Professional 21kv Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is the most prevailing and excellent brand that has been manufacturing the 21kv Motor in huge quantity since 1972. The presence of quality characteristics in the product aid in its efficiency and productivity.

  • High-efficiency rates that reach up to 99%
  • Maximum mechanical rigidity and no noise pollution
  • Customizable physical outlook according to the client
  • Steel welding with the casting of aluminum
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Custom 21kv Motors

Longbank manufactures 21kv Motors that are asynchronous in working, low in weight, easy to install, silicon core, and hard to decay due to durable constructive material. Magnetic poles show the maximum output. The structural design of the machine condenses the eddy current. The advanced features of the Motor contain various applications, such as high-power mixers, rolling mills, water pumps, turbines, generators, paper mills, cranes, high-power conveyors, alternators, and chemical industries.

Longbank has won the people’s trust through the production of 21kv Motors. The performance of the machine is highly productive for all business work. Our company gives facility to their customers for the customization of the product. Our company needs only the customized features from a client about the Motor. After getting the specifications, our expert and professional engineers will manufacture it according to their desire.

Longbank manufactures the 3.3kv Motor that produces the power of 200 to 9000kw. The speed can be adjusted according to the variable poles and frequency. The device represents the mounting type of foot mount.

Longbank builds the 6.3kv Motor that is asynchronous and condensed in structure. Rotational speed varies with the magnetic poles of the device, and weight is adjusted according to the parts of the device.

Our company hypotheses the 6.6kv Motor that is asynchronous and goes the variable velocity according to the magnetic poles. Typically, weight varies with body parts and expresses the protection of IP55.

10.5kv motor occurs in the form of variable magnetic poles. The rotatory speed varies with the magnetic poles with the mounting of IM B3 and high-efficiency rate. Represents the cooling of IC 611, and weight is adjusted.

Longbank manufactures the 11kv Motor with the four poles and shows the protection technology of IP 55. Rotational speed varies with magnetic poles, and weight with body parts offers the IM B3 design.

The Motor rotates at a variable velocity according to its poles, and weight varies with body parts. Express the defense of IP 23 with the H grade insulation class. Produces the energy at a maximum rate.

Why Choose Longbank 21kv Motor

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and ventilation

Longbank has introduced the Motor’s ventilation feature that keeps the device’s temperature optimum. For this reason, the cylindrical body of the machine contains the exhausting fan that expels the metabolic heat. In return, the device becomes cool and ventilated, enhancing the effective rate and making the working smooth.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank ensures the best quality features in its products. For the best quality, the device contains the resistive material of copper or iron that protect the device from destruction. For quality analysis, the industry has its checkpoint that ensures the best quality and performance of the device. Due to the features mentioned above, Longbank has many achievements.

Optimal Features
Optimal features

The presence of optimal ideal features in the device makes its proficiency smooth and accurate. Optimal characteristics of the Motor include rugged and durable constructive material that resists the device from decay, environment-friendly working with no pollution, slight vibration during the device’s rotation, easy to manage, and installation at any place. Product customization is also a feature that we offer to our clients.

Insulation Class
Insulation Class

The machine contains a durable iron or copper covering that protects the device from environmental vacillations. The presence of anti-condensational heaters also develops immunity. Protection technology of IP systems also aids in the machine.

What is the 21kv Motor?

21kv device is the high voltage motor that yields the power at maximum rate and shows the voltage range of 21000V. The machine’s body contains different magnetic poles in both the north and south commands that express the casing of stainless steel. This covering acts as a protective shield and protects the device from environmental effects.

The rotor of the device regulates the precise rotation of 21kv. Many other unique features are present in the device, such as no noise during working, low in weight, most resistive body material, and easy to accomplish that you can install anywhere.

Are high voltage motors more efficient for the same power

Construction of 21kV Motor

The manufacturing of a 21kV motor comprises several types of machinery that pointedly affect the motor’s productivity. Any disruption of its elements can strongly distress the motor’s overall efficiency.

IEC high voltage motors of Longbank present the YXKK, Y, YKS, YKK, YPTKK, and YPTKS series. They have remarkable features with unique functions. The models of 2kV engines have little variations concerning speed, frequency, power, etc. But they all possess a similar component structure inside the motor. A few of these components are elucidated briefly.


The frame of the motor makes it highly rigid that can be easily installed. The appearance makes it more attractive and increases the demand for the motor.


The 99% pure copper in the 21kV motor improves the productivity and quality of the motor. The windings around the stator are done by hand, which maintains the performance of the motor. The machines possess a protective system to achieve the rated output.


The silicon core and the aluminum casting make the body of the 21kV motor. Some motors replace aluminum with copper to ensure the best results. The shaft of the engine also plays its role in maintaining the motor’s yield.

The Bearing System

All these motors devise a bearing system. These bearings can move fast, or they can be joined together. In contrast, the unconfined bearings fit into motors having a frame size of 80-160. The chief role of these bearings is to maintain a specific space between stator and armature while offering to carry the spinning tools.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval

Any bias in oil will affect the bearing’s lifetime enormously. Longbank’s team is highly skillful in developing the 21kV motor. Several types of oils are used for greasing purposes.

The lifetime of a 21kV motor depends upon several factors, including temperature, operating conditions, motor speed, size of bearings, load size, and weight. You can control your motor’s productivity on your own.

