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Longbank is your experienced external rotor motor manufacturer in China. Offering competitive cost and help you save money and receive satisfying quality product supplies. We offer long-term relationships to help your next process easier.

You’re always free to count on us for a fast and smoother process. Longbank will provide according to your request.

External Rotor Motor

Longbank is one of the popular small motor companies and manufacturers in China. You can discover and familiar with various models, measurements, and even dimensions that suit your final applications and other purposes. We assure high performance and cost-effectiveness.

About Longbank Motor

Choosing the right external rotor motor manufacturer in China is your perfect choice to grow your business and save a lot of money and lesser time. We specialize in development, design, manufacturing, sales, and more. We ensure a convenient places for processing lines and production space with our over 60,000 square meters plant area. We have over 1000 manufacturing and 55 technical employees that meet your special requirements.

We, Longbank can produce friendly prices and meet your urgent needs with our safe and smoother process. Don’t hesitate to contact Longbank!

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External Rotor Motor Manufacturing Expert

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Longbank producer various small motors applicable for home appliances, power pools, and more. We ensure functions development, designs, quality, and more to meet your special requirements. We provide OEM and ODM external rotor motors which are widely applied in different industries.

We assure smooth and fast production to meet your urgent needs for different purposes and projects.

More About Longbank External Rotor Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank- Your Reliable External Rotor Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank manufactures External Rotor Motor. It is used for a wide range of industrial and HVAC applications. We specialize in high-performance drive solutions. We provide a broad range of integrated motors, External Rotor Motor that is used in automation systems.

Here Are Some of The External Rotor Motor Advantages for You:

  • Electricity Saving
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Stronger Impeller Structure
  • High torque and magnetic flux.
  • A large variety of designs based on clients requirements

Our external rotor design provides a variety of performance advantages. First, to enclose the stator, the rotor of an external rotor motor is by prerequisite immense other than the rotor of a conventional DC motor. The immense rotor means higher inertia, which can help to dampen torque ripple and provide smooth, stable operation, even at low speeds.

Easy-to-install and easy-to-manage, our AC motors are designed for reliable and low-noise functioning according to current standards. External Rotor Motors can be supplied with a wide range of impeller configurations: axial, centrifugal, single, or double inlet, with forwarding or backward-curved blades. Plastic or steel impellers have to be selected according to motor type and performance.

We are constantly checking, testing, and improving the quality of products that we manufacture. We currently employ more than experts that fully dedicated to innovation and product enhancement.

We are known in the field for quality and reliability. Every product that we make goes through stringent quality checks to ensure life long guarantee of trouble-free performance.

It leads to logical and powerful motors. Our motors are ideal for saving space and lessen noise in applications such as fans, blowers,  automatic doors, pumps, home appliances, and more.

When drive systems with high precision, reliability, and extensive functionality are required to fit in small spaces, Nanotec supplies the necessary technology – either as standard solutions or individualized designs.

With this sophisticated level of automation, Longbank can offer the possibility to produce just in time and turn around design changes that may be required quickly.

We are committed to manufacturing and supplying innovative, high-quality products. Longbank has a long list of faithful clients in this age of brand switching. Almost all products are used by leading industries or wherever product quality counts.

Our passion combined with our long-term experience and know-how enables our experts to develop top-quality products that exceed our customers’ requirements.

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