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Longbank is one of the most reliable flat BLDC motor suppliers and manufacturers in China with 22 years of history. We offer a wide range of flat BLDC motor models suitable to your needs.

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Flat BLDC Motor

If you need a superior quality flat BLDC motor, Longbank is your key solution! We can be your ultimate source of reliable and durable flat BLDC motors in different models. Thus, we also accept ODM and OEM to support your running business.  Along with our professional engineers, Longbank ensures every production process to provide you the best solution.

Longbank Flat BLDC Motor

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is over two decades of producing flat BLDC motors in China. We have earned a good reputation and trust for many years of experience and knowledge. We can produce a wide series of small motors like brushless motors, induction motors, RO pump series motors, DC motors, etc.

Recently, our everyday output can reach up to 50,000 finished motor sets. This makes us leaders in the industry. Message us with your concerns!

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Longbank runs an advanced fully automatic small motor production line to manufacture the best quality flat BLDC motors. For 22 years in the field, we gained reputation and certifications. We received CE, ISO, UL, VDE, 3C, and GS certifications. Therefore, you can assure top-quality motor, particularly the flat BLDC motor, for your application needs.

We will be a great partner in business! Please send us your requirements regarding Longbank products and services.

More About Longbank Flat BLDC Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Flat BLDC Motor

Longbank has been manufacturing high-quality flat BLDC motors for more than two decades. This is available in the BL10045 Flat BLDC Motor model at a more competitive price. If you think your application required a flat BLDC motor, you can count on Longbank.

What is Longbank flat BLDC motor? These are designed as external and internal rotors and can reach up to 20,000 rpm speeds. It has a simple structure allowing it largely automates the production. In Longbank, you can choose a flat BLDC motor with ideal sizes, styles, and other technical specs.

The below are the Longbank flat BLDC motor properties:

  • Multipole, external rotor for high torques
  • Open design for exceptional heat dissipation at excessive speeds
  • Desirable price-performance ratio
  • 22 Pole construction for smooth operation

The mentioned properties make our flat BLDC motor stands out in the market. Longbank is your excellent China-based manufacturer and supplier. We guarantee you will receive products with reliability and longevity to surpass your expectations.

However, flat BLDC motors offer numerous advantages. Below are examples:

  • Longer lifetime by commutator erosion and eliminating brush
  • Maximized efficiency producing more torque per watt
  • Reduces ionizing sparks from the commutator
  • High torque to weight ratio
  • Increased reliability
  • Minimized noise

Due to their advantages, Longbank flat BLDC motors are popularly used for home appliances, gardens, power pools, and more applications. Their versatility will make them perfect in the industrial world.

Longbank will always give a solution for your flat BLDC motor requirements. As your expert manufacturer based in China, we offer a customization service for you. Regarding your application, we can manufacture flat BLDC motors in different sizes and shapes as requested.

We are certified TUVD, ISO14001-2004, ISO9001-2008, CE, GS, 3C, and UL company. Therefore, you can expect zero defects and high-quality products from our expertise.

If you want to consider your ideas, please discuss them with us! Contact us immediately.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know choosing a suitable flat BLDC motor can be a difficult task.

A reason this guide will answer all your questions about flat BLDC motor.

What Is A Flat BLDC Motor?

BLDC is an abbreviation that stands for brushless DC electric motor.

The name suggests that this specific type of motor runs on the direct current supplied and regulated electronically rather than by brushes.

Its main purpose is to generate mechanical energy from electric energy. It generates mechanical energy in the form of rotor revolutions.

Figure 1 Flat BLDC motor

Figure 1 Flat DC motor

Flat BLDC motors are becoming increasingly popular compared to brushed DC motors.

They have been around since the development of semiconductor electronics in the 1960s.

How Does A Flat BLDC Motor Work?

Flat BLDC motors are different from other motor variations in that they do not have coils in their rotors.

They have permanent magnets. A different component known as a stator contains magnetic field-inducing coils within it.

When the stator is charged, the permanent magnets within the rotor will align their field to the stator’s.

Simply put, the powered pole within the stator attracts the rotor.

An additional component known as the commutator powers the stator poles off and on in sequence.

This leads the rotor around and consequently causes rotation on the output shaft.

Using an electronic commutator will give you precise control over the speed of your motor.

This means you can generate quite a range of torques and speeds depending upon input frequency.