  • The bearing’s size can also disturb the smooth functioning of the motor.
  • The motor’s variable speed can vary the motor’s output.
  • Any disturbance in the ambient temperature can lessen the motor’s performance.
  • Any variation in mounting conditions can also reduce the motor’s activity.


Extreme vibrational level of 21kV motor affects its smooth functioning of it. However, an excessive vibration will exert a force on the bearings radially and axially. The rotor creates this vibration, which contains some paramagnetic substance embedded inside the motor’s body.

When an alternating current pass through the laminations of the motor, the rotor gets magnetized. The dynamic motion of the armature is under the control of the half-key method.

Anti-Condensation Heater

A raised temperature over a specific range can cause the condensation of the stator’s windings. This process usually occurs in hot summer weather. This phenomenon can be minimized by using anti-condensation heaters in the 21kV motor. The motor and these anti-condensation heaters show their performance interchangeably.

Features of 21kV Motor

21kV motor owns various remarkable structural elements, which are illuminated here concisely.

  • The power of the anti-condensation heater is 200- 9000kW.
  • The weight of the motor is adjustable.
  • The casing material is stainless steel.
  • The inlet filter of this motor is non-corrosive due to protection technology.
  • The period for a sealed 21kV motor is more than 20,000 hours.
  • The period for re-greaseable bearings is slightly more than 40,000 hours.
  • 10K rise in temperature lowers the motor’s efficiency by reducing the bearings’ half-life.
  • The voltage of this motor is 21kV.
  • It has a vertical-horizontal emitter body structure.
  • The 21kV motor possesses an enhanced outlook with good mechanical strength.
  • Energy losses are controlled by fixing countless small metal sheets.
  • The stator and rotor comprise magnetic material.
  • The wire of the 21kV motor is protected to minimize the other crisis.
  • The VPI coat enhances the electrical characteristics of the stator’s winding the s.
  • The aeration structure of the motor is classified into inner and outer routes.
  • Internal heat is forwarded towards the inner fan to remove it outside.
  • The motor’s temperature is maintained when the outer heat remover expels the heat.
  • The rotor is made of metallic substances for creating poles.
  • At 50Hz and 60Hz, its rotational speed is variable.
  • The speed of the motor also depends upon the number of poles inside the motor.
  • The outer fan is crucial in minimizing the motor’s noise level.

Customized 21kv Motor supplier in China

Longbank is a trusted and experienced industry that exports its product to all central world regions. The company’s products comprise the most advanced features that make them outstanding inventions. 21kv is one of them that has advanced quality features. Get customized parts that you need to insert into the device. Just provide your provisos and get the desired results.

Longbank has its checkpoint for confirming the working of the machine. The company has its panels for testing the automation of the machine, endurance testing of the device, and ensuring the exact working of the hub of the motor system. After reviewing its performance, we market the product in the marketplace.

The rising demand for a 21kV motor is due to its enhanced advantages and distinct features. Some of the benefits are described here shortly:

  • The rigid body structure of the 21kV engine makes it highly durable.
  • The price of Longbank’s 21kV Motor is affordable.
  • Longbank facilitates you by providing customized products.
  • The Motor owns several charming features.
  • Defense technology of the 21kV engine has increased the demand for this Motor.
  • Sensors maintain the consistent performance of a 21kV motor even in harsh conditions.
  • These motors find multiple applications in vast areas of life.
  • 21kV engine can perform well at high speed with reduced working noise.

The applications of 21kV motors are increasing daily due to advancing technology. Some of the best applications of the 21kV engine are written here:

  • Medicinal industries use 21kV motors to synthesize the drugs.
  • Petrochemical and cement industries are switching their old motors with 21kV motors.
  • Food industries use these motors for food synthesis, storage, and other purposes.
  • 21kV motors are now fixed in farms to complete all electrical work.
  • Wind turbines use these motors.
  • Paper industries use 21kV engines to make a variety of papers.
  • Ships are also designed with these 21kV motors to run all the ships.
  • Heavy machinery of educational institutes or research centers is now fixing these motors to maintain the energy requirements.
  • Drilling machines use them to make a hole in hard places.

When ordering any device from the industry, you must confirm specifications such as the frequency, power generated by the Motor, protection technology, mounting type, configuration, size of the frame, and voltage. You can also put the exciting features of your own choice.

Get the estimated price by contacting through the page on the main website. After the payment substantiation, we shall deliver the machine to the mentioned address. In case of any damage to the Motor, connect us via email at or mobile call at +86 153 1458 8251. For more information, you can contact us.

One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop 21kv Motor Solution in China

Since 1972, Longbank has been manufacturing the 21kv. The device is an ISO-certified brand with many certifications, such as ISO9001-2008, UL, TUVD, CCC, CE, and ROHS. All of these authentications approve the presence of the best quality characteristics in the device. Our factory unit also possesses durable parts of Motor.

  • “We have purchased the product of 21kv Motor from Longbank. It was my great experience with this device that extracted the extreme output. Thanks a lot!”

  • “Longbank securities the quality of the machine. It enables its customers by maximum productive rate and quality confirmation.”

  • “21kv Motor has a beautiful physical outlook. The machine’s design is first-rate, from its preliminary part to its working. Its design confirms its functional property. Thanks a lot, Longbank.”

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