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Longbank is a superb manufacturer and supplier of high-technology outer rotor BLDC motors in China. We have gained 22+ years in providing the highest quality outer rotor BLDC motor for your business and project assistance.

We can be your quickest provider for needed outer rotor BLDC motors!

Outer Rotor BLDC Motor

Since 1972, Longbank has been one of the leading outer rotor BLDC motor manufacturers in China. With our strong manufacturing strategy, we are devoted to supplying you with the highest performance of the outer rotor BLDC motor for your industrial, automotive, and mechanical assembly production. We constantly perform product testing and inspection in each of our outer rotor BLDC motors to ensure consistent quality and stable performances.

Longbank is the right place to visit for all your outer rotor BLDC motors. Let us work together and skyrocket your business!

About Longbank Motor

Longbank is the only company in China that mainly manufactures all types of small motors, exclusively the outer rotor BLDC motor. As a top-level company, we adhere to the quality regulation of our products, so in that case, we only use those materials that detect through RoHS product quality compliance.

Through the unparalleled supervision of our professional 55+ technical engineers and 1000+ factory employees, you can guarantee to receive the 100% most powerful outer rotor BLDC motor. 

Longbank is ready to serve you 24/7. Contact us today! 

Brushless DC Motor manufacturer

Outer Rotor BLDC Motor Expert Manufacturing Line

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Longbank is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying high-quality motor products. Since our establishment, we already own the broadest manufacturing company that occupies 60,000 square meters. Our old-veteran engineers also promote and provide you with an efficient and enduring outer rotor BLDC motor.

Our company offers quick-turn solutions of all outer rotor BLDC motor models for home appliances, power tools, gardens, etc. Any OEM and ODM are warmly acceptable, so send us your original layout right now!

More About Longbank Outer Rotor BLDC Motor

For more certifcation and patent, you can check here.

Longbank Outer Rotor BLDC Motor

Are you seeking the most qualified outer rotor BLDC motor supplier and manufacturer in China? Longbank is the right place to visit! We offer the inexpensive yet high-durability of the outer rotor BLDC motor for your motor-related projects and business. Longbank keeps on winning our motor products credibility and good reputation by providing you with its different models and versions.

The Longbank outer rotor BLDC motor is hugely different from typical standard motors. It is well-known as a type of motor that produces high efficiency and a higher power-to-weight ratio. It also contains a minuscule internal rotor color that offers a specific solution in large series.

We design numerous models of outer rotor BLDC motor products. It is available in your specific dimensions and power capacity that suits your applications. This outer rotor BLDC motor has unique characteristics that give desirable attributes that make it an excellent choice in engineering.

Advantages of Using Outer Rotor BLDC Motor:

  • Higher pole count and inertia
  • Stable low-speed performance without response
  • Higher inertia
  • Enhances magnetic design of outer rotor technology
  • Reduces cogging
  • Lower audible noise
  • Axially shorter than inner rotor designs
  • External rotor motors’ larger air gap radius maximizes output torque 
  • Helps ride through torque variations in pump applications 
  • Directly mounted to the rotor for more compact and robust scanner equipment 
  • Ideal for use in quiet applications 

The following advantages help you to get better market sales. We have extensive experience in promoting an efficient outer rotor BLDC motor that is highly beneficial for the following applications:

  • Automotive Equipment
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Others

Longbank staunches to provide you with excellent services and high-quality outer rotor BLDC motor products. 

Longbank has the highest technology product manufacturing equipment and testing workshops. To attain the authenticity and stable functionality of our outer rotor BLDC motor products, we are active in executing the central testing and inspection before proceeding to the shipping transactions.

All our motor products are environmentally friendly and safe to use. Each receives the highest approval of complete certifications like ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, CE, TUVD, CER, 3C, GS, UL, VDE certifications.

As the leading supplier of outer rotor BLDC motor products, we establish a long-cooperative relationship with our old and new customers. 

Longbank can help you be more successful in your motor business. As a veteran company, we can give you some practical techniques and strategies in managing this type of business.

The most affordable outer rotor BLDC motor can only seek on Longbank. Longbank offers 24/7 online services and the quickest delivery actions. Any OEM and ODM services are warmly welcome in our company. Please send us your blueprint to give the original model of your outer rotor BLDC motor.  