What Is The Difference Between A Flat BLDC Motor And A Brushed DC Motor?

The type of commutator in each type of motor is perhaps the most notable difference.

A brushed DC motor uses a carbon brush commutator, while a flat BLDC motor uses sensors, specifically hall sensors.

Figure 2 Flat BLDC motor

Figure 2 Flat BLDC motor

The carbon brushes wear out relatively faster than hall sensors, which prove useful in measuring rotor position.

A flat BLDC motor has a circuit board that processes input measurements of the hall sensors.

This board, which also works as a switch, makes it possible to time the appropriate moment to commutate accurately.

Figure 3 Brushed DC motor

Figure 3 Brushed DC motor

What Are The Similarities Between Flat BLDC Motors And Brushed DC Motors?

  1. Both motors have stators that consist of electromagnetic coils or permanent magnets on the outside and rotors that can draw power from the direct current on the inside.

The rotor starts to spin when the unit is charged using direct current.

The direct current creates a magnetic field within the stator, thus repelling or attracting the rotor magnets.

  1. You need a commutator with both types of motors.

The commutator will keep the rotor spinning even when it is in line with corresponding magnetic forces generated from within the stator.

Besides, the primary role of the commutator is to switch the direct current through the windings to keep the rotor rotating, provided the unit is powered.

What Are The Advantages Of Flat BLDC Motors?

Figure 4 Parts of flat BLDC Motor

Figure 4 Parts of flat BLDC motor

  1. Flat BLDC motors do not rely on carbon brushes, meaning you will not have to replace brushes or maintain the motor frequently.

This saves you plenty of costs.

  1. Flat BLDC motors are more efficient and perform better than other motor variations.

The electronic control enables high-level control over rotor position and speed. They also have longer lifespans.

  • Flat BLDC motors do not produce sparks. Sparks reduce the lifespans of motors and may even cause complete burnouts.

This means you can use them in applications that may be fire hazard rated.

  1. Due to their small and compact build, flat BLDC motors have a relatively high torque: weight ratio.

Hence they are suitable for applications that may involve robotics.

  1. Flat BLDC motors are less noisy than similarly rated motors of other variations.

The friction caused by the brushes is what causes noise.

That problem is eliminated since Flat BLDC motors do not rely on brushes.

  1. Flat BLDC motors have electronic commutators hence giving you precise control. They also do not have heating issues and have feedback controls.
  • Finally, Flat BLDC motors can continuously generate maximum torque as the rotor rotates.

What Sizes Do Flat BLDC Motors Come In?

Flat BLDC motors are available in sizes ranging between 43mm – 90 mm in diameter. This means that they are very compact.

What Is The Operating Life Of Flat BLDC Motors?

Flat BLDC motors are becoming popular for their long lifespan.

Flat BLDC motors should last anywhere between 10,000 hours and 15,000 hours in the appropriate applications.

This is in comparison to a measly 2000 hours for brushed DC motors.

What Are Some Limitations Of Flat BLDC Motors?

The shortcomings of Flat BLDC motors include:-

  1. They are relatively costlier than other variations of dc motors.

The need for auxiliary accessories such as electrical controllers will incur high overall set-up costs.

  1. Low-speed operation of the flat BLDC motors may result in slight vibration.
  • There may be incidents of resonance phenomena.

These occur when the natural vibration frequency of the flat BLDC motors come closer to or match the vibration frequency of the parts of the set-up.

Which Torque Parameters Are Important When Defining Flat BLDC Motors?

The important torque parameters in defining flat BLDC motors are rated and peak torque.

  • Rated torque:- This refers to the maximum load that the flat BLDC motors can accommodate during continuous operation.
  • Peak torquerefers to extra torque required to overcome the load or rotor inertia.

It is the maximum torque that a flat BLDC motor can achieve before the rotors speed down.

How Do You Determine And Increase The Speed Of A Flat BLDC Motor?

The torque of the flat BLDC motor is directly proportional to the current.

Therefore, in simple terms, to increase the speed of your motor, decrease the current in the windings or voltage in general.

Higher voltage means higher speed.

Do You Need Additional Equipment To Measure The Voltage Requirements Of A Flat BLDC Motor?

The flat BLDC motor requires a linear voltage regulator, usually a power transistor, to measure and control the voltage requirements.

