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Longbank is your reliable high RPM BLDC Motor producer and manufacturer that serve for more than 22 years. We can be your long-term partner with great ability to lesser your effort that handles the whole process and offer lower cost high RPM BLDC motor.

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High RPM BLDC Motor

Longbank is a trusted and experienced company since 1972. We manufacture high RPM BLDC motor and other related products. We offer OEM and ODM services providing various models that suit your final applications. Affordable and durable perfect for business purposes.

Longbank is your long-term partner to lower your cost and save your time and effort. Message us now!

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is your one-stop high RPM BLDC motor provider in China which professionally manufactures small motors. We are restructured in 2001 entering a new era of technologically advanced motors. We develop series of products and ensure to produce certified and high standards high RPM BLDC motors.

For smoother and fast production, Longbank has complete facilities and machines supported with trained manufacturing staff and senior employees. Handling quality strict controls that deliver quality supplies and flexible packaging.

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Longbank is your reliable choice which is one of the popular small motor providers which occupied over 60,000 square meters of plant area with an advanced production lines that develops your high RPM BLDC motor orders. We can satisfy your needs with the guidance of over 1000 workers from different areas that we assure to you since 1972.

Longbank provides OEM and ODM high RPM BLDC motors applicable for various applications and different industries. Send your specific orders and you are free to rely on us!

More About Longbank High RPM BLDC Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank- Your Trusted High RPM BLDC Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank has been a reliable provider and manufacturer of High RPM BLDC Motor in China.  We have come a long way in positioning ourselves as a reputed brand with a global presence. Our products are highly user-friendly, economical, technically superior, and of high quality with Superior Performance. It is widely used in aerospace models, medical equipment, household appliances, electric vehicles, and other fields.

Advantages of High RPM BLDC Motor:

  • Reach 2000 up to 6000 RPM speed
  • Long-life battery operated
  • Easier maintenance processes
  • Longer working life
  • customizable for your special requirements

Our High RPM BLDC Motor is widely used in AGV, RGV, robots, lifting equipment, cleaning machines, medical equipment, cafe machinery, packing machinery, amusement game machines, automobiles, and industrial equipment. Compared to AC motors, BLDC motors have higher efficiency at variable speed range. For the application which requires high torque, low speed, and high-speed working conditions, our High RPM BLDC Motor should be better suited.

High RPM BLDC Motor

High RPM BLDC Motor’s operating efficiency, low-speed torque, and speed accuracy are better than any control technology inverter, so it deserves the industry’s attention.

Our High RPM BLDC Motor range can be combined into a lot of different ways to build the motor for a particular application. At the same time, this can form an essential “construction kit” for combination and modification, which allows us to configure a unique gearbox to meet the customer’s specific needs. Moreover, our fully experienced engineer and extensive application expertise make us a valued partner for project development and production with customer-specific motion solutions.

Longbank’s personnel, distributors, and customers contribute by participating in creating technically superior and value-added products. Our wide range of product lines will serve many industries, including Small Appliances, Home Technologies, Medical Devices, Industrial & Office Automation, Power Tools, and Automotive.

Longbank makes use of permanent magnet synchronous traction motors for their High RPM BLDC Motor density and efficiency. In terms of performance at given inverter ratings. In contrast, the maximum power in the High RPM BLDC Motor is limited irrespectively of the current excess.

Although the development time of High RPM BLDC Motor in China is short, it has developed rapidly with the increasing maturity and improvement of technology.

Longbank is committed to making our customers successful with our product differentiation and excellent supply chain. We can accept OEM High RPM BLDC Motor based on customers’ needs. For designers who demand performance leadership and assurance of supply, Longbank is the reliable choice.

Contact us if you have questions. We are looking forward to build a long-term business relationship together with you for mutual business success.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any questions about high RPM BLDC motors, you will find the answer right here.

It covers both basic aspects of a high RPM BLDC motor.

Let’s dive right in

What Is High RPM BLDC Motor?

