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For more than 22 years, Longbank has been engaged in manufacturing and designing high-end outer rotor motors. Over 1000+ employees, 55+ engineering and designer team supports us to develop world-class quality and performance outer rotor motors.

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Outer Rotor Motor

Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or brand company, you can rely on Longbank outer rotor motors. We provide one-stop-solution for any motor materials needs especially outer rotor motors. All types and models of outer rotor motors are available here, manufacture from the finest raw materials. OEM and ODM services are accessible in Longbank! Request a quote now!

About Longbank Motor

Longbank has been manufacturing small motors in China. We are a specialized motor company founded in 1972. Our main products are outer rotor motor, brushless dc motor, brushed motor, DC electric motor, DC gear motor, and more. These products are widely used in AGV, medical equipment, lifting equipment, automobiles, cafe machinery, RGV, robots, industrial equipment, etc.

We can produce over 50,000 sets of outer rotor motors every day. As a professional manufacturer in China, we have passed many certifications such as RoHS, ISO9001:2008, UL, CE, etc. Message us immediately!


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Longbank has an advanced manufacturing area in China covering 60,000 square meter. We have a strong R&D team, excellent design and development capabilities and powerful technical force, capable of producing 50,000 sets of small motors every day. Our rich knowledge and expertise guarantee you superior quality, high-performance outer rotor motor products.

We can accept OEM and ODM according to customers’ need. Message us immediately for any motor materials need in China!

More About Longbank Outer Rotor Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Outer Rotor Motor

Longbank has been a reputable outer rotor motors supplier since 1972. As a leading manufacturer, we can produce all types and models of outer rotor motors at a very reasonable cost. Avail now and become one of our satisfied clients worldwide.

Each outer rotor motor we manufacture has undergone rigorous checking and testing to guarantee consistent performance and longevity. Longbank outer rotor motors are also called outrunner motors, cup motors, or external rotor motors. This product has coils on the inside and magnets on the outside. These magnets serve as a rotor. It is designed with the rotor on the outside and the stator and housed inside the rotor.

Here are some of Longbank outer rotor motors advantages:

  • Provide smooth, stable operation, even at low speeds
  • Produce higher torque due to larger air gap area
  • Higher inertia and optimized magnetic design
  • Compact size and high torque production
  • Lower audible noise
  • Reduced cogging is ideal for use in “quiet” applications
  • High-performance level
  • Reliable features and quality
  • High speed and efficiency
  • Long-lasting product and cost-effective

Longbank manufactures standard and custom outer rotor motors depending on your requirements and applications. With its advanced features, we list some types of applications of outer rotor motors:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Gas analyzer membrane pumps
  • CPAP sleep apnea machine
  • membrane pump
  • Dialysis peristaltic blood pumps
  • Clean-cycle gear pumps
  • Anesthesia ventilator breathing
  • Dental instruments pumps
  • Conveyor system check weighers
  • Cooling system pump
  • Industrial Equipment such as inkjet high-speed marking machine gear pumps,
  • Laser scanning instruments
  • Industrial laser bar code readers, etc.

As a professional manufacturer, we can guarantee outer rotor motors’ efficient production. We own a sophisticated, fully automatic small motor production line, assembly line, and testing equipment, ensuring high-precision, great features outer rotor motors for your business. Your customers will surely benefit from our products.

Our outer rotor motors are manufacture using the highest quality materials that meet RoHS standards. You can guarantee defect-free, top-grade, functional and safe outer rotor motors at Longbank.

Being a leader in this industry, we can produce more than 50,000 outer rotor motors each day. Even in peak season, our factory has a massive stock and can deliver anytime, anywhere. Our company is compliant with certifications such as ISO9001:2008, ISO14001-2004, UL, CE, and more. These certificates ensure our credibility and assurance.

Aside from outer rotors motors, Longbank also produces brushless motor, external rotor motor, brush dc motor, dc electric motor, high torque gear motor, low RPM DC motor, high torque low RPM DC motor, high torque DC motor, and more. Longbank is your one-stop solution to your small motor needs in China.

Whether you’re a distributor, supplier, or trading company, Longbank can skyrocket your brand. We will help you with the entire process from material sourcing, fabrication and assembly, testing, and delivery. Longbank is your ultimate small motor business partner in China.

If you have specific outer rotors motors requirements, message us directly and receive an instant quote! We are looking forward to establishing a long-term business partnership together with you for win-win business success.

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