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Find ECM motor at Longbank to boost the overall system efficiency of your applications. This product can help appliances function effectively without any trouble. We offer an array of exceptional solutions for ECM motor needs.

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ECM Motor

Longbank is your first choice if you’re looking for a world-class ECM motor manufacturer. We provide high-quality products from top-grade materials, improving the durability of ECM motors suitable for high-impact environments. Our wide range of ECM motors guarantees to meet your requirements. Each product undergoes strict quality control and inspections before being delivered to you to ensure reliable quality. Discover our latest ECM motor!

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is a fast-growing company that specializes in manufacturing small motors. Our factory covers almost 60,000 square meters with over 1000 skilled factory workers and 55+ technical engineering teams.

We produce small motors that meet TUVd, VDE, GS, UL, and more certifications. Longbank is an OEM and ODM manufacturers that supply motors to famous brands such as Xiaomi, Hair, Joyouing, and more. You can also trust Longbank as your partner!

Brushless DC Motor manufacturer

ECM Motor Manufacturing Expert

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We offer ECM motors solutions to various applications like home appliances, HVAC systems, and more. Through our advanced manufacturing line and mature technology, we are confident to design and assemble a complete solution to your requirements.

Longbank manufactures a variety of ECM motors that comes in various sizes with a broader range of functionalities. Here you can avail yourself of ECM motors that perfectly fit your appliance. If you have specific requirements, you can message us directly!

More About Longbank ECM Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank ECM Motor

Longbank is your #1 ECM motor manufacturer in China. We have had rich expertise and knowledge for more than 22 years in this industry. Through continuous development, advanced manufacturing lines, and strong workmanship, we can produce different types and models of ECM motors for your application or business.

Longbank ECM motor is a high-efficiency and high-speed brushless DC motor with a distinctive microprocessor-based motor controller. ECMs are DC motors also known as EEM fan motors, DC fan motors, and variable speed fan motors. Longbank produces Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs) to give a more comprehensive range of operability choices and minimize noise. This product is commonly used in HVAC systems,

We offer a wide range of ECM motors to the market. Our engineers built this product from superior quality materials detected by RoHS, CE, UL, etc. You can find ECM Shaded Pole Fan Motor, ECM Fan Motor for Portable Evaporative Air Cooler, 1550RPM ECM Refrigeration Motor, 700W ECM Fan Motor for Ventilator, and more.

Our company accepts custom ECM motor with your specific requirements. You can send your detailed ECM motor information such as output power, ac voltage, applications, etc. You can guarantee that all products undergo strict quality control and inspection before delivery.

If you’re a company looking for a versatile ECM motor for your business, you can find it in Longbank! We produce ECM motors with various advantages and benefits that can please your customers:

  • Offer a more excellent range of operability choices, and minimize noise
  • Increased application flexibility due to more extensive operating range
  • Specifically designed
  • Energy savings potential
  • High-quality, high-performance and durable
  • Provides safe operation

For more than 20 years, Longbank has been trusted as a small motor manufacturer in China. We deliver the most durable small motors to famous international brands like Xiaomi, Joyouing, and more. We can also trust Longbank as your reliable ECM motor business partner in China.

Longbank aims to provide you dependable services and satisfactory products to meet your expectations as a reputable manufacturer. We can surely skyrocket your business. Whether you’re an ECM motor supplier, ECM motor distributor, or custom trading, Longbank is your first ECM motor provider.

Aside from ECM motors, we also manufacture universal motor, shaded-pole motor, ac synchronous motor, induction motor, universal blower motor, electric motor for grinder, rolling shutter motor, and more. Longbank is your one-stop-shop provider of small engines in any quantity.

Shop now or send your specific small motor requirements today. We are glad to build solid and long-term business relationships with clients globally!

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