Learn further information about Longbank motor services. Follow and check us on Longbank’s official website!

The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know probably, you are looking for energy efficient and reliable outer rotor BLDC motor.

A reason this guide explores everything you need to know about outer rotor BLDC motors.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

This is a BLDC motor having the rotor located on the outer part of the system.

Besides, this is unlike standard motors which have rotors within a wound stator.

Fig 1- An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor

What Are The Benefits Of An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

An outer rotor BLDC has several benefits that make them suitable for use in many applications.

Some of the benefits include the following:

  • The high level of inertia and advanced magnetic design of the outer rotor BLDC motor will minimize cogging
  • Outer rotor BLDC motors have a large air gap radius that will maximize the torque output
  • Since the outer rotor BLDC motor has a large inertia, it assists in riding through a variety of torque is pump usages
  • It is possible to mount polygon mirrors on the outer rotor BLDC directly to make a compact and robust equipment scanner
  • The motor has a high pole count and inertia, it becomes stable and performs better at low speeds without any feedback
  • It is suitable for quiet applications because the high inertia and minimized cogging produces a low audible level of noise
  • To enhance the performance level, the design of the outer rotor BLDC motor is axially short than that of the inner rotor design
  • They are available in smaller designs thus will save space within the application
  • Besides, they can produce higher torque than other similarly sized inner rotor BLDC motorsFig 2- Large Air Gap Radius Will Maximize Torque Output

Figure 2-The Large Air Gap Radius Will Maximize Torque Output

What Are Some Disadvantages Of An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

These include the following:

  • They need extra sensors
  • The motors cost more
  • Drive circuitry needed is complex
  • The electronic controller for this motor is costly

What Are Some Uses Of An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

Outer rotor BLDC motors are suitable for use in several applications.

Some of these uses entail the following:

Medical Devices

The application in these devices include:

  1. Dental pumps
  2. Gas analyzer pumps for membranes
  3. Anesthesia ventilator pumps for breathing systems
  4. CPAP sleep apnea pumps
  5. Automatic stirrers for chemical and medical devices
  6. Dialysis peristaltic blood pumps
  7. Clean-cycle gear pumps

Industrial Devices

These entail:

  1. Bar code readers for industrial lasers
  2. Laser scanning devices
  3. Inkjet high-speed marking gear pumps machines

Other Uses

Also, you can find their application in the following areas:

  1. Check weighers for conveyor units
  2. LPG [liquid petroleum gas] fuel pumps
  3. Cooling pump systems for pilot flight cooling microclimate suit
  4. Fans
  5. Blowers
  6. Cordless circular saws
  7. String trimmers
  8. Battery-powered chainsaws
  9. Lawnmowers

Fig 3- Outer Rotor BLDC Motor Has Various Uses

Figure 3-Outer Rotor BLDC Motor Has Various Uses

What Are Some Consequences In Design For Outer Rotor BLDC Motors?

Here is how these two BLDC motors compare:


Consider having two motors with similar power outputs and diameters.

Both will require a similar surface area for the magnets.

Inner rotor BLDC contain magnets within the system and are on a small diameter, thus, there is a need for them to be longer.

On the contrary, the opposite is true when referring to an outer BLDC motor.

When you attach the magnets to a wide diameter, it is possible to shorten the total length of the motor.

Besides, you also achieve a reduction of the natural weight.


Inner rotor BLDC motors are prone to wobbling.

This is because they slightly move in and out within the area of the stator, thereby losing their efficiency.

However, there are some methods you can use to combat that effect.

For instance, you can add ridges that will assist in stabilizing the rotors, thereby raising the efficiency level to almost 99%.

However, not all inner rotor BLDC motor fabricators use this principle.

Besides, the outer rotor BLDC motors rarely experience this issue during movement, thus, making their design more efficient.

Fig 4- Inner Rotor BLDC Motor Are Smaller And Have The Magnet Within The System

Figure 4– Inner Rotor BLDC Motor Are Smaller And  have The Magnet Within The System

How Does An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor And An Outer Brushed DC Motor Compare?