Figure 1 High rpm bldc motor

These are motors whose performance is optimal at high speed.

Where there is reliable and stable performance.

Their commutation does not require brushes.

Ideally, high RPM BLDC motors depend on an electronic commutated mechanism.

As of the year 2009, manufacturers had started exploring brushless DC motors which could operate at a speed of 104,000 rpm.

Although, other high RPM BLDC motors operate at a speed of 30,000 rpm.

Why Is Information About RPM Critical In BLDC Motor?

RPM is revolutions per minute.

The RPM describes the speed at which the BLDC rotor is revolving. That is the number of complete cycles per minute.

Knowing the RPM of the BLDC motor alongside other parameters will help you match the motor with a perfect application.

Of course, you must know the speed alongside other parameters such as BLDC motor:

  • Torque
  • Voltage
  • Power

Besides, the knowledge about RPM will help you choose appropriate replacement parts and components.

Furthermore, to monitor various operations and effectively control the motor, you must know the rpm.

Why Choose High RPM BLDC Motor Over Brushed DC Motor?

High RPM BLDC motors have a range of benefits when you compare them to other electric motors such as:

  1. These motors offer better speed and torque characteristics – they give you control over most operations of the motor
  2. They guarantee better dynamic response depending on the application needs and requirements
  • With the rare alloy cores, they guarantee high efficiency
  1. Since these motors don’t have brushes, they guarantee quiet operation and long service life
  2. You can easily achieve higher speeds with BLDC motors
  3. They are suitable in applications where weight and space are critical factors

It is also important to note that the High RPM BLDC motors are compact in design.

Does High Speed In High RPM BLDC Motor Imply High Torque?

Not necessarily.

During the BLDC design process, you achieve a balance between motor speed and torque.

The back electromotive force (EMF) will be high at extremely high motor speeds. This may decrease the supply voltage.

As a result, the BLDC may not draw enough current, reducing motor torque.

Figure 2 BLDC motor back emf

How Do You Specify Custom High RPM BLDC Motor?

If you are working with an OEM high RPM BLDC motor manufacturer, you must specify the number of parameters.

Some of these parameters include;

  • Indicate you need brushless
  • State the out power you need – normally in terms of torque
  • Indicate the voltage, which can vary between 12v DC and 220Vac (Also include the phase and frequency where necessary)
  • Motor speed – in this case, you need a high rpm BLDC motor. The rpm should be at full load.
  • Specify the application of the high rpm BLDC motor
  • Control function – you should indicate the acceleration profile, forward/reverse, and variable speed.

Where possible, you should provide the technical drawing to the motor.

Where Can You Use High RPM BLDC Motor?

You can use these motors in various applications, including pumps, centrifuges, home appliances, automotive, medical equipment, blowers, industrial equipment, etc.

High RPM BLDC motors have become popular in several applications that require continuous load applications in the recent past.

Of course, you can also use them in positioning application fields and variable load applications.

Figure 3 Applications of BLDC motors

Is Rated Speed Same As No Load Speed In High RPM BLDC Motor?


The high RPM BLDC motor will rotate at a relatively higher speed at no-load speed.

For instance, you will find that a 24v BLDC high RPM BLDC motor may have a rated speed of 11,750 rpm. At the same time, with the no-load speed, it can go up to 15,000 rpm.

Is High RPM BLDC Motor Efficient?

Yes, as long as you operate the BLDC motor within the set parameters, it will be efficient.

In most cases, high RPM BLDC motors can attain 90% or more efficiency.

Is High RPM BLDC Motor Unidirectional?


Depending on the mode of operation, you can rotate the motor in clockwise or anticlockwise directions.

How Is The Structure Of High RPM BLDC Motor?

High RPM BLDC motors have basic structures that allow optimal operation like any other motor.

Broadly, these high RPM brushless DC motors come as:

  • Single-phase
  • Two-phase
  • Three-phase

However, the three-phase is the most popular in the market.