What Is A Hall Effect Sensor and its Role In Flat BLDC Motors?

Motors need to be commutated.

This can be done mechanically or electrically. In flat BLDC motors, Hall Effect sensors are the commutators instead of brushes.

They are solid-state sensors that work in the following way:-

A conductor containing flowing current is put in a magnetic field that induces a sideways or transverse force on the charge carriers.

This newly generated force pushes the charge carriers to the sides of the conductor, i.e., positive charge to one side and negative to the other.

The process will result in a charge build-up, consequently inducing a voltage.

Besides, the process is known as the Hall Effect.

The purpose of the Hall Effect sensor is to ensure that the stator windings are energized in a specific sequence, with one winding powered off, one negative, and the other positive.

Also, the hall sensor fulfills its purpose by monitoring the position of the rotor.

There are usually three hall effect sensors on each flat BLDC motor mounted to the rotor or stator. They work in a process known as six-step commutation.

Figure 5 Hall sensor in BLDC motor

Figure 5 Hall sensor in BLDC motor

What Is The Price Of A Flat BLDC Motor?

This is not quite one answer fits all kind of question.

The prices of flat BLDC motors vary depending on most factors, including size, power, capabilities, etc.

However, they can cost anywhere from 20 USD to several hundred dollars.

What Are Some Applications Of Flat BLDC Motors?

Flat BLDC motors are best suited for application in computers.

Here, you can use them in computer cooling fans, cd rom drives, hard discs, etc. They are low noise and zero maintenance devices.

You can also use them in applications that require a single speed.

Some applications will require the rotor speed to be constant, even with varying loads.

The electronic commutator enables such functions.

Precision-controlled applications such as robotics. In such applications, it is vital to be precise in process requirements.

Flat BLDC motors provide high levels of such precision control.

Other applications include car parts, fans, drones, lathes, and robots.

What Accessories Do Flat BLDC Motors Ship With?

Figure 6 Flat BLDC motor

The accessories include connectors, so you don’t have to worry about buying new compatible ones.

What Is The Difference Between A Flat BLDC Motor And An AC Induction Motor?

A flat BLDC motor relies on permanent magnets to convert electrical power into mechanical power.

The magnets generate torque by creating a magnetic field that interacts with the stator’s magnetic field.

This magnetic field must be controlled with precision.

On the other hand, an AC induction motor has windings and a series of laminations on its rotor instead of magnets.

Current flow is generated through a process known as induction. When this current interacts with the stator, torque is generated.

What Is Black EMF In Relation To Flat BLDC Motors?

Simply put, a black EMF is back electromotive force.

This is the force that occurs when the flat BLDC motor turns. It generates electromotive resistance within the device.

It should be noteworthy that there are absolutely no Disadvantages to using black EMF.

They are important in flat BLDC motors without hall effect sensors as they provide a mechanism for measuring exact motor speed.

How Do You Choose The Right Flat BLDC Motor For Application?

Choosing a flat BLDC motor appropriate to your intended application is quite important.

You must consider your application’s load characteristics against the motor’s rating.

You could consider three parameters before you make your final decision on what flat BLDC motor to get. They are:’

Speed Range Of The Device

Some applications, e.g., robotics, require flat BLDC motors with higher operating speed ratings than the typical movement speed.

That is because they are high-precision applications.

Hence to account for miscellaneous conditions beyond scientific calculations, we suggest that you allow a 10% safety margin.

Root Means Square Torque Requirement

Also known as the TRMS, this translates to mean continuous torque requirements for the intended application.

It is affected by various factors, including frictional torque, load torque, peak torque, deceleration, acceleration, run times, etc.

And The Peak Torque That You Require For The Intended Application

You can calculate this by summing the torque required to overcome friction, the torque due to inertia, and total load torque.

This refers to the maximum torque your application requires to achieve maximum efficiency.

Other factors that contribute to peak torque not accounted for in the calculation include total windage loss.

Are There Precautions To Be Taken With Flat BLDC Motors?

Flat BLDC motors can be quite hazardous if you do not operate and install them properly.

Hence, you must be cautious about the operating environment and load conditions.

A few precautions you could take include:-

  1. Not operating the device in the presence of moisture, vapor, oil, dust, or flammable gases.
  2. Use adequate coverage to protect the flat BLDC motor from the elements if your application requires that you use it outdoors.