Here is how these two compare:

Speed Range

Since an outer rotor BLDC motor has no brushes, it can attain a higher speed range than outer brushed DC motors.


Because wear and tear occur in outer rotor brushed motors, their lifespan is small as they need frequent replacements.


At a maximum rotational torque, you can continuously control outer rotor BLDC motors.

However, you can only attain maximum torque at specific points with an outer brushed DC motor.

Besides, you need larger magnets for the outer brushed DC motor to relay similar torque to the outer rotor BLDC motor.


Inner rotor brushed motors employ brushes that relay to the motor windings, current via mechanical commutation.

Outer rotor BLDC employs electronic commutation to relay the same current.


Outer rotor BLDC motors have no brushes of physical commutators thereby needing minimal maintenance than outer rotor brushed DC motors.

Speed Control

It is easy to control higher speeds with outer rotor BLDC motors than it is with outer brushed DC motors.

This is because it has feedback mechanisms that precisely relay suitable rotational speed and torque.

Besides, this will lower heat production and power consumption.

Electrical Noise

Outer rotor BLDC motors produce minimal noise than outer brushed DC motors.


The complexity and availability of permanent magnets in outer rotor BLDC motors increase their overall cost.

Outer rotor brushed DC motors, therefore, are relatively affordable.

Characteristics Of Torque

Outer brushed DC motors need gearing units to lower speed which increases torque as they operate faster for most usages.

However, outer BLDC motors operate suitably making them useful in several applications without the need for extra gears.

Power Consumption

Outer rotor BLDC motors use sensors meaning you can automatically adjust the current supply.

This makes them efficient when it comes to the amount of electricity they need.


Outer rotor BLDC produces no sparks as do outer brushed DC motors, thereby making them suitable for use in dangerous environments.

How Does A Sensored And Sensorless Outer Rotor BLDC Motors Compare?

Here is how these two compare:

High-speed Performance

Sensored outer rotor BLDC motors perform favorably at high speeds which is uncommon for sensorless outer rotor BLDC motors.

Low-speed Performance

Sensorless outer rotor BLDC motors are suitable for low-speed devices as opposed to sensored outer rotor BLDC motors.

Fig 5- A Sensored Outer Rotor Motor

Figure 5– A Sensored Outer Motor


Sensorless outer rotor BLDC motors are a tad cheaper than sensored outer rotor BLDC motors.


Sensored outer rotor BLDC motors are heavier than sensorless outer rotor BLDC motors.


Sensored outer rotor BLDC motors use a closed-loop system while sensorless outer rotor BLDC motors use an open-loop system.

Possibility Of Damage

Sensored outer rotor BLDC motors have wire looms thus they run a high risk of damage.

Sensorless outer rotor BLDC motors use light wire looming thus the rate of damage is low.

Fig 6- A Sensorless Outer Rotor Motor

Figure 6– Sensorless Outer Rotor Motor

How Many Configurations Does An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor Come In?

The available configurations entail the following:

  • Single-phase
  • Two-phase
  • Three-phase

What Components Can You Find In An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

The parts on a brushless DC motor entail the following:


These parts are on the outer part of the motor and contain permanent magnetic fields.

Besides, outer rotor BLDC motors have structurally rigid permanent magnets with higher inertia.


These are laminated steel cores with magnetic coils and their connections enable them to generate revolving electromagnetic fields.


This part is available either inside the housing motor or externally on the printed circuit board.

Once it receives position sensor signals, it directs the switches by forming waveforms through logic digital units.

Position Sensors

Several options are available for sensing the rotor position of outer rotor BLDC motors.

Sensing the rotor position is important as it allows the control of excitation of the winding stator.

Besides, you can use the following techniques:

  1. Electromagnetic
  2. Photoelectronic
  3. Magnetic

Fig 7- Components Of An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor

Figure 7– Components Of An Outer Rotor Motor

What Is Back Electromotive Force In An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

This is the voltage that will form from windings the moment an outer rotor BLDC motor rotates.

Back EMF opposes the main voltage that the windings receive, according to Lenz’s Law.

Energized voltage and direction of back EMF polarity will contradict one another.