Some of the key components of high RPM brushless DC motors include:

Figure 4 Structure of BLDC motor

Stator Of High RPM Brushless DC Motor

There are axially cut slots within the stator where you will have the windings.

Also, it has steel laminations stacked together.

Their design is such that they cut axially through the stator inner periphery.

Mostly, you will find brushless DC motors with three stator windings.

These windings are either in Y or delta connection.

However, quite some brushless DC motors have a star connection. Of course, this is common with the three-phase.

Additionally, you can have the coils interconnections in either trapezoidal or sinusoidal.

Depending on the power supply capability, you should correct the voltage rating.

Remember, for a small actuating application, and you will need less than 48v.

On the other hand, 100v is a perfect choice for industrial applications.

Rotor Of High RPM Brushless DC Motor

High RPM BLDC motors feature a permanent magnet.

Traditionally, Ferrite magnetics was a perfect choice for the rotor.

Although Ferrite magnets were affordable, they had low flux density.

For this reason, modern high rpm BLDC motors feature rare-earth alloys.

These alloys have high magnetic density while still compressing the rotor further.

The alloys allow for a better size to weight ratio of the motor.

You can easily achieve high torque and speed with rare earth alloys.

These rotors may have two to eight poles. Where the north and south poles.

The poles are such that they alternate (N-S-N-S-N-S).

Again, you can place the magnets in three different configurations;

  • An outer periphery of the motor rotor
  • Embedding magnets in the rotor core
  • Inserting the magnets in the inner section of a rotor

Hall Sensors Of High RPM BLDC Motor

High rpm BLDC motors do not have brushes.

Therefore, it depends on various electrical mechanisms for commutation.

Again, it would help to excite the stator windings sequentially for brushless DC motors to operate.

Also, you need to know the exact position of the rotor.

To achieve all these, you will need hall sensors. These are position sensors.

These sensors detect the position of the BLDC motor rotor. Then, they convert this information into an electrical signal.

Depending on the position of the poles (the South Pole or the North Pole), the output of the Hall sensor will be high or low.

In most cases, high rpm brushless DC motors have three hall sensors.

By combining the signal from the sensors, you will know the sequence for energizing the motor.

Figure 5 BLDC motor

How Does High RPM BLDC Motor Work?

First, you will connect the stator winding of the high RPM BLDC motor to the control circuit.

It will then energize the circuit.

During this time, the permanent magnets (in the motor rotor) will begin to align with the electromagnets in the stator.

As soon as they align, the next electromagnets will be energized.

Eventually, this will be a continuous process. It will ensure the rotor keeps rotating.

As the magnetic field keeps shifting position, the rotor will keep running.

Do High RPM Brushless DC Motors Have Slots?


If you want BLDC motors to run at very high speeds, the stator core should not have slots.

Normally, the slots will lower the winding inductance.

However, BLDC motors without slots tend to be more expensive.

The reason is you will need more winding to compensate for the slots.

How Do Star And Delta Connections Affect Motor Performance?

Generally, the stator windings of brushless DC motors can be in start or delta connection.

However, you should note that the motor will produce high torque at low speed in connection.

Does The Number Of Poles Affect Working Of High RPM BLDC Motor?

The Brushless DC motor has permanent magnets with North and South poles arranged alternatingly.

Generally, the number of poles in the brushless DC motor will depend on the nature of the application.

For instance, if you want to achieve better motor torque, the brushless DC motor should have more poles.

However, more poles will limit the maximum possible speed the brushless DC motor can achieve.

Does Electronic Commutation Affect The Speed Of High RPM BLDC Motor?


However, the electronic commutation makes it easier to control the speed of high rpm BLDC motors.

How Do You Control Speed Of High RPM BLDC Motor?

An effective way of controlling high rpm BLDC motor speed is critical in ensuring optimal performance.

Generally, the speed of a brushless DC motor depends on the power supply.

For instance, a higher voltage will guarantee more speed.

However, as you supply the higher voltage, it should be within the motor rating.

