YE4 Tier 1 Energy Efficiency Motor

If the Longbank YE3 motors are not efficient enough for your application, we are happy to offer our YE4 series premium ultra-efficient motors. They are fully-enclosed three-phase induction asynchronous motors with optimized squirrel-cage rotors. To manufacture the YE4 tier 1 energy-efficient motors, we use the best material, innovative structure, and energy-conserving design. 

The YE4 series motor efficiency index reaches the grade 1 efficiency rating, as specified by the minimum allowable values of energy efficiency for small and medium three-phase asynchronous motors in the GB19613-2012 standard. This national regulation is equivalent to the international standard IE4 from IEC 60034-30.

Many design solutions allow us to manufacture tier 1 energy-efficient YE4 motors. For instance, the large starting torque, optimal cooling, better materials, and a more streamlined structure. Such high efficiency also results in low noise levels, reduced vibration, greater reliability, and durability.  

You can also require specific YE4 motor types built to handle the outdoor environment, humidity, dry tropics, and various levels of corrosion from mild to strong.  

This YE4 tier 1 energy-efficient motor can be used to power different general mechanical equipment, including compression machinery, water pumps, fans, oil, mixing in chemical industries, and much more. Contact us today, and we will help you choose the most suitable motor requirements for your application. 

The YE4 series motors have the protection level of IP55, IC411 VPI cooling fans, rated voltage of 400V, rated frequency of 50Hz, frame sizes ranging from 80 to 355, and power output range of 0.55-315kW. These tier 1 premium efficient motors perform best at temperatures below 40℃.

By working continuously (S1), Longbank YE4 electric motors reach an incredible rotational speed of 2985 revolutions per minute. 


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