Here are some factors which back electromotive force depend on:

  • The angular speed of rotors
  • The number of turns available within the winding stator
  • Magnetic fields that rotor magnets form

What Are The Operations Principles Of An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

An outer rotor BLDC motor will generate revolving energy due to the interaction of two magnetic fields.

These are the permanent and the electromagnets.

When these two magnets are in close proximity, a rotational force happens due to the rejection and attraction forces.

Besides, many pulses feed the stator winding that enables the rotation of an outer rotor BLDC motor.

This effect will lead to the collaboration and alteration of magnetic fields causing the motor to rotate.

What Factors Are Worth Considering When Selecting An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

It is important to choose the suitable outer rotor BLDC motor for your needs.

Also, you need to choose the right outer rotor BLDC motor depending on the characteristics of the load.

Some of the important factors to consider when choosing an outer rotor BLDC motor include:

Peak Torque

When you add the following elements, you can calculate the highest torque you need for your application:

  1. The torque that will overcome friction
  2. Torque load
  3. Available torque because of inertia

RMS Torque

This is the average continuous torque necessary for your needs.

Besides, the RMS torque depends on the following factors:

  1. Peak torque
  2. Deceleration
  3. Load torque
  4. Acceleration
  5. Run times
  6. Torque because of inertia

Functioning Range Of Speed

This is the motor speed you require to function and it is dependent on the time of application.

What Are Some Construction Challenges You Will Face During Fabrication Of Outer Rotor BLDC Motor Controller?

Outer rotor BLDC motor controllers experience high levels of current and voltage.

For this reason, they require a high switching frequency.

Besides, employing sensored or sensorless monitoring, you can achieve the accuracy of the rotor position.

Also, firmware updates of microcontrollers are a factor that challenges the main programming.

How Can You Control The Speed Of An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

Controlling the speed of an outer rotor BLDC motor is important as it enables the motor to operate at suitable rates.

The speed of an outer rotor BLDC motor is possible through the control of input direct current voltage or current.

A higher voltage means you will attain more speed.

There are several algorithms that offer control of outer rotor BLDC motors.

Besides, you can control the voltage of the motor using power transistors functioning as linear voltage regulators.

Also, high-power motors need to apply PWM controls and need microcontrollers that offer to start and control capabilities.

Besides, the control algorithms have to offer the following:

  • Methods that commutate the motors
  • PWM voltage that controls the speed of motors
  • Techniques that provide an estimated position of rotors either through hall sensors or back electromotive force

How Does An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor And Induction Motor Compare?

These two compare in the following areas:


An outer rotor BLDC motor allows you to not experience slip between frequencies of stators and motors.

In an induction motor, the rotors function at low frequencies than stators via slip frequencies.

Also, in induction motors, you will experience an increase in slip with the load.

Fig 8- You Will Experience Slip When Using An Induction Motor

Figure 8– You Will Experience Slip When Using An Induction Motor

Rotor Inertia

Outer rotor BLDC motors are good for dynamic characteristics due to a low inertia rotor.

Induction motors have high inertia rotors making them have poor dynamic characteristics.

Characteristic Of Torque

An outer rotor BLDC motor possesses a flat trait thus is able to operate at various speeds with rated loads.

Induction motors contain non-linear features thus can attain low torque at low speeds.

Output Power

An outer rotor BLDC motor contains high power output due to the presence of permanent motors in the rotors.

The power output of induction motors is medium since the windings are the stators and rotors.

Also, induction motors have less output power than outer rotor BLDC motors.

Control Needs

An outer rotor BLDC motor requires controllers that enable the continuous operation of the motors.

Also, the controllers allow you to attain various control of the speeds.

Besides, at fixed velocities, induction motors need no controllers and require a controller if you plan to attain variable speeds.

Initial Current

The rating of starting current makes an outer rotor BLDC motor not need unique circuit starters.

Besides the starting current for induction motors average at around seven times.

Also, you need to carefully choose the starter circuit rating of induction motors.

Fig 9- An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor Does Not Require Unique Circuit Starters

Figure 9– An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor Does Not Require Unique Circuit Starters

What Is The Difference Between An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor And AC Motors?

An outer rotor BLDC motor receives power from batteries or cells while AC motors receive electrical power from the main supply.

AC motors are less efficient than outer rotor BLDC motors.

