significant role in its working. Each part is crucial for an ideal procedure of a 5kv engine. Some of its modules are written here:

The Bearing System:

Longbank creates several items for the ease of people. Its products include IE2, IE3, YVFE2, and the YBX3 series. The bearing system of these products can be categorized into sealed or re-greaseable bearings.

Some products have unconfined bearings that belong to the FS80 to FS160 motors which are classified according to the frame size. These bearings keep a certain distance between the rotor and the stator while supporting the rotating parts.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval:

The type of grease determines the lifetime of the bearing. The oiling of the motor can be permanent or temporary. In permanent lubrication, the lifetime of the approach depends upon the grease. It depends upon its manufacturing conditions.

In the case of frequent oiling, the lifetime of the bearing system is improved by using oils. This lubrication is helpful for motors that face fluctuating conditions like temperature, speed, bearing size, mechanical load, and operating conditions.

Different factors control the lifespan of the bearing. One of them is the rated speed of the motor. A rise in the motor’s speed will commence vibrating, ultimately causing more radial and axial force on the bearings.

Some external conditions like temperature can affect the bearing’s smooth functioning, resulting in reduced efficiency. While fabricating a 5kV motor, these factors are kept in mind to minimize energy losses.


Movement in the motor is because of the rotor. The other name of the rotor is the armature. It contains a metallic part that acts as a permanent magnet. It helps in producing the alternating current. Half-key maintains the rotors dynamically.

Anti-condensation heater:

The main reason behind the fixation of anti-condensation heaters in a 5kV motor is to sustain the standard temperature of the engine. It is pretty crucial in hot as well as cold weather conditions. These heaters are turned ON when the motor stops working so that the average temperature inside the engine can be attained.

Rated Output:

The optimum yield is achieved as a result of maintaining the operating conditions of the 5kV motor. The standard requirements for this motor are temperature (-15oC to 40oC) and the altitude (1000m) from sea level.

Voltage and Frequency:

5kV motors belong to two categories which are category A and category B. the voltage and frequency are adjusted in a narrow range of ±5 % and ±2%, respectively. While, the voltage and frequency of category B can vary by ±10% and +3% / -5% respectively. Category A has a 10K higher temperature than category B.

Structural Features:

IE2, YVFE2, YBX3, IE3, and other series of motors are highly effective in several functions. It is just because of the novel features of its parts. Some of its peculiar qualities are described here:

  • The lifetime of the bearings in permanent lubrication is 20,000 hours.
  • The period for re-greaseable approaches is slightly more than 40,000 hours.
  • When the CT is enhanced by 10K, the bearing’s period is reduced by one-half.
  • The anti-condensation heater has a power range of several watts.
  • The potential difference is 5kV.
  • The sturdy frame of this motor is due to cast iron.
  • It has a vertical-horizontal radiator structure.
  • The 5000V motor has a beautiful outlook with good mechanical strength.
  • Laminations are inside the motor, which prevents the motor’s energy losses.
  • The stator and rotor are composed of an iron core which induces magnetism.
  • The highly insulated electromagnetic wire prevents damage to other motor parts.
  • The stator with winding is VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) layered, improving its electrical properties.
  • For ventilation, the structure of the motor is classified into inner and outer air paths.
  • Internal heat is forwarded towards the inner heat dissipation path through the inner fan and rotor air blade.
  • The exterior maintains the internal temperature by dissipating the heat on the base shell.
  • Aluminum or copper can be embedded in place of iron in the stator and rotor to magnetize it.
  • The G1.0 level measures the air space between the stator and the rotor.
  • The axial motion of the fan in the external fan is sustained to dissipate the heat progressively.
  • At 50Hz and 60Hz, it runs with varying speeds depending upon the type of the model.
  • The external fan can also reduce the ventilation noise.

Customized 5kv Motors supplier in China

Longbank is a consistent company for the engineering of 5kv motors confers to the present age. Our company facilitates our customers by installing custom features on the devices. This motor has wide applications in cranes, mixers, compressors, conveyors, fans, and washing machines.

Longbank has its analysis spot for checking the performance of the machine. Such as testing the device’s endurance and analyzing the automation and hub motor systems. All products, especially 5kv Motor, are ISO verified and got many other certifications such as ROHS, CCC, UL, TUV, GS, CE, and many different authorizations. All of these represent the quality of products.

Due to their amplified effectiveness, the 5kV motors are now traded for the old motors. You are now able to save energy for future groups. Some of its returns are described here:

  • The genuine body parts of the motor make it durable.
  • These motors come at low prices.
  • These motors are available in various series that have glorious features.
  • The motor designs can be contrived according to the buyer’s request.
  • These motors are highly favored due to their low noise, enhanced speed, and reasonable operating conditions.

People are now using 5kV motors in various fields of life. Some of their uses are explained here:

  • Several industries around the world are now much interested in the installation of such motors.
  • These pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, prices, and food industries are now installing these motors to fulfill their needs.
  • Many agricultural areas are now using this motor to complete their tasks.
  • You can install them in your homes to minimize the electricity bills.
  • These motors are now installed in wind turbines, blowers, fans, and conveyors.
  • Ships are also shortened with these motors to run all the equipment of the boats.
  • Different types of equipment use these 5Kv motors to perform well.
One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop 5kv Motor Solution in China

Since 1972, Longbank has been manufacturing the 5kv motor in an advanced way. This brand has many certifications such as UL, CE, TUVD, CCC, ROHS, and ISO9001-2008. Our company contains highly proficient and hardworking engineers and workers that constructs the product according to the need of the client.

  • “We have purchased the product of 5kv Motor from Longbank. It was my incredible experience with this device that gave the extreme output. Thanks a lot!”


  • “Longbank agreements the quality of the product. It enables its customers by maximum productive rate and quality assurance.”


  • “5kv Motor has an attractive physical appearance. The machine’s design is first-rate, from its initial part to its working. Its design converses with its functional property. Thanks a lot, Longbank.”

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