Over the years, manufacturers have adopted a range of mechanisms to control the speed of high rpm brushless motors.

For example, you can use power transistors for linear voltage regulation.

Unfortunately, power transistors may not be practical for high-power BLDC MOTORS.

In such situations, you will need microcontrollers.

Whichever control algorithm controls the speed of high rpm brushless motor must:

  • Control motor speed
  • Estimate rotor position
  • Commutate the motor

In most pulse width modulators, a pulse width modulator can supply variable voltage to the brushless DC motor winding.

This way, you can easily control the speed of the high rpm BLDC motor and the voltage.

Which Is Better Between Open Loo And Closed Loop High RPM BLDC Motor Speed Control?

When controlling the speed of the high rpm BLDC motor, you can choose either an open-loop or closed-loop speed control mechanism.

Let’s look at these two mechanisms:

Open Loop Speed Control For High RPM BLDC Motor

In this speed control mechanism, you will control the supply DC voltage to the terminal of the brushless DC motor.

Although this method is effective, cheap, and straightforward, it has current limiting characteristics.

Of course, this may affect the speed and torque of the BLDC motor.

Closed Loop Speed Control For High RPM BLDC Motor

Mostly, this produces a precise brushless DC motor speed control mechanism.

You will control the supply voltage to the motor based on the feedback it receives.

So, the system will depend on the error signal to control the supply voltage.

For instance, a pulse width modulator will generate the appropriate pulses. At the same time, the sensing device will detect the actual speed of the BLDC motor.

Through this coordination, it will effectively control the speed of the motor.

What Is The Relationship Between Speed And Torque Of High RPM BLDC Motor?

Figure 6 Speed vs torque of BLDC motor

In most cases, when the speed of the high rpm brushless DC motors increases, the torque will reduce. That is, assuming the supply power is constant.

It is worth noting that you can achieve maximum power when the BLDC speed is half of the no-load speed.

Which Features Should You Consider When Buying High RMP BLDC Motor Speed Control System?

Although there are many aspects you should consider when choosing motor speed control systems, here are some of the most critical aspects:

  • Speed control range – it should range from minimum to maximum speed possible according to BLDC motor rating
  • Easy to use control system
  • Function to limit torque
  • Efficient braking system – if possible electromagnetic
  • Wide range of speed control
  • Guarantee stable speed control – it should monitor feedback signal and adjust accordingly. The advantage here is to ensure the monitor maintains stable rpm even with a change in load
  • Help in energy saving – by continuously monitoring the operation of the BLDC motor, it can guarantee optimal performance while reducing energy consumption

Remember, most high rpm BLDC motor can optimize their performance at high speeds.

What Are The Disadvantages Of High RPM BLDC Motor?

Although high rpm BLDC motors are popular in many applications, some of the most common disadvantages are:

  1. Brushless DC motors are costly – the electronic controller is slightly more expensive than brushes. Again, the use of rare alloy materials for the permanent magnet significantly increases the overall cost of the motor.
  2. When you operate a high rpm BLDC motor at low speeds, there is a high chance of experiencing vibration. However, the vibrations will significantly reduce when operating the motor at high speeds.
  • The use of electronic control system may complicate the process of wiring the high rpm BLDC motors. The control loop control system makes the motor slightly difficult to operate – you need experience.
  1. You will need three hall sensors to determine rotor position

It is also important to note that high rpm BLDC motors can solve some of these limitations.

Does High RPM BLDC Motors Require Drive Mechanism?

Well, to operate a high rpm brushless motor optimally, you need an electronic drive mechanism.

You need a robust motor control drive system that will enable you to adjust and control all the vital parameters.

They are electronic circuits that are available as full-bridge drive circuits. It consists of a controller unit, MOSFET, and PMW, alongside other vital electronics.

For automated control, you will program the MCU with appropriate parameters.

How Does High RMP Brushless Motor Compare To Brushed DC Motor?