An outer rotor BLDC motor can operate at higher rotating speeds than AC motors depending on the settings.

Two input and three input terminals are present in the outer rotor BLDC motor and AC motors respectively.

How Will You Conduct A Dry Test On An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

First, disconnect the ESC, winding it with another drill at full speed for some minutes.

If the motor makes weird noises or gets hot, it means you have shortened windings or the magnet is loose and is hitting the stator.

Secondly, you can connect a voltmeter to an AC and then to the wire terminals.

At full speed, wind the drill and if you see readings are not similar, the motor wires have issues.

Thirdly, inspect for short circuits between windings and stators and after taking a reading, the motor is shot if meters do not read open circuit.

Lastly, if all tests are passed, you can install it.

However, confirm the load current while comparing it to the manufacturers’ specifications.

This assists you in identifying shorted circuits or motor turns.

A shortened turn means the motor is unusable as it will produce a lot of heat that will damage the ESC or motor failure.

What Factors May Cause An Outer Rotor BLDC To Fail?

Here are some factors that will make the outer rotor BLDC not operate successfully:

  • Surpassing the operating range
  • Not handling the motor properly
  • Ball bearings
  • Harsh environmental conditions

Is It Possible To Include Special Features On An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

Yes, you can incorporate the following features:

  • Unique mounting features
  • Encoder options
  • Special windings, for instance, varying speeds and higher voltage levels
  • Alternate magnet substances
  • Sterilizable choice
  • Unique lead terminations, for instance, unique colors, special connectors, lack of connections, integral connectors, etc.
  • Special shafts, for instance, large or small diameters, cannulated, unique coatings and materials, cross or axial holes, etc.
  • Special fabrication for non-medical usages, for instance, steel bearings, aluminum housing, etc.

How Does A Slotless And Slotted Motors Compare In An Outer Rotor BLDC Motor?

In slotless motors, coils wind in different external functionalities while in slotted motors, the coils wind inside the slots.

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, we have a range of electric motors such as brushed motors, DC electric motors, and AC asynchronous motors, amongst others.

Contact us now for all your outer rotor BLDC motor.

Longbank Brushless Motor

Are you seeking the most reliable Brushless Motor producer and distributor? Longbank is an excellent place for you. We are delighted to provide various Brushless Motor models to different nations around the world. Longbank is capable of meeting all of your Brushless Motor needs at a reasonable price.

It is a direct current (DC) electric motor that does not use mechanical brushes or a commutator like a typical brush motor. It offers great features over a brush motor and is more cost-effective in the long term, despite more significant starting expenses. No brushes are rubbing against; therefore, there is no energy loss from friction. Therefore much more energy-efficient than brushed motors and may last up to 50% longer on batteries.

Please tell us about your idea so we can discover the Brushless Motors that are appropriate for you! Longbank provides unique solutions as a prominent Brushless Motor provider. Please email us your product specifications so that we can get started.

Brushless Motor Advantages

  • It doesn’t have any carbon brushes, which means fewer brush replacements and lower maintenance expenses.
  • It offers more outstanding quality and reliability than brushed motors due to electronic control, which allows for finer control of the motor’s speed and position. 
  • It has a lifetime of roughly 6 times that of brushed motors.
  • It has a lower risk of burnout due to sparking difficulties because there is no spark.
  • Because it has a low no-load current, You can use it at low or no load.
  • It is capable of constantly providing maximum torque throughout the rotation.
  • It may include a feedback control system for monitoring and controlling the speed and torque.

You may rely on Longbank as a skilled Brushless Motor manufacturer. BL4835, BL6324, BL7125, BL10045(Low Voltage, OBL5020, OBL6425, and OBL7527 are some of the Brushless Motor models we may supply based on your requirement.

Our firm employs a competent and skilled workforce. We oversee every step of the procedure, from a selection of materials to manufacturing to shipping. Longbank also uses automated manufacturing lines, testing equipment, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure high-quality and consistent Brushless Motor performance.

Our primary goal is to provide you with high-quality Brushless Motors. As a well-certified manufacturer, we will assist you in finding the perfect motors for your business. Whether you have a small or large purchase, we will do our best to meet your needs.

For additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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