Ensure that the covering does not get in the way of adequate cooling and airflow.

  • Avoid moisture or vapor contact with the device at all costs, resulting in electrical shock hazards.

The contact may even cause system breakdown.

  1. Guard all exposed circuits.
  2. Do not unplug the connectors or plug them in when the flat BLDC motor is powered ON.
  3. Wait until five minutes elapse after turning off the device if you wish to conduct an inspection. The five minutes is enough time for the electricity remaining in the capacitors to dissipate.
  • Ensure that debris from your application does not enter the flat BLDC motor.

What Are The Components Of Flat BLDC Motors?

Flat BLDC motors have the following parts:-


The rotor is one of the most vital components of a flat BLDC motor.

It consists of permanent magnets with pole pairs ranging between two and eight depending on the device’s size.

Also, the magnets are made from ferrite material or rare earth alloy magnets.

The magnets have high flux densities to keep the flat BLDC motors operational for long.


A stator is characterized by a stacking of steel laminations with windings installed in axially cut slots.

There isn’t much difference between traditional stators and those found in flat BLDC motors.

The minor difference is in the manner in which the windings are distributed.

A popular configuration is three stator windings linked in a star bar shape.

Hall Sensor

The purpose of the Hall effect sensor is to ensure that the stator windings are energized in a specific sequence, with one winding powered off, one negative, and the other positive.

Besides, the hall sensor fulfills its purpose by monitoring the position of the rotor.

There are usually three hall effect sensors on each flat BLDC motor mounted to the rotor or stator. They work in a process known as six-step commutation.


As the name suggests, this component houses all the parts required to make the motor work.

Is There An MOQ On Flat BLDC Motors? What Is The Typical Lead Time?

No, there is no minimum order quantity on flat BLDC motors. You can order as many or as few as you want.

The lead time varies depending on the minimum order quantity and can range between a day and three days for orders less than five hundred.

For orders exceeding 500, the lead time is to be negotiated.

Can You Modify The Flat BLDC Motor?

Yes, of course, you can modify flat BLDC motors.

You can do so to increase its size and performance to meet the requisite demands of your application, e.g.

Demanding operation settings like corrosive, electromagnetic, or thermal environments.

For all your flat BLDC motors, contact us now.

Longbank Brushless Motor

Are you seeking the most reliable Brushless Motor producer and distributor? Longbank is an excellent place for you. We are delighted to provide various Brushless Motor models to different nations around the world. Longbank is capable of meeting all of your Brushless Motor needs at a reasonable price.

It is a direct current (DC) electric motor that does not use mechanical brushes or a commutator like a typical brush motor. It offers great features over a brush motor and is more cost-effective in the long term, despite more significant starting expenses. No brushes are rubbing against; therefore, there is no energy loss from friction. Therefore much more energy-efficient than brushed motors and may last up to 50% longer on batteries.

Please tell us about your idea so we can discover the Brushless Motors that are appropriate for you! Longbank provides unique solutions as a prominent Brushless Motor provider. Please email us your product specifications so that we can get started.

Brushless Motor Advantages

  • It doesn’t have any carbon brushes, which means fewer brush replacements and lower maintenance expenses.
  • It offers more outstanding quality and reliability than brushed motors due to electronic control, which allows for finer control of the motor’s speed and position. 
  • It has a lifetime of roughly 6 times that of brushed motors.
  • It has a lower risk of burnout due to sparking difficulties because there is no spark.
  • Because it has a low no-load current, You can use it at low or no load.
  • It is capable of constantly providing maximum torque throughout the rotation.
  • It may include a feedback control system for monitoring and controlling the speed and torque.

You may rely on Longbank as a skilled Brushless Motor manufacturer. BL4835, BL6324, BL7125, BL10045(Low Voltage, OBL5020, OBL6425, and OBL7527 are some of the Brushless Motor models we may supply based on your requirement.

Our firm employs a competent and skilled workforce. We oversee every step of the procedure, from a selection of materials to manufacturing to shipping. Longbank also uses automated manufacturing lines, testing equipment, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure high-quality and consistent Brushless Motor performance.

Our primary goal is to provide you with high-quality Brushless Motors. As a well-certified manufacturer, we will assist you in finding the perfect motors for your business. Whether you have a small or large purchase, we will do our best to meet your needs.

For additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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