Y2VP Inverter Motor

Longbank Y2YP inverter motors are carefully designed to properly control the power supplied to AC motors. We have developed reliable three-phase induction AC motors with frequency converter velocity modulation with constant output. Below 50Hz, the modulation is stepless, but above that it requires torque. Fortunately, Longbank inverter motors have guaranteed rotor torque output. To minimize maintenance, we opt for an induction squirrel-cage rotor structure. Additionally, the axial-flow ventilator and other systems of cooling maintain the optimal working conditions for the inverter motor.
Our innovative inverter motors can be customized with adjustable speed, precise positioning applications, full torque, and more. We can handle special requirements like rated voltage, frequency modulation range, and various mounting arrangements as well. Choose Longbank as your Y2VP inverter motor manufacturer today!

Y2VP series inverter motors have a range of frequency converter velocity modulation of 5-1000HZ, and a voltage of 380v. The Longbank inverter motors are guaranteed to withstand an overload of 160% for 1 minute. We offer class F insulation and protection rated at IP55, which is sufficient for outdoor operation.
Our Y2VP inverter motors are great for reducing power line disturbances, adjusting torque limits, saving energy, and more. A variety of industries benefit from this, including telecom, industrial, commercial, power, and more.

Y2VP Inverter Motor Type Designation

Y2VP Inverter Motor (9)

Y2VP Inverter Motor (2)


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