Some of the main areas of comparison are:

  1. BLDC motors use electronic commutation, which depends on hall sensors. On the other hand, brushed DC motors use brushes for commutation.
  2. Brushed DC motors require frequent maintenance, while brushless DC motors require low maintenance.
  • BLDC motors have a longer service lifespan than brushed DC motors
  1. At extremely high speeds, friction in brushed DC motors increases, reducing useful torque. This is not the case for BLDC.
  2. With BLDC motors, there is no voltage drop across its brushes. While for the brushed DC motors, the voltage drop is moderate.
  3. For BLDC, you need a controller to keep the motor running. You can also use the same controller for variable speed control.

On the other hand, the brushed DC motor does not require a controller for fixed speed. It is only necessary when you need variable rpm.

  • The control mechanism for the BLDC motor is expensive due to its complexity. At the same time, the control mechanism of the brushed DC motor is inexpensive due to its simplicity.
  • BLDC motors operate quietly while brushed motors generate noise due to arcs within the brushes.
  1. BLDC guarantees a high-speed simple there is no mechanical limitation due to brushes. The mechanical brushes limit the speed in brushed DC motors.
  2. Rotor inertia is low in BLDC since the rotor is a permanent magnet which improves the dynamic response. On the other hand, the higher rotor inertia in brushed DC motors limits all its dynamic characteristics.

Can You Protect High RMP BLDC Motors From Supply Power?

Yes, a good high rpm BLDC motors system should have over-current, under-voltage, and over-voltage.

These features will ensure your high RMP BLDC motor remains in good working condition at all times.

What Is the Average Power Consumption Of High RPM BLDC Motor?

Generally, it ranges from 6mA to 20mA, depending on the design and configuration of the motor.

At Longbank Motor, we have a range of electrical motors for your unique applications.

Our products range from the brushed motor, DC electric motor, AC asynchronous motor, and induction motor.

Contact us now for all your high rpm BLDC motors.

Longbank Brushless Motor

Are you seeking the most reliable Brushless Motor producer and distributor? Longbank is an excellent place for you. We are delighted to provide various Brushless Motor models to different nations around the world. Longbank is capable of meeting all of your Brushless Motor needs at a reasonable price.

It is a direct current (DC) electric motor that does not use mechanical brushes or a commutator like a typical brush motor. It offers great features over a brush motor and is more cost-effective in the long term, despite more significant starting expenses. No brushes are rubbing against; therefore, there is no energy loss from friction. Therefore much more energy-efficient than brushed motors and may last up to 50% longer on batteries.

Please tell us about your idea so we can discover the Brushless Motors that are appropriate for you! Longbank provides unique solutions as a prominent Brushless Motor provider. Please email us your product specifications so that we can get started.

Brushless Motor Advantages

  • It doesn’t have any carbon brushes, which means fewer brush replacements and lower maintenance expenses.
  • It offers more outstanding quality and reliability than brushed motors due to electronic control, which allows for finer control of the motor’s speed and position. 
  • It has a lifetime of roughly 6 times that of brushed motors.
  • It has a lower risk of burnout due to sparking difficulties because there is no spark.
  • Because it has a low no-load current, You can use it at low or no load.
  • It is capable of constantly providing maximum torque throughout the rotation.
  • It may include a feedback control system for monitoring and controlling the speed and torque.

You may rely on Longbank as a skilled Brushless Motor manufacturer. BL4835, BL6324, BL7125, BL10045(Low Voltage, OBL5020, OBL6425, and OBL7527 are some of the Brushless Motor models we may supply based on your requirement.

Our firm employs a competent and skilled workforce. We oversee every step of the procedure, from a selection of materials to manufacturing to shipping. Longbank also uses automated manufacturing lines, testing equipment, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure high-quality and consistent Brushless Motor performance.

Our primary goal is to provide you with high-quality Brushless Motors. As a well-certified manufacturer, we will assist you in finding the perfect motors for your business. Whether you have a small or large purchase, we will do our best to meet your needs.

For additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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