Professional High Torque Gear Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank has become a leader in the high-torque gear motor industry with 22 years of experience. At Longbank, you can find a suitable high-torque gear motor for your applications.

We will provide turnkey solutions to support your business!

High Torque Gear Motor

If you need a high-quality, high torque gear motor, you can count on our team. Our high torque gear motor is well-known to the big brands like Hair, Xiaomi, Joyouing, and more. To meet all your application needs, Longbank manufactures different models of high torque gear motors for you.

About Longbank Motor

Longbank has been a leader in the small motor industry for over 20 years. Our facility covers 60,000 square meters. With advanced manufacturing lines and assembly lines, Longbank can produce over 50,000 sets of motors every day.

Along with our 1000+ workers and 55 technical engineers, Longbank can guarantee high-quality and outstanding performance high-torque gear motors at a very competitive rate. Message us right away!

Brushless DC Motor manufacturer

High Torque Gear Motor Manufacturing Expert

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Since 1972, Longbank has become a premier small motor manufacturer and supplier. Our small motor products cover brushless motors, brushed motors, induction motors, DC motors, and many more. Our team uses automated assembly lines, innovative technology, and various testing equipment to ensure the durable performance of the product.

If you need consistent quality small motors, such as high torque gear motors, you can count on Longbank. You can get benefits with our 20 years of experience.

More About Longbank High Torque Gear Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank High Torque Gear Motor

Longbank Motor has been in operation since 1972. We manufacture and design long-lasting high torque gear motors. We have 55 technical engineers and 1000+ skilled workers to produce high-performance, high torque gear motors for any industry. At Longbank, you can expect high-quality products and outstanding services.

Our range of high torque gear motors is available with either permanent magnet DC windings or AC inverter-duty. We offer a high torque gear motor with an integral motor-gearhead design to deliver up to 1,000 lb-in. 

High Torque Gear Motor Application
  • Medical equipment
  • Heavy-duty conveyor systems
  • Food processing
  • Factory automation

Being the top manufacturer in China, Longbank offers custom high torque gear motors for various OEM applications. Longbank high torque gear motor provides flexible mounting in a small package.

High Torque Gear Motor Specifications
  • Unique gear ratios and windings
  • Shaft options: hollow-, single-, or double-shaft
  • Higher torque designs and more increased horsepower
  • Models: foot or base mounts, special driveshafts

Longbank is your ultimate high torque motor manufacturer and supplier in China. We will be your one-stop supplier to support your business entirely. 

Being your top high torque gear motor supplier, we always adhere to strict quality control. It is to ensure the best and most flawless small motor products in any model. 

Longbank also uses RoHS-compliant materials to produce small motors, including high-torque gear motors. Our team is always doing its best to achieve the output you expect. 

Whether you’re a distributor, supplier, or importer of high torque gear motors in China, you’ve come to the right place! We have been an expert in high torque gear production for more than 20 years now. 

Besides high torque gear motor, we also offer high-speed BLDC motor, high torque dc motor, high torque low rpm dc motor, high-performance dc motor, and many more. Longbank welcomes old and new clients to build a strong partnership. 

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